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As an intelligent species, we inexorably drawn to the unknown. On the basis of such a desire arose the myth of the Yeti, it also became the driving force for many scientific discoveries and inventions. Thus, it is logical to assume that there is nothing better than to use their free time to reflect on all the remaining unsolved mysteries in the world. Mysteries, such as ... 10.Michael Boatwright


The recent case of Michael Boatwright has become one of the most bizarre stories about amnesia. February 28, 2013 61-year-old man was found unconscious in a hotel Motel 6 in Palm Springs, California. When he woke up in the intensive care unit, an American who was carrying a driver's license with his name, spoke exclusively in Swedish and claimed that his name is Johan Ek. Not only that, he forgot his native language, he also could not find his face. Later there came to his sister, who told that he is a real stranger, whom she personally have not seen for ten years. Despite the fact that Boatwright lost his memory, everything else in his order.

Setting a man diagnosed with transient global anemia, doctors believe that he was suffering from some sort of trauma. Others believe that he deliberately tries to prove that he lost his memory, not to be responsible for some of his actions in the past.However, the latter seems unlikely, because his case has attracted strong attention. The true story of Michael Boutrayte can never, never solved. 9. The last words of Einstein


It is known that men share their in-depth knowledge only when on the brink of death. For example, actor Humphrey Bogart said: "I would never trade Scotch Martin," and it is very good advice, no matter how you doubted. The physicist Albert Einstein hardly needs an introduction. In addition to his greatest contribution to science, he was still known for his witty remarks. They touched on a wide range of topics ranging from politics to war, religion and intangible greatness of the human spirit. In its 76 years, the venerable professor suffered from internal bleeding caused by abdominal aortic aneurysm. He was admitted to Princeton hospital, where refused surgery, admitted that his time is up. The great scientist died the next morning, but not before uttered a few last words overheard a nurse. Unfortunately, they were spoken in the native German Einstein, with whom she was not familiar. Since his last remark was lost forever. 8. Murder in the yogurt shop in Austin late evening, December 6 1991, in Austin, Texas, a shop called «I Can not Believe It's Yogurt!» was engulfed in flames.Firefighters found in four teenage girls, each of which has been linked own clothes and shot in the head. Despite the fact that there was no many suspects, most likely it was the work of the notorious serial killer Kelly Allen McDuff. In consequence McDuff was still found guilty of the murder in 1968 and served his lines on death row. However, in 1989, he was released due to overcrowding in Texas prisons. Another suspect, Maurice Pierce, was shot dead after his car was stopped by a police officer, but before his death, he also managed to stab patrol. Another two other suspects confessed to the murder itself, but were released after being in the body of one of the victims was found sperm of an unknown man. What happened inside the restaurant actually, will forever remain a mystery. Today yogurt shop turned into a nail salon, but next to it is placed a memorial plaque in memory of those victims. 7. Kyle Benjamin Another case of an amnesiac Kyle Benjamin can be called more mysterious than the one that occurred with Michael Boatwright. Early in the morning August 31, 2004 middle-aged man was found unconscious lying next to trash cans fast food restaurant Burger King in Georgia. The man suggested that he homeless and showed traces of blows with a blunt object on the head. Just as Boatwright, he could not find his own face.However, unlike the latter, was not in possession of any documents and generally could not imagine who he really is. At first, he was given the nickname BC taken from Burger King, but eventually he chose the name Kyle Benjamin. Confident that he is somewhere around 60 years old, Kyle, slightly balding man of Caucasian nationality, received the dubious honor only US citizen who has been missing, but lives in front of everyone. He was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia, which is kept at it even after 10 years, and because it can be called a constant. In a world where all information can not be classified, Kyle is a phantom. His fingerprints were checked through all available databases, including those that are controlled by the FBI, the US military and the government. DNA tests, it seems also give no clue except that indicate its Scottish origin. He has appeared in countless newspaper articles, was interviewed on television and radio, including participation in the famous speeches of Dr. Phil in 2008. Today, Kyle Benjamin washing dishes to earn a living, but no one did not manage to get closer to unraveling the secret of who he really is. 6. Mass murder in bowling in Las Cruces February 10, 1990, two men made ​​a tough massacre in Bowling in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They shot seven people, four of whom were to die, and then disappeared. Employees bowling (two of which come with their children) were going to open it on Saturday morning when two men burst into the room, intending to rob him. All seven people, they drove to the office and shot at close range. The bandits stole about 4000 - 5000 dollars, was set on fire and left the office. One of the victims, 12-year-old Melissa Repass, managed to call the police for help, even though it was shot five times. Among the dead 26-year-old Steve Teran, a mechanic bowling, his two year old daughter Valeria, 12-year-old friend of Melissa Amy Houser, and six-year-Paula Hoguin. The murderers were described as Hispanic men, one about 30 and about another 45 or 50 years. But their so no one caught. Mother Amy Houser, filed a civil suit owners of bowling, but jurors admitted that they are not responsible for what happened. 5. Abduction on the pitch in Adelaide August 25, 1973, during a visit to the National Football League match in South Australia, 11-year-old Joanne Ratcliffe took a 4-year-old Kirsty Gordon together to visit the restroom. After 20 minutes, they have not returned. Ratcliffe grandmother turned to the central office of the stadium, there to make the announcement of the missing children, but workers have reported this only after a football match was over. Later, several witnesses claimed they saw a man carrying Kirsty, followed by Joan apparently also captured this man. They assumed it was just a father with children. After that, no one and did not see the girls. It is believed that the girls were abducted by Arthur Stanley Brown, who was involved in several murders and abductions of children, including the famous case of the abduction of children Beaumont, when three siblings, 10-ti, 7- E and 4 years old, disappeared from Glenelg Beach, which is located near Adelaide (Australia) in 1966.Brown was arrested in 1998 after a cousin of his wife (to whom he molested) reported to the police that he suffers from pedophilia. He was also convicted of murdering two sisters, seven-year and five-year Judith Susan, which occurred in 1970.By the time when the first trial, and his case was put to a retrial, Alzheimer's killer did very sick man. He died in a nursing home in the year 2002, at the age of 90 years that, taking with him to the grave grief of countless children. 4. Dum Dum Pops Lollipops Mystery flavor candy Dum Dum Pops is constantly changing, and you will probably never try the one that has just been. What is the secret? While on the official website of Private detailed description of their tricky undertaking, the solution of this secret no more difficult than to read the inscription on the burgers KFC, which indicates 11 herbs and spices or flavor to determine the 23 soft drink Dr Pepper's. Riddle candy only in the fact that when one ends fragrance begins the second. Instead of watching and cleaning equipment, the company produces just two games chocolates one by one. As a result of constantly candies are available with different tastes. 3. Beautiful girl with a cigarette Mystery of Marie Roget - a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, which is part of his trilogy about the detective Auguste Dupin amateur, however, unlike the rest of the story, it is based on real facts, namely, the death of a certain Mary Rogers. She has worked at the store cigarettes in New York and was known that she had a lot of fans among males. Maria disappeared July 25, 1841, after her fiance said that he wanted to visit his family. On July 28, her body was found in the Hudson River. According to the report of the investigating judge, strangled her, because her neck was found bruised, apparently left thumb men. The death of a pretty young woman, called «Beautiful Girl Cigar» hit the headlines. But even after 170 years, it remains a mystery how she died. According to one theory, the woman was the victim of a failed abortion, but most are inclined to think that it just became a chance witness a gang rape. The final story is the same as in real life. Mystery of Marie Roget ends with Dupin unable to find the killer. 2. Little Miss 1565 A tragic fire at the circus Harford previously mentioned on the site Listverse: July 6, 1944 presentation of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (American Circus Company) was interrupted by a fire that killed more than 160-year-people. Undoubtedly, the most tragic death was the death of "Little Miss 1565," the little girl, blonde, who was only a few years and whose identity is still unknown. Police conducted the investigation for decades, the image of the child was published in newspapers across the country, but the identity of the girl remained unknown. "1565" - is it just a room, which marked her body in the city morgue. For many years, some experts believe that her name is Eleanor Emily Cook, who died on stage, but her body was never found. It is likely to belong to the two children who were burned in the fire beyond recognition. But his mother Eleanor categorically denies that she unknown girl her daughter. In the end, her body was exhumed and buried next to Edward Cook (brother of Eleanor, who also died in the fire). It seems that the true identity of Little Miss 1565 will never be installed. 1. Keddie Murders Horrific Keddie Murders reminiscent of the masked killer who carry a machete and wander through the woods. April 11, 1981, during a holiday in the resort town near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Glenn Sharpe, her two children and a family friend met a horrible death in his hotel room. On the morning of April 12, the 14-year-old daughter Sharpe, who stayed overnight in the room of her friends, came back and found her mother, brother John and his young girlfriend Dana dead. And her sister Tina, 13 years old, was missing. Interior Room 28 was completely destroyed, blood was sprinkled everywhere, broken furniture, and walls are cut with a knife. The bodies were tied ribbon and horribly mutilated. Three younger children who spent the night there and then, were found unharmed. They said that two unidentified tortured family with the help of kitchen knives and a hammer for ten hours, and then took Tina and left.Despite the fact that the next room was located just 5 meters (15 feet) away from this, and judging around the carnage, of course, was very noisy neighbors claimed that they did not hear anything at all. In conjunction with the FBI started a large-scale investigation, but no leads or suspects have been found. In 1984, Tina Sharp skull was found on the territory of the other resorts, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from this hotel. In subsequent years, people started saying that the room began to appear 28 cast. The resort town fell into disrepair, its territory began to appear frequently settlers and hooligans.People claim to have seen images of the dead that lurk behind the windows and heard unearthly moans in the room where the murder was committed. Owner destroyed the building in 2004, the year.

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