Saturday, January 10, 2015


It was invented in China in the early years of the last imperial dynasty, the Qing. This happened after the Chinese once again had to overcome a cyclical systemic crisis. The peculiarity of this penalty is that it is, depending on the seriousness of the offense, provided strictly stretched in time and could last a month, three months, six months or even a year. If, for example, the offender was sentenced to death during the year, the professional executioner had to be sure to stretch the whole procedure is executed for 365 days - no more and no less.

The most terrible and painful punishment

It all happened as follows. Sentenced led early in the morning to the executioner that special hatchet cut off part of his body, such as the phalanx of the little finger. After this injury, under medical supervision, carefully and thoroughly cauterized, then the convict sent or attributed back to the camera. The next morning the executioner cut off his neatly next part of the little finger, hands, feet, ears and so on, again and again should moxibustion camera.

So in the final execution of the once beautiful and sleek body senior gentleman was only a piece of smoked, meat flinches slightly. If the executioner suddenly made ​​a mistake, accidentally or deliberately (as relatives of the condemned were willing to pay a lot of money to stop the torment), and speeds up the tortuous period, then he is automatically without a head. In addition, the offender could not possibly commit suicide - this, too, carefully monitored. The main thing is that such a sophisticated punishment reserved only for the corrupt and high-ranking officials of not less than the governor and the deputy minister, that is the most dangerous thing for the Chinese state internal crime. If the trial wine ex-official was proved and the accused was forced to admit in a criminal "undermining the foundations of the great", the executioner immediately taken for its jewelry and bloody work. Why such a penalty Chinese highborn considered corrupt in the history of the most sophisticated and painful, of course. Here more and more oppressive physical suffering subtly connected with the psychological (official under any circumstances can not samoopravdatsya, even to himself), moral (stretched awareness of the fatal consequences of their crimes for the family, and all kind of clan), status (the downfall of the meaning of life realized continuously during the entire time stretched death), etc. "Hell is here and now" - every moment for the offender, in principle, it becomes an endless horror. PS: the image other Chinese penalty, to describe it makes no sense, and so clear ... The horror!

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