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The young Chinese woman hit berserk rage of Internet users after it is laid out in a social network photo showing the process of preparation of the first course of a pet of his girlfriend.
cat viewing
Do Dzhibank upload photos on Weibo - the Chinese version of Facebook, where it kills the cat his girlfriend. Just a few minutes after the publication she started getting letters from disgruntled users, some of which contained threats. Before she was able to remove the pictures, they spread over the Internet. Initially, she wrote: "Hey, look, I managed to catch a tiger and eat it." But then placed under the pictures she explained that cooked animal and told in detail how removed cats with skin and cut it into pieces. In the published photos had shown a defenseless animal, cowering in a cage. Photography, like the girl admitted, was made ​​a minute before the cat lost her life.During the soup she managed to change a few dresses and planted himself in a white fur coat and yellow glasses. After her mail inundated with angry messages cat lovers, she tried to defend himself by saying that the cat in the photograph, was seriously injured in a car accident, and it only took me a favor girlfriend, saving her pet from suffering. "It was perfectly legal murder, I killed a cat and ate it without doing anything illegal, "- she wrote. Some users have indicated that there is nothing surprising in the act of a girl, because she lives in the southeast of China's Guangdong Province, which is famous for its exotic cuisine and unusual ingredients of national dishes.China does not officially approve of eating cats, but it is estimated that for the year in the country eat about four million cats. In 2012, the government drafted a bill to make eating cats and dogs illegal. For breaking the law face imprisonment for up to 15 days for offenders, notes Mail Online . Nevertheless, officials acknowledge that the number of cats eaten each year continues to grow.

Huddled: a young woman trying to protect themselves, saying the cat, which in the image looked quite healthy, was seriously injured in a car accident

Targeted: Li Jinbang received threatening letters after disturbing images, available on the Internet after she posted them on social networking site Veybo

Chinese woman, who lives in Guangdong posted photos of a cat in a cage before she killed her It has provoked outrage after photos soup, it is prepared using cat went viral

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