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Greed or need sometimes makes people different, including at the most honest and worthy deeds. Someone compromise their moral principles to earn extra money, but do not risk breaking the law, while others are on the slippery track criminal.Everyone wants to be successful and wealthy, but not everyone is ready to go for the sake of extreme measures.
In addition to these radical methods of solving financial problems as robbery or blackmail, there are more inventive, but sometimes less disgusting ways of getting money. It's about people who are trying to make money at any cost, and this is what came of it.

1. Sale of varicella-zoster virus

It is known that a child ill with smallpox is much safer than to carry her as an adult. For this reason, many parents deliberately infect their offspring in the future, they are not threatened disease that can cause in adulthood serious complications. Doctors were opposed to the artificial spread of the virus, but that did not stop parents.
The unusual business of selling the smallpox virus organized Wendy Werke, a native of Nashville, Tennessee. When her own children picked chickenpox, Wendy occurred to me that this can make. It has created a Facebook community where placed an advertisement in which invites all who wish to buy cotton balls and candy, processed infected saliva, for $ 50 apiece.Clients are parents who think it's better if the child been ill with chickenpox now than be at risk in the future.
Business Virket quickly covered because mailing pathogenic virus (which can be extremely dangerous to adults who do not recover from childhood chickenpox) is a criminal offense . 2. Breast cancer will get free breast implants Jamie Lynn TolerSome women with small breast size dream of breast implants, and not all have the amount needed for the operation, but Jamie Lynn Toler from Phoenix, Arizona, found an original way to do without significant expenditure. 27-year-old woman began to tell your friends and colleagues that she was diagnosed with cancer of the breast, and need a large amount of the operation. Toler even opened the site to collect donations, and on its account at the end received about $ 8000.Benefactors began to suspect something was wrong when Jamie has refused to accept a free surgery to get rid of the cancer, instead of women increased breast, using the services of a plastic surgeon from another clinic . She paid him in cash to avoid leaving evidence, but the doctor told about the operation of one of his former colleagues, Jamie, and she called the police. hapless Miss Toler was arrested on fraud charges, and the court sentenced her to one year in prison, followed by three-year probation . 3. The prison will cure all ills James Veron in the life of James Verona from North Carolina came not the best of times - there was no work, no money for health insurance, and in addition started having health problems. To somehow raise the standard of living, James could not find another way out but to go to jail. Of course, the man approached the case with the utmost seriousness and thoroughness. In 2011, 59-year-old Veron came to one of the branches of the bank and handed the teller a note demanding to give him $ 1. When a bank employee realized that this is not an application for a loan, and robbery, he immediately pulled the so-called panic button, and an elderly robber patiently waited for the police and did not resist arrest when, because all of this could not be better suited his purpose. James expect to spend behind bars for three years, that doctors have time to carry out all the necessary operations, because the state is obliged by law to provide medical care to prisoners. However, the plan worked Verona not 100% - of its action regarded as a simple theft, not an armed bank robbery, so he got a shorter period - was too ridiculous amount that demanded the cashier James. 4.Simulation pregnancy and selling non-existent child Serena Carol Mathews Many childless couples to conceive a child dream, and most sooner or later it turns out. However, some people due to various physiological reasons are not able to have children, so they have to resort to the so-called surrogate mothers, who for a certain amount going through the procedure of artificial insemination, hatching baby and then give it into the hands of "customers." Serena Carol Matthews and Scott Thomas Smith decided to capitalize on the desire of other couples to the joys of life and parental published in a newspaper announcement that they are willing to give up for a cash consideration of parental rights to her child, who was to be born after a while. They took out applied to These six wealthiest customers and have each of them a large sum as an advance, but one of the women who are ready to buy the receiving child, even agreed to pay their utility bills. Matthews and Smith got hold of pregnancy tests, which showed positive results, and several ultrasound images "unborn baby" to the deception was not discovered early. Scott Thomas Smith , however, when nine months long-awaited child was not charged to applicants on the "position" of his parents those suspected something was wrong. Serena and Scott tried to go on the run, but they quickly found. The investigation revealed that the couple was part of a large organized network for the sale of non-existent children, which killed more than twenty childless families in different states. Later, the court sentenced Matthews and Smith for the 27 months in prison and ordered to pay a penalty in favor of imposing defrauded customers. 5. Fictional death for insurance payments Like many people, Jean Crump dreamed of easy money. However, as a good woman, she never wanted to hurt, so I decided to cash in on the corpses, but rather on the staging of the death of non-existent people. Crump, which at that time was 66 years old, working in a morgue, and together with the 60-year-old Faye Schilling, specialist from the center Admission blood, they came up with a scheme that allowed them to fish out money from the insurance companies. Jin Fei and forged insurance documents, processing them into fictional patients (it is suspected that in some cases on real, but dead), and after some time to declare "the untimely death of patients" and appealed to the insurance company for compensation.They arranged the funeral, and once even portrayed "exhumation" put in a coffin and adding a dummy for a certain amount of convincing weight of beef, and then cremated "corpse" and forged documents about cremation to the absence of the body in the grave not to arouse suspicion. Thus, the fraudsters managed earn about $ 315,000, while insurance companies have not started their investigation. Convincing evidence of criminal activity woman and her accomplices were presented by the FBI, who managed to insinuate himself into her confidence, and doctors who Crump tried to bribe the sum of $ 50,000 to the manufactured fake history. Swindler was sentenced to six years in prison.

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