Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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I have often thought about the phrase from the Bible, "In the beginning was the word" .chto a word? I think that it's the thought that such iznachalno.A THOUGHT? ZVUK.Zvuk word is a vibration, kolebaniya.Kitayskie sages believed the word of life, unnecessarily. it dyhanie.Vdoh- vydoh.Dyshim-zhivёm.A that's how the idea was born? Here you about something podumali.Chto moved you in this moment? Thinking? Here I am in this place car is skidding.
What was found: "The idea is a kind of very thin energy. Various thoughts are different types of the finest energies. thought carries spiritual energy. Net spiritual energy emanating from the core of the spirit, mind and carries all the good and bad. itself is spiritual energy is also a thought, but not human, and - divine. Quality thinking, and it is - its breadth, clarity and poise, decisive in determining the earth and the future of human life - because the head moves his arms and legs, but not vice versa. " And where is the core spirit lives? And the spirit ???? But as This spiritual energy gets to us at the time, when we think about something?Write what you do (just for yourself!) think about it !!!! And of already written and thought-this is for example: "Western Spiritualism asserts that thought to be born of the spirit, vulgar materialists believe that thought is a product of experience. Eastern psychology combines both views and argues that the emergence of thought needs thinker, capable of thinking, feeling and need, calling the idea. Without sensation caused by the objects of the external world, or the immortal Thinker person I would have remained inactive; it needs sensations as incentives for their inner workings, but the ability to build the most thought, the ability to create links between ideas belongs thinkers. Without it, the feeling could cause thoughts. emergence of thoughts going on in this way: light vibrations emanating from any object, act on the retina, and left her image of the object;optic nerve transmits the images of the brain, the brain is vibrating and causing some vibration in the higher conductors man - the astral and mental. Mental vibration conductor calling attention Thinker; the latter creates a view and passes it to the mental vehicle, which in turn sends it to the astral, and that causes vibrations in the etheric human brain.

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