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Colin Wilson, a psychoanalyst, 
United Kingdom 
(«Beyond the Occult») In the 1880s in Paris, the young Viennese physician Sigmund Freud listened to lectures of the famous Charcot Jean Martin. Charcot was not only one of the greatest physicians of XIX century, but also a talented gipnoneyrolingvistom; He loves to show off the incredible experiences on suggestibility of a person in a state of trance. For example, many times he made ​​women scream in terror and poddergivaet skirts when throwing them under the feet of a piece of rope and said that it was a snake. Charcot soothed his skeptical towards hypnosis colleagues, assuring them that they actually witnessed a form of hysteria. Freud But this explanation seemed very convincing. He saw with his own eyes how the hand of one of the men was covered with blisters after the hypnotist touched her a piece of ice, the man said, it's a red-hot poker! On another occasion, he watched as the woman survivor "hysterical pregnancy", increased belly! These experiments clearly demonstrated that there is a part of the mind is much more powerful than ordinary consciousness. Returning to Vienna, Freud formulated his doctrine of the unconscious, which developed the theory of psychoanalysis. Researchers psihoyavleny doctor seen Hudson struck no less, but he made ​​it somewhat different conclusions. He also came to the conclusion that a person has "two minds", one of which is much stronger and more receptive of the other. But what exactly are they? According to some philosophers, and the man has a soul, and spirit, but in this situation, the theory was clearly unacceptable. Hudson suggested that a person has "practical" reason, which solves the problems arising in the external world and the mind, "impractical", dealing with internal problems. Objective mind reacts to the outside world through the five senses; his most powerful tool is the mind. Subjective mind prefers to rely on intuition. "It is the realm of emotions and memory storage. He stands on the stage, when the objective senses are inactive. And it is a subjective mind directs the actions of a person in a state of hypnosis. " Hudson was convinced that the subjective mind is independent of the senses. He knew about the experiments, when the hypnotized person, eyes closed, read the newspaper aloud that another man held in the far corner of the room. He also knew that some people in a state of hypnosis can "move" in some distant place, and describe exactly what is going on there! Moreover, all indications are that the subjective mind has energy, much more powerful than those that the same person is able to use, applying a conscious effort. Danish hypnotist Carl Hanssen repeatedly was doing such an experience: the man said that he was as hard as a log, and then ordered him to lie down on two chairs, standing at a distance from each other, put his head on the seat of one, and the heel - the seat of another. After attending the session of the people were free to become (!) Or sit on the stomach hypnotized.Apparently, the subjective mind somehow control our supply of strength and energy. Objective mind - a person, which we call "I", but the mind is subjective, it seems, is a separate entity, "the stranger in our head." In a state of hypnosis "I" falls asleep, and "Stranger" takes control of the mind and body in their hands - and the results are often simply stagger the imagination! According to Dr. Hudson, some people by nature are not constrained limitations that imposes on us the objective mind, and subjective mind they express themselves freely. So people have a genius - as an example of Hudson leads Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Cellini, Aivazovsky and Briullov, Edgar Allan Poe, Tolstoy, Dickens, General Patton and others like them celebrities of all time. He tells the remarkable story of the great American orator Henry Clay. This unique person once asked a friend to one in 10 minutes after the glue starts his speech before the American Senate, pulled him by the coat. Ten minutes passed, and a friend, as he was told, pulled the speaker for the floor, but he did not pay it any attention. Then a friend stabbed him with a pin - Clay still did not react. Each deep thrust pin Clay in a soft spot - his passionate speech, Clay again did not feel anything! Just finished his amazing two-hour speech, he exhausted into a chair and turned to a friend reproachfully why he had not stopped him ten minutes after the beginning of the speech. Hudson draws our attention to the fact that, after graduating from speech, Clay felt so overwhelmed, so emaciated that could barely stand up, and the audience turned away by the arm. According to modern advanced American researcher paranormal Columbia University professor Gerald Crawford this case "is a prime example of synchronous operation of two minds and power subjective mind of the physical body. " translated from English Evteev Alexander, a researcher of the paranormal,

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