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Roger Chapman and Rodger Mallison
76 hours at a depth of 480 meters

A similar, but slightly more spectacular incident occurred Aug. 29, 1973, when the bottom of the ocean to the surface up Roger Chapman and Rodger Mallison. Submariners are stuck on the sunken submersible "Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle III», which zalёg to the bottom at a depth of 480 meters off the coast of Ireland. After 76 hours spent in the underwater prison, they found a crew rescue ship "John Cabot" and, together with two bathyscaphe "Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle" and "Pisces-class deep submergence vehicle II» sailors pulled to the surface.



Poon Lim,
133 days a liferaft in the high seas 25-year-old steward Poon Lim, who served in the British merchant ship Merchant, was part of the crew, when in November 1942 in the German torpedo hit the ship. When the ship crashed into a shell, Poon jumped overboard and two hours spent at sea, unable to find a life raft with fresh water, dry biscuits, flares, and a flashlight.Lim saved food, eating a day for two crackers and making six sips of water - two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night. These reserves should be enough for a month of wandering. After about three weeks Poon saw the first ship, but the crew did not notice it. Passed him a few more ships. Poon Lim became desperate to catch fish using a piece of fishing line and a homemade hook - the first he caught using as bait meat gulls previously caught up to them on the edge of the raft. To avoid muscle atrophy, a sailor swam around the raft twice a day, but then had to stop charging, so as not to attract sharks. After 131 days of swimming Lim, crossed the Atlantic, noticed the change of color of the water and algae growth.After another two days, was, as it turned out, at the mouth of the Amazon River, Poon saw on the horizon, a small sail and after a couple of hours had already been taken to a nearby hospital. Natasha Kosorukova 36 days in the forest June 5, 1981 geological group Eric Alekseev went camping , pitch a tent in the Yakut taiga. In the evening, when it was just right to go to sleep in a group of students missed intern Natasha Kosorukova - she did not come, and the next morning. Neither the cries nor the shots in the air Kosorukova did not respond. Team members decided that the girl probably just went home, which, of course, it was unlikely - all documents and most of the things Natasha remained in the camp. On the state of emergency has been reported to the party headquarters, which was located 50 kilometers from the taiga. Woman looking for terrestrial group tried to find helicopters, but to no avail. The first traces were found only Kosorukova June 24 - she moved to the opposite side of the camp. July 8, when the search were about to stop, rangers have found new evidence that Natasha is alive. Walking along the trail, the search engine managed to find a girl only on 10 July. Kosorukova was detected at a distance of 75 kilometers from the broken camp - 36 days the student has passed about 200 kilometers, winding through the forest. Contrary conducted safety training, she was not down and upstream the creek than significantly complicated the search operation. In the lost backpack trainee geologist, in addition to crackers, which she did not have time to put in the camp was a box of matches and a magnifying glass, but breed with their help fire Kosorukova could only at the end of their wanderings. Likely to survive in the forest girl help good health and relatively warm season. Larisa Savitskaya 4 days in the woods after falling from a height of 5220 meters 24 August 1981 20-year-old Larisa Savitskaya and her husband were passengers on board the An-24, which collided with a bomber Tu-116 at an altitude of 5220 meters. After eight minutes of free fall girl miraculously survived - her husband was killed immediately. During the collision the AN-24 broke into two parts - Larissa was in the tail of the plane and somehow crawled to the chair to buckle up. At the scene left rescuers who found Sawicki living with multiple fractures of hands, legs, ribs and spine. As compensation for physical damage Larissa airline paid only 75 thousand rubles. The first report in the press about surviving appeared four years later - edition "Soviet Sport" wrote that Savitskaya allegedly suffered a homemade aircraft dropped from a height of five kilometers and has remained alive at the same time. She recalled that, in spite of the injuries, was in shock condition for about three days - without feeling pain, hunger and cold, she called for help, but to no avail. When on the fourth day after the accident to the fuselage of the aircraft rescuers arrived, Savitsky was unconscious and woke up in the hospital. George Du dreamed 13 days in Wisconsin cave speleologist George Du dreamed investigated the caves of the US state of Wisconsin. During one raid in 1983, he fell off a cliff, hit the fast flowing underground river and be sucked into the whirlpool in an underground cave. Four days after the incident, rescue workers stopped looking. With a strong desire to survive, Du dreamed mobilize: if it was a flashlight, fresh water and a folding knife. With the help of a lantern and a knife Du dreamed fishing in shallow waters. To get out of the trap, he disbanded his wool sweater orange, dividing each received the thread into several thinner. He tied them to the paws of bats. Tagged animals noticed nearest town residents who helped George escape to freedom. Georg Hayntsl 10 days under the rubble in the mine in July 1998 a miner George Hayntsl ended shift in a coal mine in the small industrial town Lassing that in Austria. However, come to the surface in the day it was not meant to: George collapse blocked at a depth of 63 meters. A few hours later to find him gone ten other miners tried to sort out the blockage, but rescue squad was killed, being crushed by a new landslide. Search work was carried out for ten days, and Hayntsla found. All this time spent in the dark miner, with a minimum supply of water, which he stretched to nine days in the rubble. Uruguayan rugby team 72 days in the snowy Andes Crash Uruguayan charter flight number 571 with rugby and their families over the Andes has become one of the most, I may say, media disasters - the tragedy filmed several movies and was not written one book. Approximately one third of the passengers were killed in the crash, faced with a rock because of heavy cloud cover, eight people were buried under an avalanche, cover the fuselage of the aircraft. Three crew members died from his injuries. 16 survivors are left with a minimum supply of food, while at the height of three and a half thousand meters. In order not to die from the cold, the passengers of the aircraft take off their clothes from the bodies of the dead. When a few days later people are desperate, and rescuers have not appeared, they began to eat the bodies of their fallen comrades. As it turned out, about the crash of Flight nobody knew - just 72 days later, two passengers Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, made ​​a ten-crossing the mountains where they found the Chilean farmer, feed them and caused rescuers. About incredible will to live and all the details really miraculous salvation can be found in the book "Miracle in the Andes" or the film of Frank Marshall "Survive", whose script was written in collaboration with Nando Parrado.

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