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In South America, at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana have a few tens of mountains called tepuis Roraima (Roraima). In the language of the Indians "tepuis" means "home of the gods."These mountains, with distinctive vertical slopes and flat tops - one of the oldest in the world. Are remnants of long ago destroyed the plateau, they are made of very hard sandstone. These are difficult, remote from each other cliffs soar above the surface, forming a bizarre, unearthly shapes. Highest tepuis in Venezuela - Mount Roraima (2810 m), which is also called the "big blue-green mountain." On top of it it is located the plateau area of ​​about 30 km!

Roraima enclosed by thickets and swamps, sea green and vast rain forests, it is considered the source of all diamonds mined in the district. However, the Indians did not approach her for fear of evil spirits.

The new touches added to the legend of Conan Doyle, who wrote in 1912, "The Lost World," where he portrayed a plateau as the abode of prehistoric monsters remains unchanged since the time of the Paleozoic. Legend has existed since ancient times. And since then, man has tried to find a great mountain to climb to its summit. Unusual origins plateaus and special microclimate suggests that there might well be preserved habitats for prehistoric animals.
Severe eroded pinnacle rock surrounded by a high steep walls and framed foot mud bogs, which
are moving in the vast rain forests teeming with snakes, scorpions and poisonous spiders.

Is there and "hot tub" - oval bath with crystal bottom, as if specially designed for swimming.
There's an amazing amount of beautiful flowers, colorful carpets of moss and moss, thickets of carnivorous plants and orchids.
In the niches and crannies of cliffs many birds nest. Every morning, in the surrounding forests are scattered thousands of tiny swifts and parrots. At nightfall of the caves fly strange nocturnal birds oilbirds

But the most interesting inhabitants of the plateau - tiny, the size of a fingernail, black toad. They live on the flat rocks and funny whistling before the rain. Each big tepuis have their own special form of these frogs.

Different layers of sandstone, are destroyed at different rates, so the plateau were formed thousands of bizarre rocks - thickets of giant "mushrooms", fairy-tale castles, endless fields "chess pieces". There are so many that use them as reference points to take or fails.
Marshes, as two drops of water similar to the swamp with dead bliz Mordor by Gollum who led the hobbits.

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