Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The news I am personally plunged into a small shock. Just imagine ... first giraffe kill, dismember and then fed to the lions. And all this in front of the kids! So indeed, the zoo staff presented it as something organized for educational purposes! Look at the faces of kids. Do they need an education?

Zoologists Copenhagen slew of healthy 18-month-old giraffe Marius, after which he was dismembered, and his meat in front of the children were fed to the lions. Zoo staff insist that did it for educational purposes, to give the younger generation an opportunity to become better acquainted with the anatomy of a giraffe, tell lrnews.ru on 

the murder of an animal is that the zoo has attended its related individuals. Zoologists have taken steps to prevent inbreeding. 

It is worth noting that the public protest against the killing of Marius. Petition posted on social networks, with the requirement to preserve the life of a giraffe, signed by about 3 thousand Danes and 24,000 English-speaking users. One of the businessmen wanted to buy the animal and was prepared to pay half a million euros. 

Despite the murder of a giraffe and public feeding his meat to the lions took place. Now the zoo staff began receiving death threats from people annoyed by the death of the animal. 

Zoo staff killed by a shot from Marius Nailguns. That children should take home from this act, time will tell, but I personally think that niodin child is not ready for such lessons. And judging by the photos, it is clear that at this event were children who anatomy before any more time to grow.However, the lesson was held, zoo staff are happy, well fed lions, and the children are trained. I can not understand only one, why it was necessary to kill an animal? Is it so difficult to carry it to another zoo? Or in the rules of the European Association of Zoos is not spelled out? In any case, Marius did not return ...


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