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A little bit about what we are and how we can find on our hand through palmistry. In other words - as a guess on hand and where to start :) 1. Determine the arm, which needs to be studied. In palmistry there are concepts "active hand" and "passive hand." Active hand - is often the hand that you write, respectively passive - another. Passive hand is responsible for hereditary characteristics, because you laid in genetically and active - shows the changes that occur to you during life.

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2. Locate the 4 main lines. They are: 1. Heart line; 2. Line of mind; 3. Life Line; 4. Fate line (it is not at all).

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3. Interpret the heart line. This line can be read in either direction from the little finger to the index finger, or vice versa.Heart line reflects emotional stability, love prospects, depression and heart health. It can be of the following types: • if the life line starts under the index finger - an unhappy love affair; • begins under the middle finger - you are selfish in love relationships; • begins at the middle of the palm - you will easily fall in love; • direct and short - you have no interest in romance; • touches the life line - you easily break your heart; • long and wide - you can easily express their emotions and feelings; • direct and runs parallel to the line of the mind - you're good to control emotions; • Wavy - many relationships and lovers, no serious stable relations; • circles on the Heart line indicate depression; • if there is a heart on the line breaks - this emotional trauma; • small strip crosses the line of heart, just indicate emotional trauma.

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4. Interpret a line mind. 
This line shows your learning style, your communication style, intelligence and thirst for knowledge. The curved line of the mind suggests that you are a creative person and immediate, and the straight line indicates your practical and structured approach. May be of the following types: • A short line of mind - you prefer physical rather than intellectual activity; • curved line - says that you are a creative person; • not in contact with the line of life - you tend to adventure, you have a lust for life; • wavy line - you find it difficult to concentrate; • a pronounced and long line - you have a clear and precise thinking; • a straight line - you are a realist; • point or crosses on the lines indicate the emotional crises; • If the line is interrupted by the mind - you have inconsistent thinking ; • cross next few intersecting line mind - you must make important decisions.

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5. Interpret the life line. 
This line begins near the thumb and on the arc goes to the wrist. It reflects the physical health, general well-being and major life changes (eg, disaster, physical injury, crossings). The length of the life line does not show the duration of your life. • passes close to the thumb - you often get tired; • wavy - in you a lot of energy; • pronounced and valleys - you have a lot of vitality; • short and little expression - you are easy to manipulate; • describes a semi-circle - you are strong and enthusiastic; • direct and passes close to the edge of the palm - you are very careful in relationships; • Several lines of life - a huge stamina; • circles on Life line indicates severe injury; • if the life line is interrupted - it means a sharp change of lifestyle.

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6. Interpret the line of fate. 
This line shows how much you affect any external factors that you can not change. The line comes from the base of the palm. • Pronounced - controls the fate of the rest of your life; • interrupted and changes direction - your life will change frequently under the influence of external factors; • comes from the line of life - you are making their destiny; • touches the life line around middle - shows the point at which you have to put the interests of others above their own; • comes from the base of the thumb and crosses the line of life - your family and friends give you a lot of support.

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7. Examine other important line in your palm. 
Besides the four main lines (heart, mind, life and destiny), there are a few lines that are worth paying attention to. The line of health. (Health line). It reflects your financial and physical well-being. This is especially so if the line is weakly expressed, and it is difficult to see. If a person has a very mild line of fate and fame, the line of health plays an important role in determining the material well-being. Line health begins under the little finger and moves down along the palm to the base of the thumb. Sometimes it may come into contact with the lifeline. Line health might look like: • a clear and continuous - a strong hint of entrepreneurship, as well as the ability to work hard and earn money; • if a line of health is absent, then the person will be very little (or not be) health problems; • wavy - possible health problems due to excessive anxiety and nervousness $ • interrupted - health problems interfere with your career; • it is crossed by small lines - a predisposition to accidents; • emanate from it a few lines that cross the line of life - may be life-threatening situations in old age; • have a few lines around the squares - a sign of protection, or they show good medical care or assistance in the solution of business problems; • the gap on the line in the form of a semicircle - you have serious health problems; • Health Line, the line of the mind life line and form a triangle - a phenomenon called "Happy Triangle", he represents a lot of luck in your life. Line fame.(Fame line). It enhances the line of destiny and influences the social success. It is if it is possible to distinguish, begins at the base of the palm and runs parallel to the line of fate ring finger. If it does not - the glory to be sought in other areas of the palm, and without it, you can be successful, but most likely without public recognition. • Clear and pronounced - satisfaction with their work; • abruptly interrupted - shows the possibility of the ups and downs in the public recognition; • goes straight to the ring finger - perhaps you will find his calling in art; • comes from the line of the mind and ends in the line of the heart - you have to hard work and success at the end of life; • at the end of the line is split into two - your success can be very doubtful; • ends with an asterisk or triangle under the ring finger - a stunning success in acting, singing, dancing; • ends with a square under the ring finger - you have a friendly mentor. The line of marriage. (Marriage line).Relationships are defined small line (or lines), just below the base of the little finger. The closer these lines to the base of the little finger, the later in life they will occur. • Small lines show love relationship; • clear and pronounced lines show marriages;• lines that touch but do not intersect, show your children; • branching, which begins closer to the back of the hand - a long engagement; • branching at the end of the line of marriage - separation (or divorce); • a line that terminates across the line of marriage - divorce or the death of the beloved; • If the line is interrupted, but then resumed - parting with subsequent reunion. Line money. (Money line). This line is not direct evidence of material wealth, but it shows that the person is able to achieve it, and shows the way how to do it. • The line of the base of the thumb, which ends with an asterisk under the index finger - you have a natural talent for making money; • line running from the base of the thumb to the little finger - the wealth gained by inheritance or through family connections; • line from the base of the thumb and ending under the middle finger - the money earned by self-employed; • line going to the nameless finger and intersecting line of destiny - the money received unexpectedly or accidentally. The lines move. (Travel lines). These lines are a key indicator of the important crossings, which have had or will have a profound impact on your life. They can also show your desire to travel. Lines crossing usually come from the Mount of the opposite thumb and run horizontally along the palm. • If they cross the line of life - the trip will cause your health, or your health will depend on this trip; • if the lines intersect the move - the danger or problems during travel; • squares around lines crossings mean that you protected while traveling; • If the line is interrupted journeys - a trip may be delayed; • if crosses the line of fate - this trip will change your life.

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8. Interpret the secondary line. 
Secondary lines are on the palms of almost all people. The line of intuition. (Lines of intuition). This line comes from the base of the little finger and ends at the base of the palm. If you have this line, then you have a very highly developed intuition, sensitivity, and may have psychic abilities. A point on the line of intuition warns of occupations associated with the predictions, prophecy, telepathy, astrology predictions, palmistry, etc. D. The line of influence. (Lines of influence). This line begins thumb and follows the arc down to the base of the palm. Where it intersects with other lines - a sign of some important event. Many look at where the influence line intersects with the line of money to know how and where you can earn. The line of escapism. (Line of escape). This line is in the lower part of the palm is almost at its base. She often crosses the line of life that shows the period of life in which you will face with the condition. Escapism - individualistic-conciliatory human desire to escape from the grim reality of the world of illusions. If it intersects with the line of glory, then the person can immerse themselves in the creative activity. If this line intersects with the line of life, then the person can abuse drugs or alcohol. Also, it may indicate a propensity to suicide. The lines of resistance. (Line of opposition). These lines are located between the line of the linear mind and heart. They show the forces that everyone in life to confront.

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