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Mikhail Lermontov "
February 16, 1986 off the coast of New Zealand sank the Soviet cruise ship "Mikhail Lermontov". People on board - 408 passengers, most of them from the retirement age, 330 crew members and the New Zealand pilot - were rescued approached the place of death of a tanker ship and ferry Arahura Tarihiko. In the crash killed one person: Engineer refrigerating machine Zaglyadimov Paul, who worked in the compartment flooded immediately after the collision.


"Mikhail Lermontov"

Ship "Mikhail Lermontov" was built at the shipyard of the German port of Wismar in 1972 and was commissioned in 1973. Its purpose was to serve the regular cruise lines. In the same year on May 28 the ship "Mikhail Lermontov" went on its maiden voyage from Bremerhaven - London - Le Havre - New York, becoming the first Soviet passenger ship, visit foreign US port over the past 25 years.
In five passenger decks, connected by bridges and lifts, was located 239 cabins, which with all the amenities could accommodate 550 passengers. The crew consisted of 350 people and was placed on the lower decks. The passengers had a music room with a stage, a restaurant, five bars, a beauty salon, hairdresser, casino, library, winter garden, shops, tennis courts.
In his last flight from Leningrad port liner off on Friday 22 November, 1985. Reaching New Zealand Wellington, after a short parking February 16, 1986 in the Gulf of Shakespeare around New Zealand boat at 17:38 local time at a speed of about 15 knots twice hit the bottom of the rocky shoals reefs near Cape Jackson and received extensive hole on the left side below the waterline. Was sent a distress signal, which took radio Wellington. To the distress liner headed ferry "Arahura", en route from Picton through the Cook Strait, and the tanker "Tarihiko", which took on board 356 passengers and crew members. In addition to the tanker and the ferry to rescue the passengers and crew were involved small fishing boats rushed to the aid.
After the death of the ship were a lot of rumors about the hidden causes of the disaster. Officially culprit catastrophe was recognized chief mate Sergey Stepanishev as a senior officer, who was on the bridge at the time of the collision. The court took into account the illegal actions of a citizen of New Zealand pilot Donald Jamieson, who pointed out the wrong course.Attempts to raise the sunken ship at a depth were not taken. It is believed that the Soviet liner prevented Western competitors: Ministry passenger fleet of the USSR was selling tickets at low prices by reducing costs. Our naval vessels used by the Soviet fuel, which was much cheaper than the west. In England tickets for the Soviet liner sold at a price of $ 70 per day. Ten on the boat tour was worth $ 700.
The remains of the ship are still at a depth of 25-30 meters and is a popular diving. "Admiral Nakhimov" Soviet passenger ship crashed Aug. 31, 1986 15 kilometers from Novorossiysk, 4 kilometers from shore. Until that day, "Admiral Nakhimov" for 29 years committed cruise travel to the Crimean-Caucasian line. The ship was built in 1925 in Germany and was named "Berlin" Before 1939 "Berlin" made ​​regular flights across the Atlantic, between the ports of Bremerhaven and New York. During World War II the ship sank, but was raised, repaired and sold in the Soviet Union in 1957. Over time, "Admiral Nakhimov" has gained popularity in the country. At the newlyweds became fashionable to do it on the honeymoon "Admiral Nakhimov". Tours on the ship sold out six months before the start of the cruise. On the day of the tragedy with the team on the boat was 1,243 people, including the chief of the KGB in the Odessa region, Major-General A. Krikunova and his family arrived at the departure of the vessel from Novorossiysk. At 22:00, taking passengers on board the ship out to sea, moving to Sochi. At this time, the cargo ship, cargo ship "Peter Vasev" larger displacement, was a Tsemess Bay, following at a speed of 11.5 knots course 36 degrees. Court approached on collision course. The overall speed of their movement was more than 23 knots, or 43 kilometers per hour. Managers offered Victor Tkachenko, captain cargo ship "Peter Vasev" skip passenger liner "Admiral Nakhimov", to which he agreed. After that, the two ships were engaged in a negotiation, specifying the details of maneuver. However, at 23:12, "Peter Vasev" hit the bow of a right angle to the right side of the steamer, it cut through a hole 8 to 10 meters. Liner gone to the bottom in just 8 minutes. With a sinking steamship sailors managed to lose most of inflatable liferafts, which were the only means of salvation for drowning. At the crash site on the surface of the water at the same time floundered about a thousand people, a lot of floating objects and debris. People affected by wind and current was attributed directly to the freighter, and after some time on both sides of floating a few dozen people. On the collision of ships was immediately reported to the captain of the port of Novorossiysk, which is sent to the crash site tugs fleet, raid and small passenger boats.Altogether, according to the official version, the disaster killed 423 passengers and crew members. However, to find and raise to the surface it was possible not all the victims. 64 people will forever remain under water.


"Andrea Doria"

Italian transatlantic liner, was first launched on June 16, 1951, and distinguished by a special security, July 26, 1956 sank 11 hours after the collision with the ship "Stockholm" off the coast of New York. "Andrea Doria" was not just a ship. He personified the revival of the Italian merchant navy after World War II. Ship with a gross tonnage of 29,100 gross tons, which had a length of 212 meters and a width of 27.5 meters, is one of the largest and most high-speed vessels in the world. Room decorated with works of art liner. In each class - a cinema hall and a swimming pool with an area for recreation.
July 25, 1956 "Andrea Doria" with 1,134 passengers and 500 crew members on board, moving in a fog at a rate of 21.8 per node nearer to the lighthouse on the island of Nantucket. Almost the entire route was passed. The rate was higher than the maximum allowable in such weather conditions. At the same time, New York was going to sail the Swedish ship "Stockholm" with a capacity of 12 thousand. Tons. He had to go one mile from the lightship "Nantucket" and then change course to the north, to the shores of Scandinavia. However, in dense fog collision could not be avoided. On the bridge of both ships saw the lights of each other almost simultaneously: "Stockholm" struck seven decks, and the blow "Andrea Doria" strongly tilted to the left, spun around, exposing the screws and continuing to go full speed, dragged behind a Swedish vessel.
In an emergency decree each of the 1,250 passengers and 575 crew members had to sit in a lifeboat, only 8 people and the captain should have stayed on the ship to control eight winches, get down all sixteen boats. The accident occurred on a busy section of the route, so help arrived, quickly. When roll "Andrea Doria" increased by 8 degrees to the ship approached the boat with the "Stockholm", "Ile de France", a military transport "Private William Thomas" fruktovoza "Cape Ann" and other vessels responded. Salvation passengers "Andrea Doria" has become the most successful rescue operation in the history of shipwrecks: managed to save all the passengers of the liner.
Italian liner is still down 72 feet of water 40 miles off Nantucket Island US. In addition to works of art, on the ship were safe with money and jewels passengers. However, all attempts to raise the ship were unsuccessful. Over the past decade there has already killed more than 15 divers. "COSTA CONCORDIA" Liner "Concordia" in 2006 was on the 10th place in the top 10 largest cruise ships in the world. Its length is 290 meters, which is comparable to three football fields. The ship was wrecked January 13, 2012 near the Italian island of Giglio off the coast of Tuscany, off course and approached the shore. At full speed the liner proporol bottom of coastal cliffs and tilted by about 20 degrees. As a result, the impact formed a long hole 50 meters on the case. Almost immediately was flooded engine room and lost control of the motors and electronic systems. Final Voyage supposed docked at the port of several Italian cities as well as in Barcelona and Marseille. On board were 3216 passengers from 62 countries and 1,023 crew members. During the collapse of the liner 32 people were killed, more than 4 thousand. People were evacuated. Captain "Concordia" Francesco Schettino was arrested. According to the prosecution, he summed up the cruise ship too close to the coast. In the event that the captain convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. Francesco Schettino himself denies the charges against him, claiming that the rock on which the ship ran, was absent from the charts. After 613 days after the disaster began work to raise the vessel. The rescue operation was the largest and most expensive in history: its value amounted to 800 million dollars, and the preparation had gone for months. September 17, 2013 the ship was brought to a vertical position with the help of rollers and 36 steel cables and a special platform, which was built at a depth of 30 meters.


cruise ship Sea Diamond shipwrecked April 5, 2007 near the Greek island of Santorini. The vessel is owned by the company Louis Hellenic Cruise Lines. Sea Diamond encountered and the village on a reef of volcanic origin. The vessel, which was commissioned in 1986, reaching a length of 142.9 meters and a width of 24.7 meters. Sea Diamond holds 1.5 thous. People, but at the moment on board, there were about 1.1 thousand. People. All of them have been evacuated except for two people: the French, the daughter and the father, reported missing. April 6, 2007 the ship sank to a depth of 200 meters.Photo: Petri Krohn / Wikimedia Commons "Titanic" "Titanic" was the largest passenger liner of the world at the time of its construction. Its length reached 269 meters, width - 28.19 meters. During the first flight April 14, 1912 collided with an iceberg and sank in 2 hours 40 minutes after the collision. On board were 1,309 passengers and 898 crew members, only 2,207 people. Of these, 712 people were rescued, killed 1,495 people. "Britannica" "Britannicus" was the twin of "Titanic".This was the third and last class ship "Olympic", which was commissioned by White Star Line. Liners were to be named after the ancient Greek characters: Olympians, the Titans and Giants. But, according to legend, the Titans and the Giants were killed in a battle with the Olympians, and call the new ship "Gigantic" would be the same audacity as in the case of the "Titanic". Therefore, a ship called the "Britannic". Due to the catastrophe of "Titanic" was amended in construction. During the First World War "Britannic" was used as a hospital ship. November 21, 1916 airliner blown up by a mine, exhibited a German submarine U73 team under Gustav Zyss channel Kea - between the island of Kea and mainland Greece. Was evacuated. After some time the vessel capsized to starboard and sank in 55 minutes after the explosion. In addition to the crew on board were 3.3 thousand. wounded. As a result of the crash killed 30 people. Most of them died in two boats, which were tightened still rotating propeller.

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