Sunday, December 14, 2014


5th place: Africa

Some regions of the Black Continent has long been fans are notorious human flesh. Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Benin, South Africa, Togo - these places are common rituals, which is an essential component of an act of cannibalism. In other places, it might not be a ritual, and just, well, a gourmet. 
So, to paraphrase a song Barmaley, do not go, people in Africa walk, and other exotic countries keep your eyes open.

4th place: Indonesia

"How? - can you gasp. - And here too ?!" Alas, here at this popular tourist route, fans may encounter chelovechinki.Statistics show that here the highest number of cannibals in the world. Particularly dangerous for tourists island of Borneo, more precisely, its Kalimantan province. Living here Dayak tribe representatives referred to only as bounty hunters.Particularly bloodthirsty of the fair half of Aboriginal people. So do not be deluded about cute smiles at you local resident - certainly in thought she was chucking your seasonings. 3rd place: Avila Beach and Solana Beach, United States This writer still recalls with a shudder Spielberg movie "Jaws." Remember shark-killer, who loved to eat "chelovechinkoy?" Unfortunately, this is not an invention of the famous director - white sharks in reality extremely aggressive. Especially it is necessary to be careful on the beaches of California Avila Beach and Solana Beach . If you still really want to tease big fish, it is necessary to descend into the underwater world in an iron cage and always accompanied by an experienced diver! However, do not forget to wear diapers under the suit - it is very likely that they can be useful. 2nd place: New Guinea government of this country for a long time but, alas, unsuccessfully struggling with cannibalism.Particularly cruel show natives from the region of Irian Jaya (Indonesian New Guinea). Papuan tribes such as dugum-tribute kapauku, Asmat, Marinda anime look to tourists only as a delicacy. 1st place: French Polynesia Tourists these places cause quite understandable interest - beautiful nature, exotic animals ... But few people know that in the bush some fantastic tourist vegetation can wait native, whose wife sent to get something for dinner. And know that this dinner you will not find yourself? Not so long ago the media excitedly told the story of a German tourist, went to the mountains with a guide of the locals ... The remains of a German bedolagi found ... in the fire!

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