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Now Siamese twins - is not so much rare as it used to. There are several reasons for this: firstly, the number of people with congenital anomalies depends on the total number of the world's population, and secondly, the medicine has leaped forward, and Siamese twins are now much more likely to survive at birth. Once they were considered freaks - now treated differently. Many conjoined twins can be separated, but some prefer to live together for life.
However, only a few decades ago, the fate of all conjoined twins was one - fun to serve the public. For them, it was the easiest way to make a living, and often make good money.

1 Byzantine twins
Nameless pair of conjoined twins in the X-th century managed to survive infancy, as evidenced by the records left by several historians of the time. Ten centuries ago, Siamese twins was not enough, as in the ancient world, congenital anomalies were considered a bad omen, and so children are often allowed to die.
The boys were born in Armenia and as adults came to Constantinople. They were known at the imperial court, and later wandered from village to village, setting themselves on display. Around the time of the reign of Constantine VII century. mid-900s, they returned to Constantinople, where one of the twins died. Doctors attempted to separate them - it was the first operation of its kind in history. Unfortunately, the second twin was able to spend only three days.
2 Hungarian sisters
Helen and Judith were born in Hungary in 1701, the year expected at intervals of three hours. True or not, frightened and exhausted birth mother appeared a terrible sight: the pots were conjoined girls back to back. From two to nine years girls paraded throughout Europe, and in every country surveyed their local doctors.
Sisters learned many languages ​​and sang a duet for the public. Judith's sister, who was born second, was physically weaker: in six years, she suffered a stroke, resulting in the left half of her body was paralyzed, so later when walking, it relied on a stronger Helen.
When she was nine years old, they went to the monastery , where they lived in seclusion until his death, they died on the same day at the age of 22 years.
3 Chang and Eng Bunker
Chang and Eng Bunker were born in Thailand (then called Siam State) in 1811. Their birth has caused such a stir that the King of Siam ordered the killing of children, but the mother refused to give her boys, so that the order of the king was not executed. They have become so well-known that in a few years "Siamese twins" came to be called of all conjoined twins, but if we talk specifically about Chang and Enge, their so called simply because they were born in Siam.
British merchant Robert Hunter came across the twins when they were teenagers, and decided to take them to England. For many years, Chang and Eng went to England and the USA, showing his body and abilities. When he was 21 years old, Chang and Eng led the business and began to receive a lot of money.
In 1839 they gave up show business and bought a farm in North Carolina. They married two sisters, despite the objections of the parents of the girls, and gave birth to a child 21. Several times, Chang and Eng asked doctors to separate them, but at the time the doctor did not even take to say what will happen.They were fused until his death in 1874, the year when one twin died, the other lived only three hours.
4 Millie and Christine McCoy
Millie and Christine McCoy were born in North Carolina in 1851 in a family of slaves owned Dzhebezu McKay. When he was eight months old, the owner sold the twins with his mother to John Purvis. Purvis resold them to Joseph Pearson Smith and his partner named Brower. Then the girls kidnapped, they found only three years later in England and returned to the United States.
When the girls grew up, they learned to sing a duet for the show. Their master had died in 1862, the year, and the twins was inherited by his youngest son, Joseph, who came up with them another legend. He told the audience that the audience - not Siamese twins, and one girl with two heads, four arms and four legs. Millie and Christine went on stage under the name of Two-Headed Nightingale and were renamed the Milli-Christine, as if really were one person.
They sang, danced and played musical instruments; girls enjoyed great success and after the abolition of slavery have earned a lot of money, even for a touring. Showbiz sisters left at age 58, he settled in North Carolina in Columbus and again became Millie and Christine.
They died in 1912 at the age of 61 years old with an interval of 17 hours.
5 Giovanni and Giacomo Tocci
Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci lokanam born in Italy, about 1875 or 1877, the year. Their father was so shocked by the appearance of twins that mad and about a month after the birth of sons was in a psychiatric hospital.
It seemed that the children were a boy with two trunks that grew from a single zone, but in fact they were two different people. When doctors examined them in Europe, it was confirmed: each twin could feel and control only one leg - they never learned how to walk on his feet, but could crawl.
Most of the time the twins got along well, and during the conflict exchanged punches. Tocci brothers childhood spent touring in Europe, and in 1891 he moved to America, where he spent five years. In 1897, nearly reaching adulthood, Giacomo and Giovanni settled in a villa in Venice, voluntarily retiring from society and leading a very secluded life.
About their future life little is known. There were false rumors that they had married two women. They died after 1912, but the exact date of their death is also unknown.
6 Rosa and Josepha Blazek
Rosa and Josepha Blazek born in Skrezhove, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) in 1878, the year. Sisters were fused in the pelvic area and had enough common bones to separation was impossible. For many years, toured Blazek, but gradually the visitors and, therefore, money becomes less and less.
In 1909 came the news in the newspapers that Rose was pregnant, and in 1910 she gave birth to a boy really called Franz. As for the father, some newspapers reported that knows who this person is, but his marriage to Rosa is impossible, because in fact it would be bigamy. Others wrote that they were married to Rosa, but he died in the war.
Rose herself never said who the father and the child grew up an orphan, which greatly supported the career of twins - a little Franz was always accompanied by Rose and Joseph during the tour. When in 1922 the sisters sick, suddenly appeared in their brother, who said he would take care of the sisters. In fact, he wanted to make sure that they are still not separated, and he will inherit all their condition.
Twins died almost simultaneously, and their condition was $ 400.
7 Orissan sisters
Radhika and charming Dudikov neko born in 1888 in Orissa, India. The locals decided that fused babies - a bad omen, and the father himself wanted to share them, but Radhika and Dudikov fused cartilages on the chest, as well as Chang and Eng Bunkers.
In 1888, the girls bought showman nicknamed Captain Coleman (Captain Colman) - he began to show them in Europe as "exotic" twins indusok. They have gained immense popularity when in 1902 Dudikov contracted tuberculosis, and Dr. Eug√®ne-Louis Doyen of Paris held an urgent operation to separate in order to save the lives of at least Radhika.
The operation was successful, the girls were divided, but the next day Dudikov died: the autopsy showed that the cause of her death was tuberculosis, and not operation to separate. However, Radhika too ill with tuberculosis and died in a Paris sanatorium year later. Dr. Doyen shot operation, and in the end the film shows the audience instead of twins.
8 Violet and Daisy Hilton
Violet and Daisy Hilton were born in the UK in 1908, the year they joined at the pelvis, but no vital organs in general they did not have. Twins Mary Hilton bought their mother-barmaid at her first show girls appeared in three years.
The girls sang, danced and played musical instruments, giving a presentation to the whole of Europe and the USA, and when Mary Hilton died, the twins went to her daughter-in-law and. In 1931, the year they filed for their "owners" of the court and got freedom and $ 100,000.
Then they came up with their own theatrical production and continued to tour with this number even when the steel older. They starred in two films - "Freaks" of 1932 and his own fictionalized biopic "Bound for Life", 1951.
In 1961, their tour manager threw them in North Carolina, and they had to get a job at the local grocery store - where they remained until his death from influenza in 1969. According to the forensic medical examination, after the death of Violet Daisy lived still two to four days, but she has not had the opportunity to call for help.
9 Simplicio and Lucio Godina
Simplicio and Lucio Godin was born in 1908 in the city of Samar, Philippines. Two boys fused cartilage and skin in the pelvic area, back to back, but at the same time flexible enough to be able to turn to each other face. On tour in the United States 11-year-old boys saw a rich Filipino Theodore Yang, who drove them to Manila, raised in luxury and take care of their good education.
In 1928, Simplicio and Lucio married sisters-twins (not Siamese) and Natividad Quiz Matos. True, the first brothers Godin had to prove in court that they really are two different people - have difficulty with this, when the clerk refused to issue them a marriage certificate. When the process is completed, the two couples were married, and Simplicio and Lucio played musical instruments and danced with their wives.
In 1936, when the brothers were still young Godin, Lucio pneumonia. Emergency operation to separate held immediately after his death, but Simplicio contracted spinal meningitis and died 12 days later.
10 Margaret and Mary Gibb
Margaret and Mary Gibb were born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1912. They were more fortunate than many other Siamese twins, their parents did not want to put them on display, sell or exploit. They also did not want to separate the girls, although some doctors offered to do the surgery, inspired, no doubt, the success of Dr. Doyena.
Margaret and Mary learned at home in private. But in 14 years, they have decided that they can make their own decisions about their lives, and went to New York in hopes of becoming a successful actress. Over the next few decades, they were playing in a small theater and the circus.
Twice there were rumors that Margaret is engaged, and once people started to say that the twins will share soon. But they were never separated, married, none of the sisters, too, did not come out, so that all these rumors could just be a publicity stunt.
Twins returned to Holyoke in 1942, the year and set up shop. In 1949, the year they are completely out of business, and lived a quiet, unremarkable life until 1966, when Margaret was diagnosed - Cancer. But even then, the twins Gibb refused surgery for the separation and died in 1967, at intervals of a few minutes. source

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