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Often in our ears is our will may be unimaginable things. Suggest you read about the nine most disgusting things (sometimes, by the way, of living), which is inside the human ear.

1. 2.5-inch cockroach

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
After a terrible accident with a cockroach selling earplugs in Australia could rise sharply. Hendrik Helmer from Darwin recently was forced to seek medical attention after a man's right ear while he slept, a cockroach crawled - and get out refused.
Mr. Helmer learned about the presence of unwanted guests due to severe pain in the ear, which he and awakened. The pain grew rapidly, as Helmer tried to suck the creature out of the ear with a vacuum cleaner. When that does not work, his neighbor called the doctor. The doctor, thinking that the insect can not be too large, resorted to a simple tried and tested method - poured into the ear of olive oil. But the situation will only worse - just a cockroach crawled deeper.
In the end, the doctor pulled out a cockroach tweezers, and the size of the insect pretty surprised everyone - the length of the cockroach was 2.5 cm.

2. Living spider

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
Chinese woman appealed to the Changsha Central Hospital with a complaint of severe itching in the left ear. As a result, doctors removed from her ear canal spider that lived there for five days.
Doctors used a saline solution to wash the spider out of the ear and prevent him climb deeper or start to bite a woman. The procedure was successful, and even rumored woman burst into tears and endlessly grateful to Dr. Liu Sheng for help.
Probably a spider crawled into her ear while she was sleeping in his house, where walked repair.In the photo you can see a spider in the ear canal poor woman - a picture seen his eyes and front legs.

3. The carnivorous larvae

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
Rochelle Harris
When 27-year-old Rochelle Harris returned home to England from a trip to Peru, she began to hear in the ear strange rattle. When her every now and then began torturing headaches and ear periodically flowed pus, she decided to visit her doctor.
The first doctor has decided that the case of infection, but later experts found that in her ear lived carnivorous larva. Analyses showed that the tympanic membrane, blood vessels and facial nerves are intact, but the worm gnawed ear 12 mm hole.
As a result, Harris underwent surgery, during which doctors found in the ear "wriggling mass of larvae." Eight of them were carnivorous larvae of the blowfly lay eggs in wounds of mammals.The female can lay up to 250 eggs, of which in the next 24 hours hatch larvae.

4. Moth

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
12-year-old boy from Colorado had to go to the emergency room to get the ear of a moth. Wade Sklot later said that the pain of an insect in his ear was so strong that he cried and cried.
At first, the doctors tried to pour oil into the ear of a boy and thus drown an insect or force to get out, but after several unsuccessful attempts they pulled moth tweezers. Wade said that the moth was still alive, and immediately began to fly around it.

5. The battery is the size of a button

Boy from Northampton went with my grandmother to the hospital with pain in the ear.Grandmother, he admitted that allegedly poked into the ear with a pencil, in the hospital, doctors found a small child in the ear battery.

6. Dandelion

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
A little girl from Beijing, China, from the ear grew a real live dandelion.
Parents took their 16-month-old daughter Ranran to the doctor when they noticed that from her ear something growing. Doctors found in the ear Ranran budding and fully formed live dandelion length of about two centimeters, which fills the ear canal girls.
The process of removing the doctors brought a few unpleasant moments: they were told that the task was not easy, as the flower turned out to be quite tenacious.

7. 57 larvae

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
In the ear, 92-year-old woman with Alzheimer's disease found 57 crawling larvae inside the ear.At this time, she lived in a nursing home, where monthly living costs about $ 10,000.
Family Katherine McCann filed for nursing home court for negligence and caused damages. 88-year-old woman's husband had spent almost all his savings to his wife was under the supervision of a reliable Lutheran nursing home in Arlington Heights, Chicago.
The attending physician Katherine believes in her ear crawled fly there and postponed eggs, which hatched larvae 57. Experts who have studied sample, explained that the larvae live in the ear two or three days before they were removed. By the way, when the patient entered the room, a worm is just getting out of her ear.

8. Tooth

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
Dr. Simon Gain founded the clinic clean ears in London - often are removed from the ear earwax.But once he had to pull out of the ear of the young patient's tooth. According to the doctor, the girl wanted to hide it in place ponadezhnee, then to give the tooth fairy.

9. Shoe Barbie dolls

9 the most disgusting things found in the ears
The girl's parents-doshkolnitsy almost went mad when doctors told them that their child is found in the ear swelling, which can be dangerous fast-growing form of cancer, and there is a risk that the cancer will spread to the brain.
Fortunately, surgeons soon found that it was just a slipper pink Barbie doll: girl shoved it in your ear a long time ago, and has had time to grow around the shoe fabric.

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