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When it comes to beauty, the term "mineral" is not the first thing that comes to mind. And for good reason. As proof, we offer you to enjoy a selection of stunning photos of minerals and gems that are really pleasing to the eye.
Recall that the natural mineral called homogeneous solid body, or formerly located in the crystalline state. Minerals are an integral part of the rock. Unlike mineral stones do not have a specific chemical structure and can be as minerals, and is not. On Earth, man is known about 4900 kinds of minerals.The most beautiful of them you can admire below.

Fire Opal - "frozen sunset"



Opal with "Galaxy" within the




Ocean inside opal


The largest amethyst in the world - "The Emperor of Uruguay"


"Fossil" Opal


Black Opal with "lightning"




Zheodovy Agate






Titanium Quartz


Chrysocolla in Malachi




Tourmaline "watermelon"






Realgar on calcite




A combination of fluorite / quartz / pyrite






Tourmaline on Quartz






Magical and healing properties of white coral

Magical and healing properties of white coral
Amazing magical and healing properties of white coral valued since ancient times. So magicians and alchemists claimed that live in the coral pure spirits. Mystics claimed that coral gives youth and wisdom. And the ancient Greeks considered it a symbol of immortality and happiness. Its healing properties, open the ancient healers, were confirmed in modern medicine.

Corals are the skeletons of marine invertebrate animals (polyps), consisting of calcite and aragonite. Sprigs of coral skeletons are formed from small polyps grow to enormous size. With the purpose of treatment using mainly white coral Sango (Sango).

Medicinal properties
Shallow coral dust was a favorite material healers, magicians and alchemists of old. Ancient healers used drugs containing coral, mainly for bleeding, ulcers, heart disease.
Magical and healing properties of white coral
Today, scientists have found in corals biostimulants, hormones and elements that help in diseases of the liver, spleen, stomach, pain in the joints, facilitate the healing of wounds and ulcers, including internal and give relief from fever.

Water infused with white coral, becomes therapeutic and rejuvenating, as coral enriches its more than 70 vital micro-macro (calcium, silicon, magnesium, iodine, chromium, boron, etc.), they go into the ionic form and easily digested cells as well as contribute to a better absorption of nutrients.
But most importantly, coral water - the source of the active, ionized calcium. Calcium is directly related to the acid-base balance of the body. And its lack can be the cause of more than 150 different diseases.
With a lack of calcium the body becomes acidic, aging - the immune system is weakened, and the bacteria, viruses and fungi multiply faster. Worse absorb vitamins and minerals, there are vascular disease, heart, joints, and create conditions for the growth of cancer cells. And the body is constantly looking for reserve alkali to neutralize excess acids. Coral water alkalizes (neutralizes over-acidity), and returns the normal acid-base balance, the person begins to take health.
In addition to neutralize excess acidity, the use of white coral with curative intent provides normal blood clotting, affect the regulation of growth and activity of cells of all types of fabrics, allows the passage of electrical impulses along nerve fibers involved in metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, is a building material .
Water Purification via corals
Magical and healing properties of white coral
One of the main causes of many diseases is the water that we consume. Chlorine present in the water from the tap, in the form of organic compounds especially harmful to biological structures of the body.
We are used to boil water, and yet at boiling chlorine is converted into a very dangerous toxin that is a depressing effect on the entire body. And also destroyed the natural structure of the water, making it dead.
Lowered into the water white corals are able to turn it into potable: the process of absorption of the active chlorine compounds, purification of salts of heavy metals, structuring, corals make it slightly alkaline and saline.

The content of many vital minerals in the coral calcium provides them adequate amounts of water in the composition of human tissues. Trace elements are readily available for uptake form.
What are these corals
Fake corals sometimes made of plastic and if you touch the artificial corals heated needle, there will be a black point and smell palёnoy plastic, which does not happen with natural coral.
Secondly, it may be the so-called coral pressed - pressed and dyed the color of precious coral powder calcite. It is somewhat easier to natural coral.
Magical properties of coral
Magical and healing properties of white coral
The magical power of coral scares evil people and demons, beware of evils, protects against the evil eye and spoilage and attracts good luck.
Corals enhance vision, so they are the mascot of many fortune-tellers.
For travelers, this is the best guardian, he saves them from hurricanes, storms, unpleasant encounters and promotes a safe journey home.
Coral increases vitality, reduces stress, makes good sense and enhances memory, promotes a prosperous life together, helps to maintain fidelity.
The ancient Greeks believed coral pink symbol of immortality and happiness.
According to the healers, corals are able to diagnose the illness of the owner, changing its color: if a person has cancer, it becomes earthy, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract - transparent.
Corals are sedative, they help with headaches, insomnia, and nervous excitement.
Corals are useful in diseases of the thyroid gland and helps with asthma. It is believed that if the corals are worn around the neck, they will protect from a sore throat, scarlet fever, relieve nervous tics.
As a talisman coral makes a man wise, strengthens the gift of prophecy and vision, ensures success with the opposite sex.
Magical and healing properties of white coral
Corals are a good talisman for children, they protect against the evil eye and contagious diseases.
Coral necklace remove shortness of breath, give fortress heart, calms palpitations. This is a cure for grief and sadness. Protect from the evil eye, keep lightning, deter bad omens, resist the temptation. Therefore, among the Christian clergy spread custom of wearing coral beads.
Magical and healing properties of white coral
Elspeth McLean, Australian artist, who lives in Canada, creating beautiful patterns on smooth and perfectly round stones, which is in the ocean. Her drawings on rocks consist of bright multi-colored tiny dots which are arranged in a strict symmetry. Hypnotically beautiful and colorful mandala it creates, inflicting on the rocks thousands of colored dots. Elspeth believes that such a mandala soothe the soul and fill the inner world of bright light. Its stones insanely popular and very quickly find their buyers.

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Figures on stones

Figures on stones

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