Monday, September 15, 2014


Lizzie Velasquez is 23 years old, but she weighs 26 pounds because of a rare disease, because of which the girl is practically no body fat, and it looks like a walking skeleton.

On her all the time staring over her laugh, her name-calling "the worst woman in the world."
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Miserable have to eat up to 60 times a day and eat high-calorie food, but she can not gain weight.
Despite his terrible condition, Lizzie writes for the second book, which describes his life. In the first book, she advises women to learn to be unique, teaches how to start a good friends and how to put up with the negative. Velasquez also gave a television interview in which told how to cope with their situation.
- I'm a man, so taunts me hurt, but I will not allow such things I broke. Sometimes I see staring at me, and made me want to give them a card with the words: "I'm Lizzie, can stop staring and learn to understand?"
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By the way, she confesses that she does not dream to be like some kind of celebrity luxury.
- You know, I'm very pleased that I do not look like all these stars, because it's all some stereotypes of beauty. It's a good thing that I did not look, because people can understand what I really am, - she said.
Mum Lizzie admits that, according to the doctors, they do not know how her daughter survived. She even had to buy clothes for the dolls, because baby clothes were too big Lizzie.
Doctors prepared her for the worst. They stated that Lizzie never be able to walk, talk, live a normal life. At age two, she had a five-month options child. As a child, Lizzie is blind in one eye, though doctors do not know why.
According to them, she has a rare genetic disease, and they do not know what will happen to Lizzie in the future. However, she tries not to faint Velasquez. According to her, the main thing - she has learned to live with the terrible disease

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