Monday, December 15, 2014


As you business idea to produce products of human skin?
In England there is firm producing such things, the world's only incidentally. Case Elsa Koch lives and generate income. It is true now, everything happens with the consent of man bequeaths his skin, and his relatives after death are paid. • As stated on the website: Items are only for the elite and extremely demanding audience. Human skin is very smooth in nature, and the products are of unsurpassed quality. Purse will cost from 9,000 euros, belt - from 10 thousand. But shoes are already more than 18 thousand euros. But what is most interesting, they also sell magic bracelets made ​​of human skin, which, it is claimed, bring strength and energy, luck and win the love front. Master bracelets parts of the skin that covers the seven chakras in the human body. Each bracelet is from 5000 euros. Orders for the bracelets are no longer accepted, to the extent they are popular. Paganism pure water


The site address will not give for obvious reasons. For the curious, is easily found in google by keyword • I told about this store is not just. It perfectly illustrates the following: For the English concept of morality exists only within the law. Sale of products made ​​of human skin voluntary donor is absolutely legitimate. Products are in great demand. All that legally, morally, and everything that is not legally, then morally wrong .. and no reflection. And the law, as you know, and you can change the value of this fickle. This is a qualitative difference between the world of the Anglo-Saxons and the Russian civilization. • Another example of cynicism in my opinion. PR campaign on London's famous Smithfield meat market on the release of a new computer game. For PR did Vleeshal of alleged human body parts (body not human to say, this snag from the usual meat) most cynical in this whole story is that the proceeds from the sale of parts of "human body" donations went to the people, devoid of limbs for some reasons. And such campaigns normally perceived by society, and few find them degrading the honor and dignity of persons with disabilities. • In this aspect, it is worth mentioning the British sense of humor, which is the best displays some cynicism mentality. In general, I love British humor, and more will be deployed to write about it, but there are certain aspects of humor, which I will never accept. The fact is that the culture of communication of the British much taboo and regulated, but people can not live permanently within, so compensation is required, output, draining emotions, otherwise the reason can be moved. So "drain" becomes humor and sarcasm. English is often said that in the very fact think through jokes, no jokes are some things we can not speak, proslyvёsh rude, but through jokes can talk anything ... well, almost anything. Often say things that would not say the best straight nation. It's very popular so-called sick jokes. This is when the joke about the tragedy, death, and other things. Spare no one, even all your favorite Princess Diana. Not count how many times the famous comedians in prime time on television honed his wit about it. • Indicative and language, to be exact - obscene vocabulary. In Russian mat comes from pagan sacralization genitalia. In English, obscene vocabulary also involved in the sexual sphere, but swearing is usually amplified by blasphemies and profanity. This is also, I think, a qualitative difference in mentality. ADF: photo bags with handles ass - of course photoshop, well clear idiots picture to attract attention just to the store, it is irrelevant. Photos of their products, "the company" does not hold for ethical reasons, so I was told when I take off contacted. Do not want to attract too much attention gazers who walk on the internet, they have a private club for the elite

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