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During the witch hunts in Europe and North America in the XVI-th and XVII-th century, many women were tried and executed for what they allegedly were witches. But the same fate befell many men - they suspected that they were werewolves. This article lists the victims of persecution, more modern werewolves and even a couple of animals regarded as such. Most likely, many of these people were serial killers, and then they were executed for the cause, but there were innocent victims.

1. The man of the woods (born in 1537, the year)

Petrus Gonzales
Petrus Gonzales
Petrus Gonzales, also known as "The Wolf Man" and "Man of the Forest", the killer was not. Apparently, he suffered from hypertrichosis general, that is, his body was completely covered with thick hair, and his head is really reminiscent of the wolf.He first appeared in the court of the French king, who sent him to the court of Margaret of Parma - a noble lady and acting regent of the Netherlands.

His portrait is in the collection of the House of Arts and curiosities Ambras Castle, along with other countries, the picture like a portrait of Vlad Tepes, the inverse image of Dracula. Gonzalez was also one of the few men that are included in the New Orleans Mardi Gras carnival in the retinue of Satan in the 1970s - his image has inspired people to create a special suit.

2. The Werewolf of Dole (died January 18, 1573 the first year)

10 werewolves who really existed
Gilles Garnier was a contemporary of Gonzalez and also spent a lot of time in France. However, no physical illness he did not suffer - it was disgusting cannibal and serial killer. Also known as the Hermit of Saint-Bonnot, that awful man killed children right outside his home. His victims were boys and girls between the ages of 9 to 12 years.
Legend has it that a ghost has presented Garnier magic ointment, which allowed to turn into a wolf. He confessed to four murders and was found guilty not only of lycanthropy (turning into a wolf), but also of witchcraft. His life, he graduated at the stake.

3. The Werewolf of Bedburg (who died in 1589, the year)

10 werewolves who really existed
Peter Stamp accused that he sold his soul is not some random ghost there, and the Devil, for which he received the ability to turn into a wolf. Together with his mistress and daughter Catherine Trompin Bill Stump it from 1564 till 1589 15 killed and dismembered victims.
Superstitious witnesses after hunting for "werewolf" stated that he hiding behind a bush, made a last desperate attempt to regain human form, but he was captured when he took off the skin.
At the trial in Cologne it, of course, was found guilty and sentenced to the same fate that befell his victims. The judge ordered him to be crucified on the wheel and glowing-hot pincers burn the flesh in several places, to remove alive with killer skin. This was followed by cut off the legs, arms and head with a wooden ax, and his body burned. His mistress and daughter had to look at the execution, and then in 1589, the year in Germany on Halloween they both burned at the stake.

4. The Werewolf of Chalons (who died in 1598, the year)

10 werewolves who really existedThis man is known by the nickname Demon Taylor, real name history has not preserved. He preferred to cut the throat of his victims and then eat their bodies. The total number of victims is not set, but it seems that almost all the murders were committed in the town of Taylor Demon Chalon, near Paris, France.
Estimated werewolf was sentenced to death Dec. 14, 1598-the first year and the next day burned. Before the fire was a huge crowd of people - all came to see the penalty. Witnesses penalty then said that unlike other "werewolves" repented and confessed all the sins as soon as the flames began to lick their heels Demon Taylor cursed and blasphemed the whole world until the very end.

5. The Wolf of Ansbach (1685 Year)

10 werewolves who really existed
In XVI-th and XVII-th century wolves were hunted as well as on the "witches" - especially brutally treated with the wolves in the lands of the Germans, then part of the Holy Roman Empire. Wolves from Ansbach human name is not - apparently it was a wolf, not a man, supposedly able to turn into a wolf. However, residents claimed that the wolf was none other than their mayor, turned into an animal and hates the whole city.
Residents staged a hunt for the beast that dogs hunted and persecuted to the well, where it was caught in a trap and killed.Despite the fact that the wolf was dead, the people accused him of various murders, and then put on his clothes and beard, to remind them of the former mayor. In any case, they even hung him on the gallows, and only then put the corpse on public display in a museum.

6. Hans Werewolf (1691 Year)

10 werewolves who really existed
In the east, with the Holy Roman Empire bordered Estonia, where he lived alleged werewolf - the suspect is known by the German name Hans. Court forced the 18-year-old Hans admit that the "man in black" is likely to Satan, turned him into a wolf, and Hans lived and hunted in wolf's clothing two years.
On the feet of Hans were the scars left canine teeth, which the court used to prove that the poor Hans bitten werewolf. In any case, at the time the charges in the contract with Satan was enough to get the death penalty, a person is considered a werewolf or something else.

7. Livonian werewolf (convicted in 1692, the year)

10 werewolves who really existed
In Livonia, yet another Baltic state, also had its werewolves, the most famous of them - from Thiess Kalterbruna. Just one year after the execution of 80-year-old Hans Thiess old man began to argue that he is a werewolf, not only myself, but also teamed up with other werewolves to fight against the devil in Hell and witches. Thus, Thyssen said he - "good" werewolf "Hound of God."
The court did not believe this story, and instead reward Tissa in fear of hellfire, flogged his whip and sent into exile. This particular case was the subject of scholarly articles and books, the latest publication occurred in 2007, the year.

8. Beast of Gévaudan (1764-1767)

10 werewolves who really existed
Even in the XVIII-th century in Europe is still afraid of werewolves. One of the most famous in the history of werewolves is the Beast of Gévaudan, but that this was a beast unknown. It could be a werewolf (well, let's say), a lion or even a hyena. It could be a hybrid dog and another of a predator. Or beast, coached to kill a group of fanatical Christians, as in the film of 2001 "Brotherhood of the Wolf." It might even be a few animals, rather than one.
Anyway, the beast attacked a total of 210 people, 113 of whom died - a figure that exceeds the number of victims of all other assassins from our list together. As a result, the animal was killed, and his scarecrow put in the royal palace at Versailles, but the murder was not the end. What killed the wrong animal, it was clear, but about a year later murders stopped themselves. Who really killed the terrible beast or whether he died a natural death, and remained unknown.

9. The Werewolf of Allariz (November 18, 1809 the year - 14 December 1863)

10 werewolves who really existedIn the XIX-th century people still accused of lycanthropy, despite the fact that the trials of witches and werewolves had already ceased. The world already knew about the existence of serial killers, but they are sometimes still called werewolves.
Manuel Blanco Romasanta is one of these killers - in Spanish history, he became the first officially documented serial killer. He confessed to 13 murders, but he was convicted only for nine. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but at the last moment the sentence commuted.
His life before he became a murderer, was strange. His parents thought his son a girl and made him as a daughter until the doctor confirmed that really Manuel - boy. When he grew up, got married, and then lost his wife, and in 1844 he was charged with her murder. Accusations rained down on him until 1850, until, finally, the maniac is not judged. His victims were both men and women a total of 10 to 47 people.
The circumstances of the death of Manuel equally mysterious. Prison records have survived, and conflicting rumors say that he either died in prison from a disease, or was shot by a security guard, hope that under penalty of death prisoner turned into a wolf.

10. The Werewolf of Wisteria (May 19, 1870 - January 16 1936)

10 werewolves who really existed
All descriptions of werewolves with XV-th to the XX century speak of them as deadly monsters known for their inhuman crimes. One of these killers, which really can be called a monster, was Albert Fish, also known as the Brooklyn Vampire, Boogie-man, gray man maniac Moon and Werewolf of Wisteria. He - the most vile and disgusting style in our list.
Fish exactly guilty, at least in four murders and suspected in three more, in the end, he was convicted of kidnapping and murder of Grace Budd (1918-1928). The details are too disgusting to write about them. Worst of all, he wrote his mother a decade girl a letter in which detail how Grace and he resisted it eventually dismembered.
Fish also gave a vivid description of how the killed and ate four year child named Billy Gaffney. Authorities eventually learned that Fish stuck in his own body a huge amount of needles and dealt with all possible kinds of sexual perversion. No wonder that in the end he was sentenced to death in the electric chair.

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