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They say many fantastic kingdoms, existing in parallel with our world, there is a  secret gate to this reality.
Shambhala - the most famous in the western world a fictional paradise, which even inspired science fiction to create a Shangri-La. According to Buddhist tradition, Shambhala - the hidden kingdom, the basis of which - the Buddhist tradition. The Utopian realm also lives a great warrior Gesar, who commands the hordes of the righteous, who will go to the human world to fight the demons. They say that the Shambhala can enter through long-forgotten outpost established in Russia, Afghanistan, and the ancient city of Balkh in the Himalayas, and in the Sutlej Valley of India. Heinrich Himmler was convinced that Shambhala was home to the Aryan race.The Nazis even wanted her to recreate and organized seven expeditions to find her. But the Dalai Lama claimed that the entrance will not come to you until you reach the state of the same purity that prevails in the mystical city. Many believe that the entrance - not a physical place, but a state of mind, and this means that all of the above inputs can be real.
Fairy Kingdom
With forest Nokkma the west of Ireland is due several legends. It is said there, at the foot of the hill, buried a legendary warrior Queen Medb, and the hill - the entrance to one of the fabulous kingdoms of Ireland. This kingdom is located in one of the stone circles that dot the hill, and manages the Queen Fairy Finvarra. According to legend, a beautiful bride Finvarra kidnapped Irish lord, and he ordered his men to dig up the hill to find it. But every night, when people went to bed, fairies restored hill. In order not to give them further repairs, Lord scattered everywhere salt, and, ultimately, the path dug in the kingdom, to take a wife. Finvarra also mentioned in the legends of the 18th and 19th centuries as a defender of the nearby castle, wine cellars and the keeper of the talisman of good luck at the races, which brought victory any horse. Nokkma - not just a legendary place: Archaeologists have found here a number of sites of the Neolithic and cairns around 6000 - 7000 BC.
River Styx
River Styx served as the main entrance to the underworld in Greek mythology. River, according to rumors, is between two massive pillars of silver, protected by nymphs.According to legend, the water of the river Styx served as a lie detector for the gods - Zeus made her drink those who allegedly lied. If they lied, they have the ability to speak was lost and move throughout the year. These symptoms are very similar to those that were at the Alexander the Great before his premature death due to sudden unknown disease in 323 BC. Greek commander felt stabbing pain in the internal organs and joints, high fever and lost his voice, and then fell into a coma. These symptoms are also very similar to those experienced people, whose blood gets calicheamicin - toxin produced by the bacteria found in the limestone, which was found in high concentrations in the river Mavroneri.
Also known as black water, the river flows from the Peloponnesian mountains, and has long been considered a real input into the River Styx. An ancient tradition claims that the water was as deadly as his mythical counterpart, so the only thing she could not dissolve, was a boat of horses' hooves. If speculation about Alexander the Great - though it can be assumed that he did not die from malaria or typhoid fever, as previously assumed, but was poisoned by someone who took the water out of the mythical river Styx.
Lost City of Z
Lost City of Z - mythical city in the wilds of South America. Supposedly, there was a large and highly developed civilization. In the writings of the monk of the 16th century, it is said that it was inhabited by natives and white warriors. Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in the Amazon jungle in 1925, trying to pass on the secret route. The details of his expedition and the disappearance of the group are shrouded in mystery.According to one version, the famous explorer went into the jungle, not in order to find the lost city, and establishing a new one, based on the worship of his little son, who accompanied him in the campaign.
Modern satellite images depicting what he was looking Fawcett, near the spot where he had expected. Fawcett believed that the entrance to the mythical city was somewhere in the Amazon between the tributaries of the Xingu and Tapajós. More than 200 earthen structures protyanuvshehsya along the Brazilian border of Bolivia confirmed that this theory has a right to exist. Some structures belong to 200 AD, while the other appeared recently - in the 13th century. Entrance to the large sparkling city Fawcett seems to be a little farther to the south-west of the place where he was seen last time. Calculations show that the city once had about 60,000 people. It consisted not only of small buildings - some monuments were higher than the Egyptian pyramids.
But Kun Yomi
Yomi But Kuhn is a part of Japanese mythology that preceded the widespread belief in Buddhism. According to the myth, the whole creation was the product of a god called Izanagi and goddess of his sister-wife Izanami. When Izanami died, creating the fire, and her heartbroken husband went to the underworld to get it. He found a dark and gloomy place, where souls who keep their mortal bodies are doomed to rot forever.Izanagi was forbidden to look at his wife, until they reached the surface, but he caught a glimpse of her rotting, covered with maggots body. Because he dared to look at her in such a state, in pursuit of the Izanagi were sent hideous demons that had to chase him back to the underworld. But he escaped and sealed the entrance to Yomi But Kuhn giant boulder. In response, Izanagi promised to send 1,000 lives in the underground world every day, and Izanagi vowed to create 1005 new. Today, visitors to the area Matsue in Japan may see the boulder, which is said to have used Izanagi to close the entrance to the underworld. Yomotsu Hirasaka - the official name of entry, supposedly located behind one of the boulders near Iya Shrine. It is not clear what kind of boulder hides input. Tomb Izanami is also nearby, as well as the shrine.
At the peak of its power Mayan empire stretched across Mexico and Central America, and the faith of its people in the beyond was very strong. The place of their burial was Xibalba, which could enter only the dead, and only after several tests, from crossing the river scorpions and pus before passing through a swarm of bats, followed by a dog that can see in the dark. There are several entrances to Xibalba, but researchers recently found one on the Yucatan Peninsula. Underground and partially submerged ruins of a massive labyrinth of caves contain some of the dire predictions of the Maya.Archaeologists have discovered 11 different temples in caves, along with evidence of human sacrifice. There are a number of artifacts that were left as offerings to the dead, including pottery and stone figurines. Archaeologists on the excavation of the cave also found massive stone columns and structures that were built under the water, which indicates how much time, effort and faith it took to create a shrine. Although it is not clear whether the myth of Xibalba relation to a cave or a cave confirm this myth, you can be sure that they are somehow connected.
Gates Gini
According to Wood, the gate Gini are the soul after death. Voodoo tradition different from each other and describe the target too. The New Orleans Voodoo Gini - spirits of the underworld, which help to move from one form of life to another. Gini Gates - portals in the next world, consisting of seven gates. To pass through the gate, you need seven days, and if the spirit that fails, he can return to the ground and become a zombie.Some voodoo priests believe that the seven gates are located in seven different cemeteries in New Orleans, though the exact location and order of numbering Gate is a mystery. Signs to look gates scattered throughout the city, and often take the form of sigils (magical symbols), which would be those who are quite knowledgeable, able to decipher them. The gates are easier to find in the Mardi Gras celebrations of All Saints Eden, but just enough to find them. It is necessary to approach the gates and open them in the correct order, as well as cater to their guards. If you do it wrong, evil and dangerous spirits penetrate into our world.
Garden of the Hesperides
According to Greek mythology, Gaia gave Hera a wedding trees with golden apples that grew in the garden of the Hesperides. Hercules had to steal one of the apple - it was his eleventh test, which he had to pass in order to save the Earth. They say the gardens are in the coastal city of Lixus Morocco. Now its old walls and buildings destroyed. Location gardens mentioned in the Hellenistic maritime magazine in Greece, but in other places, including in the city of Cyrene, and on an island off the coast of Libya.
Newgrange - a large burial ground, which was built in the valley of the Boyne in Ireland more than 5,000 years ago. Not only was it an astronomical know-how, but also one of the entrances to the Celtic underworld. According to Celtic mythology, the gods went back and forth between the worlds of land and property through a special kind of mounds of Newgrange. Conceived as an entrance to the party room for the so-called Lords of Light, Newgrange should lead to a world where no one ever dies. There's an endless supply of food and drink, as well as magical trees that constantly bearing fruit.The old myth about Newgrange says about him as a personification of the River Boyne and the house with a well, which was the source of all wisdom in the world. Trees at the well dropped their nuts into the water, which has created all the knowledge that is in the human world. The next occupant of the underworld associated with Newgrange - Dagda, one of the oldest of the Irish gods, who represents knowledge, the sun and the sky. They say he keeps it to this day.
Scholomance - a mythical school, stories of which were reflected in the Romanian folklore, is not written about it, Emily Gerard. By Gerard stories in Scholomance it received 10 students taught by the devil himself. They trained all of his spells and tricks, including communication with animals and weather control. After the training program of the law, were released only nine students. The latter left the devil himself as payment, and sent it to an infinitely deep lake, where he lived until the devil did not have to use it to make a huge thunderstorm with lightning. In this story Scholomance bit different from the traditional Romanian. In Romanian folklore it is called Solomanari and is a world that exists in parallel to our own. After reading the work of Gerard, Bram Stoker used the idea of ​​the Scholomance in "Dracula" to explain how the family of Dracula got his demonic force. Lake, where the Devil sleeping assistant, is high in the Carpathian Mountains, where supposedly raging storms every day. Anyone who is looking for a lake, understands that he found it when he sees the hills along the lake shore, symbolizing those who have been struck by lightning devil.
The Land of Cockaigne
The Land of Cockaigne, also known as the Cockaigne - is utopian mythical city. Those who gets there can find everything your heart desires. Especially when it comes to food.The walls are made of large pieces of bacon on the top - cakes and pancakes, and fences made of sausages. Wine flows in all the fountains, rivers milk instead of water. The trees grow meat pies or fruit. Even the weather has to do with food: sugar snow, hail in the form of pills. In addition, you can literally make money in your sleep. Unlike most other mythical places in the country are not lazy admit those who have been good and led a righteous life, and those who are very hungry. To get there, you have to go to the North Gommelen - a city in northern France. The entrance is in a huge mountain of porridge.Anyone who wants to get into the city, should be done his way, eating porridge on its way, so to get, you need a huge appetite.

Events of life we form our thoughts. They are also often come and all diseases,  because bad thoughts - those same fears, feelings and emotions (anger, hatred, pride, jealousy, guilt, frustration and resentment), but concentrated and therefore very dangerous. Just the thought "I do not like" can be blamed for the most serious diseases, because this fear blocks the sacrum - chakra, which is the source of life energy.

If a person does not feel love, his immune system is very weakened - there are sexual problems, conflicts with humans. Fear of "do not like me," there is still a child. For example, when a woman is pregnant, but doubted whether it wants to have a baby, then it affects on the unborn child. According to some psychologists, if a woman is at least mentally rejected the baby in the first month of pregnancy, not even knowing about the interesting position unborn child - a potential smoker. The desire to have an abortion in the second month is born an alcoholic, and the third - a mentally ill person with developmental disabilities, the fourth - a drug addict, on the sixth - suicide. The criminals and maniacs are often born to mothers who wanted to have an abortion in the fifth month of pregnancy. The mental or verbal sin of his mother unable to correct itself only child, and my mother could help him by asking for forgiveness from your child for your own, because it failed let love into the world of a small creature. Have you ever wondered why during the epidemic among instantly sick and others do not take the virus? Or why, despite swallowing pills, disease, especially chronic, returning again and again, and sometimes there are new? Folk wisdom says that all diseases - from nerves.But karmic medicine believes that people get sick because of their own fears, because frightened people all my life concentrating their fears, making little offense in most destructive anger.

Malignant tumors and other types arise from the concentrated rage. And genital cancer happens only in people who experience hate, anger or contempt for the opposite sex.Diseases of the uterus in women occur due to the fear of being a bad mother, or as a variant of fear "do not like me." Diseases of the stomach, the stomach arise from excessive lust for power and discontent with its absence. Appendicitis occurs when a person is sad, he feels humiliated. And polneem we because striving for unattainable goals, we feel helpless. The reason most women's completeness - self-pity, the feeling that one does not love you and you do not need anyone but itself. Sometimes the cause of obesity is suppressed anger at the parents. This feeling may cause an incorrect exchange veschestv.Kamni kidney, gall bladder and liver originate from hatred. Heart disease often occur because of feelings of guilt, repressed and undivided love of life of hopelessness, fear that you are not worthy of love or do not accept your love. Heart attacks and strokes - diseases of fighters with life, and most die from the disease - men whole life going forward by any means. Most often, they did not allow themselves to cry or something different to express their emotions in a moment of weakness and gorya.Bolezni throat, in particular bronchitis or asthma, there are huge resentment from people or circumstances. Children often have a sore throat, when the parents in a family quarrel and shout, and the child can not fix it in any way.

The conflict between the mind and the senses produces brain diseases, including mental illness. It is because of the lack of targets people looking for something unearthly, entangled in their own hallucinations and crazy. The legs are sore from financially unsatisfied people, and those who can not find their own path in life, for example, dissatisfied with current employment. Swelling of the legs - a disease of the poor and miser. These people usually do not believe in its own vitality and are losers. Spine illnesses arise because of the lack of vital platform or if it is wrong. Curvature of the spine occurs in children with a family weak-willed father. Anything that hurts the right to be associated with feminine energy. If you lay the right nostril, remove insult a woman. If whines something left - it is related to the ratio of men. Empty the film with the opposite sex, and the pain will disappear. The mental state affects the course of the disease, our lives. Think about the good, tune into more optimistic - and you will see how life is changing for the better!

Kaali meteorite crater located in the village Kaalina Estonian island of Saaremaa, 18 kilometers from its capital Kuressaare. It was the last giant meteorite, which fell in a densely populated area, and the scar that it left in the world talks about the terrible events that took place here in the Bronze age. 
7600 years ago, a large stone, weighing about 20 to 80 tons, broke the Earth's atmosphere at speeds of 10 to 20 km / s. At an altitude of 5-10 km meteorite fell to pieces and some of his pieces flew to the Earth's surface. The largest of them hit the ground releasing energy equivalent to about 20 kilotons of TNT, is a quarter more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. 
The explosion formed a ball of fire of 7-8 km in height, which burned wood in a radius of 6 kilometers. There were no casualties. In this area, then there were several settlements, all of them, together with the inhabitants were wiped off the face of the Earth. 
The explosion of a meteor left a total of nine craters in the area, now known as the field of meteorite craters Kaali. The largest of these craters have a diameter of 110 meters and a depth of 22 meters it is. Other pieces meteorite formed smaller craters with a diameter of 12 to 40m and their respective depths ranging from one to four meters. All lie at a distance of 1 kilometer from the main crater. 
Today, the main crater is a small lake which is fed by groundwater and precipitation.Depending on the time of year, the lake has a diameter of 30 - 60 meters and a depth of 1 - 6 meters. The crater was found near the remains of a huge stone wall 470 meters long and 2.5 meters thick and about 2 meters in height. It was built during the early Iron Age (in the period from 600 BC to 100 AD) 
Behind the wall was a square, the last mention of which dates from the 17th century, and it is expected that the lake has been used not only as a watering place, but also as a place for ritual sacrifices. There is also evidence of finding here a fortified settlement, which flourished between the 5th to the 7th century BC There is also found a small treasure of silver ornaments 3-5 centuries AD. 
Wall, silver and bone led to the assumption that after the explosion, people began to consider it a holy place. Estonians are known to make offerings to the gods allowed to provide good yields, even though it was forbidden by the church.  
The stories about the disaster and the lake is also an important place in Finnish mythology, in particular, the national epic "Kalevala" tells the story of the fall of the fire on the ground in this location.

Externsteine ​​(Externsteine) - is a bizarre conglomeration of rocks located in the Teutoburg Forest (Teutoburger Wald) at Horn-Bad Meinberg (Horn-Bad Meinberg).Five-stone columns tridtsatimetrovoy rocks rise above the ground. From local traditions it implies that made them the devil himself.
Scientists have put forward many hypotheses externsteine ​​origin, but has not received confirmation of any of them. These rocks have a large number of stairs, passages and niches. Some of them - obviously man-made origin - once they apparently used as a chapel. Other caves and holes lead to nowhere, and their origin is unclear.
There is a hypothesis that several thousand years ago, there lived a tribe of sun. On one of the rocks preserved altar. Through a special round hole at him during the annual summer solstice falls a ray of sunshine. The rock has at another hole, passes rays during the winter solstice. The most important point of the sanctuary located at the intersection of underground waterways and energy flows of the earth.
Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)
The walls are decorated with images of worship. There are symbols that belonged dogermanskim ancient tribes. On the outer wall of carved relief "Descent from the Cross", in which there are also Christian and pagan symbols. Disputes cause and other reliefs on the walls of the Externsteine.
Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)
The forest around the sanctuary of the locals called the "Grove of the Gods". All stones in this wood arranged in series on one line.
Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)
Mystical power of these places feel all the pilgrims. A lot of people every day to climb the cliff to join the magical energy of the sanctuary.
Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)

Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)

It is noteworthy that most of the studies of Externsteine ​​in the forties of the last century have financed the Nazis. The history of the complex is so fascinated evangelical priest, amateur historian William Toydta that he gave the church and created the "Union of the knowledge of nature," and then "Association of Friends of the German prehistory," which failed to appreciate the true propaganda minister Goebbels. Soon after the project was created under the infamous Institute of SS "Ahnenerbe." What it is not surprising, if we recall the interest of Hitler to the esoteric science and its persistent search for the different shrines, such as the Holy Grail.

Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)

Externsteine ​​- Externsteine ​​(Externsteine)
"Door to Hell": the burning crater in the Karakum Desert

Small in size funnel-failure opens the "door to hell," as the locals. Many people know it, but superstitiously afraid. Karakum desert (Karakum Garagum, "Black Sand") - a desert in the south of Central Asia, occupies most of the Turkmenistan.

"Miracle of Moses" - parted the sea in South Korea
The phenomenon of differences waters of the Yellow Sea between. Jindo about. Modo in South Korea. Yellow Sea - the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, which has small islands. Sometimes the water goes away, and between the islands 1-3 times a year, formed a small road, narrow and wet, which is again filled with water. 

The length of the road about 2.7 km. It must be time to get over it until the water rose. Road width of 30-40 meters. However, raising the same happens second, and even those who are beginning to zastigat water have time to run to the end to another island. People hurry to dig up sea gifts and come here with bowls and scoops: digging mud sea, shells, crabs were collected, looking for valuable things - you never know, suddenly a treasure!

"End of the World" - two counter flow
Northernmost point of Denmark is known to many people around the world.Locals call it the "end of the world." The northernmost point of Denmark near the town of Skagen, a place where the two seas - the North Sea and the Baltic. People divide-share maritime borders, and here, and it is not necessary to share: all clear. 
In addition, Cape Skagen - the warmest place in Denmark, a resort town.And here often tourists come to admire the bustling counter strip of water. 

Desert "Black Rock" in Nevada, USA
Brightly-colored in bright shades of sandy slopes geysers decorated fountains bursting of watery vapor. Around victuals scenery, dry bed of an ancient river. Incredibly, stunningly beautiful!
Part of the geyser is a man-made origin. It is located 32 km from the town of Gerlach, and once in this place trying to drill a hole, and formed a geyser.Today it is surrounded by a high fence, and get there without the knowledge of the host fail. It is located in the town of Fly Ranch Todd Jessica. He offered to sell all the land, and he does not agree, and jealously guards his private miracle of nature. Incidentally, the photos look bright geyser in the processing, and it is quite normal looking.

Snow rolls
In Idaho because of the strong wind on the plains lengthy formed here such boulders-rolls. They ride on the field or lie until melted.

Walking rocks in Death Valley, USA
The phenomenon, which is still not clear to anyone. Stones at the bottom of long-dry lake Reystrek Playa, behind which stretch marks, as if they are moving. It turns out that stones or someone shift (but what?) Or go by yourself (but how?). 
Death Valley - intermountain trough near the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin in the western US state of California. People have already put the camera. Stones really moving. Slow but sure. 

Green Flash
A rare optical phenomenon in Scotland. After the solar disk disappears below the horizon, and above it there is light green and white spot. It is believed that the one who was lucky enough to see the "green light" will have good luck in life and love.

Coastal cappuccino (Cappuccino Coast)
The rare natural product of fantasy, which occurs in the clear waters of the coast. In fact it is a mixture of ingredients in the water: algae, the water, the sea foam and excreta. If the water is just dirty, too, foam is formed, but it was not like that. But when the water is clear - a dense foam with small bubbles. Often, this phenomenon can be found near Cape Town, South Africa.

Solar halo
The optical phenomenon that occurs around the light source. Usually there is a halo around the sun or moon due to the reflection of rays in cirrus clouds at a height of 5-10 km. 

Undulating fog
Because of the barriers in the form of buildings on the coast of Panama City, FL, here are any clouds of mist, unusual, undulating. These photos were taken in 2012.

Marble iceberg
For the first time this iceberg like a piece of ice cream found in 2008. The striped pattern is caused by the fact that it has a layer of frozen algae, dirt rocks and frozen air bubbles. When the iceberg melts quickly, the air bubbles in the ice structure comes out, but when the moisture freezes, the structure is a more dense and dark bluish. And it turns blue layer. If during this time to the iceberg stuck to the algae, the green layer is, as if the earth - brown.This lump of floating on the waters of the Antarctic.

And this iceberg found near Newfoundland in Canada. 

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