Monday, September 8, 2014


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Our planet, like any other, is composed of three worlds. The first of them
- is the physical part of the planet: our globe. It is called the World gets.
Second world - a "thin" part of the world: it is called the Subtle World. And
the third world - a world of thought: it is called the World of Fire. All three of the world
combined concentrically one inside the other, forming a complex body of the planet.
Thus, our planet Earth is composed of dense physical
matter, imbued with subtle and fiery spheres of matter. All forms of matter
into one another. Delicate sphere not only extends over the
surface of the Earth for many kilometers, but also penetrates into the layer of the earth; just 
as fiery and scope matter enters the world as a thin and dense 
All three areas of the world, all three of her world - are inhabited. Living in the same world
- can not see other worlds and do not feel them. But they are moving from one world to
the other - dying in one, they are born in the other.
As we already know, our planet coexist seven stages
of cosmic life. Three elemental kingdoms, living in the worlds of Fire and
thin, represent stages of life evolving. Mineral kingdom
Thick World is a turning point. And following the kingdom - a stage
evolyutsioniruemoy life. Vegetable kingdom lives in dense world: its
physical form - in the lower divisions of his (physical), and their
feelings - in the higher (essential). Animal kingdom, besides their
feelings and desires involved also in the Subtle World. Finally, mankind
lives with his thinking, in addition, also in the Fiery World - it is involved in
the lives of all three worlds.
What is the most highest level of cosmic life on
the planet - humanity? This is - a certain amount (a few tens
of billions) of lives units, manifested in human form. These lives
are their evolution through many incarnations in the dense world
of the planet. In between displays in dense world they are in
the Subtle and Fiery Worlds. These manifestations are repeated as many times as
is required for the full development of consciousness in the beginning of the path to the divine in the
end of it.
When each stage of cosmic life completes its evolution and
it comes time to move to the next higher level (and to plan
the evolution of such a time comes for all levels at the same time), then all
stages of life, who were on the same planet, go to another. This is the
cosmic law.
This means that when living in the world of humanity finished its
evolution (and with him and the other kingdoms), then all the stages of life will leave
Earth and move to the next planet, designed the plan of the Logos for
further evolution. On the other planet our present humanity
will be the next stage of its development - the superhuman; for
want of another name, call it divine. Our present
animal kingdom begins the human stage of evolution, and vegetable -
It also means that those lives that now make up our
humanity Present, held its pre-human, that is. e. An animal
stage, not on Earth, but on another planet . This was another planet MOON -
zone before the onset of the planet Earth. 

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