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What do we know about werewolves? Their existence has not been proven by science, but throughout the history of werewolves recognized by many. On most well-known and we will tell.


Peter Stump (Stump, Stamp, Shtampf) was recognized as a werewolf in 1589. At the trial he confessed to killing 16 people, two of whom were pregnant women. Peter claimed that the devil gave him a belt, wearing which he turned into a wolf, insatiable and bloodthirsty. He also said that the devil several times sent him a succubus, with whom Peter spoke.
Oct. 31, 1589, Peter Stam was executed on the wheel. Then it was followed by his mistress and daughter.
Despite the recognition of La Stampa, its history is not obvious to the end. There is a version that the trial of "werewolf" was a show trial, showing the power of the Catholic Church. While in Cologne was a hot battle between Protestants and Catholics, and Stump, seems to take the side of "novoverov."
Whatever it was, but the name of Peter Stump has even become part of the music culture. American band Macabre recorded song about it called "The Werewolf of Bedburg". WOLF OF Ansbach Ansbach history of the wolf shows how people are able to personify evil. Wolf hunting, terrorizing Ansbach, lasted more than one month. During this time, people began to suspect that lycanthropy is not someone else, but most of the mayor of the city. Coincidentally, the death of all the hated governor and capture the wolf occurred almost at the same time. For residents of Ansbach this was proof that the wolf and the recently deceased mayor - are the same person. therefore not just a wolf killed. Already dead, he was hanged, together in a suit of the former mayor, and sticking to a cleft palate beard to the resemblance was quite apparent. At this the people of Ansbach not stopped. Dead wolf in a suit the mayor and even put on public display in the town museum. PERSON OF FORESTS Unlike other "werewolves", presented in the material, Petrus Gonzales was not a cruel killer. Moreover, his portrait even represented in the House of Lords, and he was given an audience Petrus French King Henry II. King sent Gonzalez to the court of Margaret of Parma Stadtholder of the Netherlands. Petrus We obviously had hypertrichosis, that is hair all over the body, the popular rumor is uniquely dubbed him a werewolf. He was called "The Wolfman" and "man of the forest". Gonzalez even married, and some of his children have inherited a rare disease father. This phenomenon became interested in Italian scientist Ulisse Aldrovandi, for which the family Gonz├ílez became the objects of study. WEREWOLF OF Allariz Manuel Blanco Romasanta history is unique in that he acknowledged himself as a werewolf, as well as those that are still unknown to the circumstances of his death. He was born in 1789 year, worked as a tailor, at 24, widowed and decided to become a traveling salesman. it converges with different women, who will soon simply disappear. However, he carefully kept the legend of its reliability, wrote on behalf of his concubines and letters telling them how to live well. fatal mistake was that he began to sell clothes of their victims. His first term he began serving as early as 1844, he was accused of the murder of Constable and sentenced to 10 years, it is not a full term served. Romasanta not departed from his gloomy craft and was captured in 1852.He pleaded guilty to 13 murders, the trial depict how he became a werewolf. The court found him guilty of the nine deaths.Public demanded the death sentence, but it managed to postpone, as the doctor Phillips decided to explore "the werewolf of Allariz" and wrote a petition to the Queen. Queen ordered translate Romasantu Selanova in jail ... and here the biography of Manuel Blanco ends, since no documents his stay there did not survive. Livonian WEREWOLF In 1692, a trial was held, perhaps, the most original "werewolf" - 80-year old man Tissier, who pleaded a werewolf, and declared that he was "a good werewolf," "Hound of God." Thiess alive told me that he teamed up with other Werewolf and fight with them in hell against the devil and witches. Court, however, found no evidence of lycanthropy Tissa and since him has not been ascertained crimes confined exponential flogging erratic old man and its reference. This episode in the history of lycanthropy became the basis of a number of scientific articles.

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