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In Atlanta, USA, lives one of the smallest people in the world - Nick Smith
 Young man for 22 years, and the size of it with a three-year kid (87.5 cm) .Despite on the sizes Nick physically developed as well as the usual 22-year-old man. Size - it does not matter. Nick feels healthy person, and it's cool. What will happen if the smallest 6-year-old girl to take a picture of the world with the most, perhaps, a large rabbit UK? Cognitive dissonance at least! Nevertheless, it was a photo shoot held in a small British town Bideyle. Height Charlotte Gersayd of 71 cm - her nine-year-sister holding her like a baby. Young Charlotte, which is forecast to doctors, was to die soon after birth, is very fond of animals, so my mother and brought her to the farm Big Sheep and Little Cow. View of a giant rabbit cast her in shock and delight at the same time. growth of this 23-year-old young man from India reached 82 centimeters, name (or rather, his name) his Aditya Romeo Dev, and he - the smallest bodybuilder in the world. Or rather, was. In 2012, he died of a code of aneurysm rupture in one of the vessels of the brain. Poor little strongman much too late. In particular, he wanted to meet the woman of his dreams. "I see my friends get married, and I'm happy for them, but at the same time I was a little sad because of that lately," - he said in a recent interview - "I want to meet someone and marry, but I have no idea when it will happen. "Alas, and did not work in a young "Romeo". Sorry .... in being the smallest man in the world, has its advantages: any birthday cake with you almost growth, and any pint of beer - as bochonoe. 22-year-old Thapa Magar Hagendra from Nepal for about a year - from 2010 to 2011 - was regarded as the smallest man in the world, yet it did not ignore the Filipino. now the smallest man in the world again is Nepali, but different: someone Chandra Bahadur Dangi, whose growth is only 54.64 centimeters. Of course, he was in the Guinness Book of Records, and it was enough to call him in numerous television shows and interviews.Dungy lives in a small village 540 kilometers south-west of Nepal. He has more than 70 years, while he claims not received in my life no one medication and has never been a doctor. amazing: Manju Ghimire, who lives in the countryside not far from Kathmandu, has not increased above 82.5 centimeters with her ​​parents, brothers and sisters - a perfectly normal for their age, height and weight. Mother left her when she was 4 years old, but good people in this world are always: it sheltered one of the so-called Children's Villages SOS. Is a charitable organization that helps children, for whatever reason, left without parents worldwide. Manju - not the stunted woman of the world, however, she said, to be the smallest in Nepal, she also likes. Sometimes small stature can help in career: the most diminutive man in the UK - 55-tions Michael Heber, played one of the goblins in the movie Harry Potter and the Ewok in "Return of the Jedi." They say that when he was born, his mother was advised to throw it in the hospital and forget about it. His height 87 centimeters in the world in which they live 7 billion human undersized people very much. They are sufficient to set up a separate village. In China, so they did: they opened a theme park "Kingdom of the Dwarves", according to his entourage reminiscent settlements of video games or from fairy tales.The villagers can not become an adult above 127 centimeters tall.









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