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The desire to eat inedible doctors call "paroreksiey." Causes of such disorders, a lot: mental and physical injuries, diseases of various organs, severe vitamin deficiency, and even banal curiosity or desire to become famous. Here are a dozen of the most unusual "food".
bizzarefood09 10 unusual foods
bizzarefood01 10 unusual foods
1. Metal

To his 57 years a resident of France, Michael Lotito had eaten 18 bicycles, 15 trucks, 7 TVs, 6 chandeliers, two beds, a light aircraft Cessna 150 (look at the photo, by the way, the weight is not loaded aircraft 504 kg, however, that with all non-metallic " stuffing ") and even a coffin.
Doctors in one voice say that Michael has an extremely powerful Lotilo stomach. Preparatory to their unusual dishes, Michael first ground metal, and then swallows metal pieces, abundant drinking water. Amount eaten them for all the years of metal proves that such an unusual treat any allergy he had no cause can not be said about ordinary bananas and hard-boiled eggs that Michael categorically not tolerate.
BIGPIC35 10 unusual foods
2. The meat of animals killed on the roads
Such delicacy does not cause the slightest aversion Arthur Boytha from England. Him 72 years, and 35 years of them, he does not deny yourself the pleasure to eat roast badger, cat, ferret or a lizard, fell under the wheels of cars. Surprisingly, for all these years, Arthur came across only healthy animals, and no unfortunate consequences such a treat is not called. By profession Arthur taxidermist, and with any meat, he knows how to deal professionally. Besides masterfully able to soak and process already spoiled meat, so even if the "production" is not the first freshness, this does not spoil the dinner and reduces appetite.
bizzarefood03 10 unusual foods
3. Human blood
45-year-old woman from Pennsylvania does not suffer serious hereditary disease porphyria victims who do experience a craving for blood (though in modern conditions they do not need to drink it - enough injections of a special medication). She just seems that doing such, it becomes stronger and healthier. The woman claims that it is able to drink a gallon of blood, which is almost 4.5 liters. This is the approximate amount of whole blood in the body of an adult and the maximum possible volume of the stomach trained gluttons.
bizzarefood04 10 unusual foods
4. Gasoline
The Chinese are known for their ability to eat anything. Hunger - no aunt. 71-year-old Cheng Yyunyu, for example, was addicted to gasoline, and drinks it to 3.5 liters per month. It all started with the fact that the villager told him to sip sip of kerosene to cure painful cough. The medicine worked, and then, as often happens with drugs, addictive. And now Cheng Yyunyu every day drinks a nice glass of gasoline.
bizzarefood05 10 unusual foods
5. Scorpions
Actually, scorpions do not quite fit into this collection. In the wild scorpions eat not only hedgehogs, lizards, birds and mongooses, and baboons. This means that once a scorpion properly prepared, it will fit perfectly in the food and man. Today dishes scorpions served not only in the remote villages of Asia, but also in high-end restaurants in Europe and America. It is said that this delicacy can very quickly get used to the taste and fried scorpions are like potato chips, and if they even have medicinal properties.
bizzarefood06 10 unusual foods
6. The filler cushions
31-year-old resident of Florida Adele Edwards is known for more than 20 years of eating fillers cushions."Trigger" for this unusual disorder served as the divorce of their parents, which she had to endure 10 years of age. Trying to calm down and get away, girl first chewed pillows, and then it came down to the present eating stuffing. Over the years, an eating disorder is not weakened, and now Adele says that the best soothing for her is a piece of packing, get covered in mud. And resort to the dreaded "antidepressant" Adele so often that one year time to eat the contents of 7 3 sofas and pillows.
bizzarefood07 10 unusual foods
7. The ashes after cremation
66-year-old Casey suddenly became a widow - her husband died of an asthma attack. Casey would not want to part with it, and as a result became everywhere to carry some of his ashes. One day, for some random part of the ashes woke her hand. The woman did not find the strength to just shake it, and licked everything that came into her skin. So weird accident gave rise to a serious disorder. Today Casey argues that ate almost a whole pound (about 450 grams) of ash. It is about an eighth of the contents of a funeral urn.
bizzarefood08 10 unusual foods
8. Soap
Colorful, pleasant smelling, foaming soap often misleading children. Perhaps there are many among us who in childhood did not avoid the temptation to try on a tooth fragrant, glossy piece of foam or sip rainbow. The vast majority of children almost immediately understands what soap tastes far worse than to look at, and the consequences of such treats all worthless. But there are those who are so like the taste of soap that get rid of the bad habits they can not lifelong. For example, Tempest Henderson loves soap that eats 5 pieces each week. And no therapy is not yet able to help her to abandon this highly "goodies".
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bizzarefood09 10 unusual foods
9. Urine
The use of urine - is so common a feature that she even found recognition as one of the methods of alternative medicine. Drink it, wash it, it washed all that can be washed. Traditional medicine recognizes only the external application of urine, and only in extreme cases. For example, a burn or injury under field conditions in the absence of disinfectants. But you can use this tool only if the "donor" perfectly healthy, otherwise will guarantee additional contamination. Drinking urine, even with extreme thirst does not recommend any one instructor for survival - there are too many salts and toxic substances. But all these highly scientific reasoning does not cooled the ardor of lovers Urinotherapy.
bizzarefood10 10 unusual foods
10. Breast milk
Of course, breast milk is nature itself created as an ideal food, without which a healthy body can not be formed at all. Since it is often sorely lacking even infants, adults never allow themselves to encroach on this delicacy and are satisfied with cow, goat, sheep, horse, etc.
But a resident of London Tim Brown is still used in food breastmilk. This precious product generously gives him his own daughter, while you can. The fact that Tim has cancer of the intestine, and learning about the theory that his condition may facilitate breast milk, the family decided to try this remedy.

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