Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Oil spill from the tanker "Prestige" 

"Prestige" - single-hull tankers flying the Bahamian flag. As a result of his accident was the largest maritime environmental disaster off the coast of Europe.
13 November 2002 tanker caught in a heavy storm off the coast of Galicia. As a result, the vessel is a crack length of 35 meters, and the tanker began to give the leakage of oil - about 1,000 tons per day. Attempts were made ​​to save the "Prestige", but the Spanish authorities have banned the shore to go to the nearest ports, Portugal is not allowed to enter the failed tankers in its waters. And emergency boat, it was decided to tow in the sea.
19 November 2002 "Prestige" split in two and sank 210 miles from Galicia. Spilled over 20 million gallons of oil that caused irreparable damage to the entire marine and coastal wildlife and the fishing industry. The release of oil from the tanker "Exxon Valdez"



March 25, 1989 in Alaska accident occurred, who inflicted the most damage to this coast. After the tanker "Exxon Valdez" March 24, 1989 hit a reef-Blythe, the water poured out, according to official figures, about 40 million liters of oil. But conservationists with this figure disagree and cite data much higher degree. About 2400 kilometers of coastline affected by the accident. Bhopal disaster December 3, 1984 in the Indian city of Bhopal was the largest in terms of human victims of technological disasters. Cause of the tragedy has not been established so far. With one of the plants were released into the atmosphere about 42 tons of toxic fumes of methyl isocyanate. Immediately killed 3,000 people. More 15 thousand - in the coming years. The accident at the chemical plant "Sandoz" November 1, 1986 there was a fire in a warehouse chemical factory in Switzerland. While fighting a fire in the Rhine spilled about 30 tons of agricultural pesticides. Killed millions of fish, was contaminated drinking water. The London smog of 1952 December 5, 1952 London enveloped acrid smog, which dispelled only by December 9. At first, people do not alarmed, because these places the fog is not uncommon. But after a while medical research has revealed the deadly nature of the disaster. During this time of acute bronchitis died 3500-4000 people, mostly elderly people and children. The explosion and fire at a chemical plant in Flixborough June 1, 1974 at a chemical plant in the UK in Flixborough accident occurred at the plant "NIPROM", which manufactures ammonium. By its power explosion was equal to the current 45-ton charge of TNT if it was blown up at an altitude of 45 meters above the ground.The incident resulted in 55 people were killed and 75 were injured. The release from the rig "Source 1" June 3, 1979 in the Gulf of Mexico after the release from the rig "Source 1" on the water surface oil spot that has spread 640 kilometers. March 24, 1980 the well was closed. At that time, the ocean has managed to pour half a million tons of oil. Clash "Ladies of the Atlantic" with "Aegean Captain," July 19, 1979 in the Caribbean Sea near the island of Tobago tanker "Lady of the Atlantic" collided with the tanker 'Aegean Captain. " As a result, the water spilled 220,000 tons of oil. The collapse of the tanker "Amoco Cadiz" March 6, 1978 the tanker "Amoco Cadiz" due to a failure in the steering hit a rock and crashed. As a result, spilled into the sea about 230 thousand tons of oil. During this disaster affected 360 miles of the Atlantic coast of France. This accident caused the deaths of tens of thousands of fish and birds and caused irreparable damage to the Mediterranean. A fire at an oil platform "Piper Alpha" July 6, 1988 a fire occurred at the operational oil platform "Payper- Alpha ", which killed 167 people. It was the biggest accident involving offshore oil extraction. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant April 26, 1986 was the destruction of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. According to official reports, 31 people died. Eliminates many of the consequences of the accident received a large dose of radiation. Authorities decided to evacuate the town of Pripyat. And the reactor, it was decided to close the zinc sarcophagus.

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