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With money tied two characters of the ancient Roman mythology - is Saturn and Mercury. In the temple of Saturn ancient Romans kept their coffers, and Mercury - a patron of trade. It is no secret that in today's world, money talks almost everything, and probably anyone interested to know what fate awaits him, with money or without money.Money triangle on hand in palmistry, is considered a good sign is certainly a sign of wealth and prosperity in life that Located in the center of the palm on the hand. The extent to which a person needs to be and feel the material and monetary dependence in life - and easy to see, or with difficulty a person will make money, you can define in the triangle hirologii money on hand and other features palm.

In order to avoid unnecessary questions - and you know on which hand to watch the cash triangle on the right hand or left hand? - We have a definitive answer; mark which is considered a sign of wealth and possible celebrity and fame that never accompanied with no money, there is a triangle on the right hand. When both hands are present signs bogatstva- this purpose, or say well not poor life - that means a triangle on the palm You already know about, but the cash triangle is inside the big triangle on the area of the hand, buyout should not be confused with other similar characters.

As shown in the example photo pictures, cash triangle formed on the arm of the main lines of the hand, - the head line and the line of Destiny. If a man is destined to earn Destiny relatively large amount of money, there will certainly reflect on two hands. It is clear that to acquire wealth in life or great wealth impossible without mental effort and sometimes just luck and good fortune in destiny, so the main sides of the triangle are the main lines of the hand. Quite a different value and opposite sign of ruin or on the hand is an island on the line is a sign of Destiny Financial difficulties in life. Lots and promising sign is the triangle palm, which is securely closed, and quite large. In the photo you can see a large cash triangle on the right hand, and it is closed, it is a good sign. The closed triangle predicts holder hand that money and acquired wealth, will not only be saved, but so as to be constantly increasing preumnozhatsya and size indicates the magnitude state. But it should be clarified that the large triangle does not always mean millions of money and a vast fortune.

The fact that we are talking about the inherent proportionality of money - that is, it may mean that for a given individual in destiny - these are considered big money and he was satisfied with the condition. For some people, a million is not money, but other people, a relatively small amount of money earned, may be considered wealth at this stage of development. If money is not a sign of the hand is closed or has an open side of the triangle, or the gap on the line - it is precisely this " hole "will run away the money, it is a sign pointing to a gradual squandering capital or money, money is not saved, and they may earn enough, but at the same time quite intensively spent. In addition, the arrival of the money or the sphere in which people find themselves and which receives income, wealth ie money, can be traced to the additional secondary lines. This branch in the exhaust side of the line or lines of life to the hillocks of Destiny

If such a line or a small branch is directed to the index finger, and ends on the hill of Jupiter, which means that a person over time, will achieve his success, make a career and earn free money through their own ambition and ability to attract the attention of others. And here is meant not only the meaning of the fame and recognition, but as a rule are not small money. If this line ends at the mound of Saturn, the money will come to man through heavy monotonous work. If the line ends of the material lift hill Apollo (Sun) it says that the man helping to acquire money and wealth of its development ability and good talent. If this line ends under the little finger, on the mound of Mercury, which means that a person earns money in commerce or scientific activities.

Easy money on hand

Status and wealth, though not often, but still goes to the same may be inherited, or in any other winning option that should not be written off, which also considered the easy money, and signs of material prosperity, wealth, which do not have hard work. They are represented on the hand with small squares, which are located on the inner side of the line of life. Thus the life line forms one of the sides of the polygon, and this is usually a sign of easy money - called a triangle, but in fact it is just adjacent "square", and the missing part diogonali which is the life line. Location gon on the line, to determine the time or the date of winning. Triangles cash prizes are rare, and most of the signs may mean getting inherited any estate or significant, expensive "gift" of fate. godsend, and as a sign of the material take-off, can be a successful marriage or a marriage that may predict the analyzing line marriage on the hand, it displays the number of signs unions in human life, and the length of the relationship. In determining the money on hand, especially should pay attention to the value of the little finger. When pinky short, and the top of the finger ends below the start of the nail phalanx of Apollo - is the main sign that a person does not see the difference in profit, and is inclined to operate at a loss, commerce - not his calling, so he should not trade he money in this area will not work. If the little finger (finger Mercury) on the growth of the jumper reaches the beginning of the joint nail phalanx of the ring finger - it is considered the best option mean, he points to the average commercial inclinations, and at least people will not operate at a loss and always will work on the "bread." When the little finger reaches the middle of the nail joint of the ring finger of Apollo, and a and above - this is the most favorable long fingers - this amount is the smallest finger on the hand - giving a person's ability and the ability to make money and profit from almost everything. Here is an example picture - the next marker and mark the welfare money is the line of destiny (Saturn) - is a clear indicator of the presence of life's purpose and ability to achieve our results, and it is usually money.

Fate line indicates not only the course of human life, and the very quality of life - that is impossible to achieve in our time, not enough money. Therefore, the presence of the palm of a clear, direct and deep lines, as shown in Figure Pictures, directed by the base of the middle finger of Saturn (№-1) - indicates the concentration ability of internal and external resources to achieve this goal, and actually making money. It makes a person a professional in his fate, and points to a gradual rise in social status that can not be accompanied with no money and wealth. Inadequate long line of destiny - the most common, widespread option, or when the fate line disappears for some time - this means that man lost purpose, it is as a period of lack of money and loss of work, look at their line - if it is intact, and then the money will not go to waste. A good sign of the arrival of money and wealth at hand, there is a branch from the line in the direction of finger Fate of Mercury (№ -2) - the little finger, is clearly visible line that extends from the line of Saturn, and is committed to the Mount of Mercury, ie, this line of money must start exclusively from the line of fate - and not cross it. The presented combination of lines, points to a sharp, immediate takeoff material prosperity and its subsequent growth. Time is money tumble calculated on the fate line, beginning at the point of climbing line money (№-3). Another sign of income and profits on the palm, can be traced examining mound of Mercury. Short small vertical lines under the little finger (№-4), will testify to the arrival of the money, the sign reflects the constant but small earnings of money, but it all depends on the strength of these lines. With Palmistry, we followed the signs and signs of money on hand, but need money more wisely ordered - and how the money goes through your fingers - it's a lot of familiar expression - hirologiya may also provide an answer to this question. In order to determine how to spend the money - it needs to close his fingers together and see - there is whether clearance or gap between the bases of the fingers. One can see the gap between the fingers? - The most disappointing sign that people can easily and quickly spend the money they literally slip between his fingers, especially pronounced when you see a large gap between the Mercury and Apollo. If it is not visible gaps between the fingers - is a sign that you are not only able to earn money, but know how to save and spend wisely.


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