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About fantastic creatures from this collection kids better not to speak. Probably each of us in childhood parents told bedtime stories. As a rule, they are the main characters were highly positive, and the evil characters are always defeated - not to injure the immature child's psyche. About fantastic creatures from this collection kids better not to talk or they will wake up in the middle of the night screaming and tears in his eyes.

1. Linhaum Chi

The Isle of Man has long been a legend of the witch in the form of an attractive young woman who roams around the world and seduces men. In case of a successful "hunting", Linhaum Chi deals with a victim of love, slowly draining her life force. If a man is immune to the charms of a deadly seductress and is in no hurry to go to bed to bed with her, the witch into a rage and drinks at all the blood intractable.
According to legend, Linhaum Chi stores the blood of their victims in a large cauldron, periodically feeding her her youth and beauty, and sometimes even treats another lover, inspiring writing poems dedicated to her.

2. Gang Kinah

This Celtic spirit of their behavior is similar to Linhaum-Shi, only on dates he was "invited" not men and boys, and women and girls. Gang Kins (translated from one of the Irish dialects can be translated as "whisper words of love") is hidden in the nooks, trapping unsuspecting putnits.
When nearby is suitable victim, disembodied "Don Giovanni" takes the form of a handsome muscular sensual and down to business.
Compliments and promises of heavenly passion he fall in love with the victim and after flirting completed by sexual contact, treacherously disappears, leaving the unfortunate slowly fade away from unrequited love.
Meeting with heartless "ladies' man" dangerous for the stronger sex: Gang Kins can cause a man to spend all the money on gifts wife or mistress.

3. Bend and Mama

Mystical creature of Welsh legends, whose name means something like "Matushkino blessing" is probably still strikes fear in there the children and some superstitious parents.
Welsh believed that-Bendit and Mama steal babies, replacing them with their ugly offspring, known as «crimbils». To return the stolen child, parents are usually applied to the witches and the sorceress, although sometimes-Bendit and Mama let the child himself, with certainly taught him to write and love music.
Besides the "kidnapping" the spirit known passion for riding: Bend and Mama saddles unattended horses and wild gallop bring them to the point of exhaustion. To appease-Bendit and-Mamaia and avoid mischief, Welsh in the old days left in the yard of a cup of milk, and said to the spirit of a few warm words, calling him by name. By the way, originally called these creatures Mellitus-and-female, which means "Mother's Curse", but eventually they stopped calling as not to anger.

4. Bannik

Mischievous spirit that dwelleth in the bath - one of the main characters of Russian folklore. Most often Bannik portrayed as a little grumpy old man who has power over the visitors bathrooms and baths. Sometimes they are credited with the ability to change the appearance and entice other spirits in the bath to prevent people wash. Most inconsiderate guests Bannik scald with boiling water, the skin peels, throws them in the oven with hot stones and can even steamed to death.
According to tradition, so as not to offend the spirit, before entering the bath, remove yourself from the church cross and absolutely all the clothes while washing and behave decently and not too noisy. After bath procedures should be left in the bath a little water, soap and a broom to her owner could also wash.
By Bannik often sought advice and predictions: when a person wanted to know what was waiting for him, after washing, he asked a question and waiting for the reaction of the spirit. If the old man is easy to pat on the back, it promised luck, and if scratched, nothing good not to be expected.

5. Tahan

Tahan, probably the most disgusting and terrible spirit appearing in Scottish beliefs. It was believed that one look at him enough to make a person's heart stopped in horror. According to the stories met with Fahanom and avoid death, they look like a one-armed, one-legged and one-eyed monsters, completely covered with hair.
Unlike many other spirits Tahan can not fly and hate everyone who has this ability. They are "tied" to a particular area, and always carry a heavy cudgel covered with spines or chain, which maim intruders who dared to enter their territory.

6. Sluag

The ancient inhabitants of the Scottish hills believed that after the death of the wicked, and non-baptized people of their souls become Sluagami - incorporeal beings who at night are favored and attacking bystanders, lifting them off the ground and dropping from a great height.
According to legend, in Sluagov also have some sadistic tendencies: sometimes evil spirits "hand" victim onions, poisoned arrows and forced her to shoot the animals and other people.
To protect against Sluagov in Scottish homes covered the windows located on the west side (it was believed that the spirits often attacked from the west), moreover, of their approach signaled a terrible stench of rigor, and if out of nowhere, in the air there is a strong smell fell, the Scots knew - pack Sluagov somewhere nearby.

7. Berberoka

Berberoki inhabiting rivers and swamps of the Philippines, hunted mainly for fishermen who have the imprudence to engage in fishing in the ponds owned by the spirits.
Mysterious creatures suck huge amounts of water from the river, and anglers, attracted by a plurality of views of fish, floundering on the formed shallow water, float on their boats into the jaws to Berberokam. When the victim is chosen close enough spirit refill the reservoir, turning the fishing boat, and then drags man into the water and eats.

8. Red Riding Hood

You've probably noticed that most bloodthirsty monsters this collection comes from the Celtic legends, and Little Red Riding Hood - is no exception. This is not a defenseless little girl, referred to in the famous eponymous fairy tale by Charles Perrault - Little Red Riding Hood Scottish legends look like evil emaciated old woman, have sharp claws and teeth. Despite the "frail" appearance, the spirits are quite strong and can easily kill an adult.
Little Red Riding Hood constantly carries a scythe, and to kill his next victim, dips his cap in her blood (for which, incidentally, the spirit and received a nickname). These creatures love to eat their victims, and sometimes even attack other supernatural creatures. Caps protect against cannibal is only one way - read prayers and praise the Lord, but it should be done very quickly - spirits attack very quickly.

9. Anka

Another hero of the Celtic pagan beliefs, Anka is considered the epitome of death and misery. According to legend, before the noble spirit was a young man, who once met to hunt Death itself, started to argue with him, whose hunting art above. The young man lost a bet, and now to the end of time forced to wander, collecting the souls of mortals.
Anka, from head to toe wrapped in a black cloak, wandering the world on a cart, and woe to him who gets in his way - the skeletons in the service of the Spirit, immediately take away the unfortunate soul and throw it in the trash.
The Celts believed that Anka likely to meet near the house where there is a seriously ill or dying person, and of his approach can be recognized by a sudden gust of icy wind shrill.

10. Storm Hag

Only in this collection inhabitant of the American continent, Storm Hag lives in Lake Erie and is responsible for most of shipwrecks and disasters occurring on it. Meets this insidious spirit describe it as hideous woman with greenish skin, crooked teeth, yellow eyes and sharp features. Any contact with the Storm Hag incredibly dangerous - it can paralyze a man clutching his nails into the skin, and carry off into the abyss.
Before you destroy the ship, the Witch Hag sings an eerie song tells the story of her intentions. Unleash a terrible storm on the ship, the villain often calms down and harbors finding survivors sailors and violence against them. If a vessel fails to sink immediately, Storm Hag first leaves him alone, lulling the vigilance team, and then suddenly falls upon him with thunder, lightning and a terrifying force of the wind. 

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