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Superheroes are not just in movies and comic books. Worldwide (real, mind you) is the set of real heroes who make superhuman feats. These people show incredible courage and perseverance, and show what man can do.

1 blind man blind woman saved from burning house

Imagine you are trying to save a blind man from a burning building. Flame roars around you, all the house was shrouded in smoke, and you lead it through this hell, step by step. And then imagine that you are too blind. Blind from birth, Jim Sherman heard the cries for help of his 85-year old neighbor - she was trapped in a burning house. He found a way into her home from her trailer to the touch went all the way along the fence, miraculously went into the burning house and managed to find her inside. His neighbor Annie Smith was also blind. Sherman was able to remove her from the home in a safe place. 2.Instructors skydiving sacrificed everything to save students Kimberly Diar Few will be able to survive a fall from 300 meters, but the two women did it - thanks to the dedication of the two men. One of them gave their lives to save a man with whom just met. Instructor skydiving Robert Cook and his student Kimberly Diar climbed into the sky, to Kimberly made ​​her first jump. But suddenly the aircraft engine stalled. Cook Diar seated on his knees and clasped together their seat belts.When the plane crashed to the ground, the body Cook softened the fall - he was killed, but survived Diar. Dave Hartsock and Shirley Daydzhert Another instructor skydiving Dave Hartsock also helped his pupil survive the fall. It was the first jump Daydzhert Shirley, and she jumped from the instructor. Her parachute failed to open. During free fall Hartsock manages to approach it in the sky and grab it, and then they both fell to the ground. Both men survived, although Hartsock broke his back, and now his body is paralyzed from the neck. 3. Man brought from the battlefield four soldiers Joe Rollin Rollin Joe was a mere mortal, but spent his entire 104-year life, making incredible things. While at the peak of strength, he weighed only 68 kg, he could lift 288 kg some fingers and 1450 kg, utilizing the back. He has won several awards and titles as "The strongest man." He received, including the title of "the strongest man in the world", but a hero in the eyes of many people, it did not it. During the Second World War Rollin served on the ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He was awarded the Bronze and Silver Star for bravery in the line of duty, and three Purple Hearts for combat injuries, because of which I was in hospital for a total of 24 months. But he is best known due to the fact that pulled out from the field of two wounded comrades, one in each hand. He took them to a safe place and returned to the line of fire to make two more. 4. Father fought with an alligator to save his son Fatherly love can push on the superhuman feats that on the example shown two fathers from all over the world. Joseph Welch from Florida came to the aid of his six year old son when the boy's hand grabbed the alligator. Not thinking about the impending danger to himself, Welch began to beat the alligator, that he let go of his son. When, finally, accidentally introduced in this place people rushed to the aid of Welch, who just kicked in the stomach of the beast, and the alligator eventually let go of the boy. Joseph Welch Another father of Mitoko, Zimbabwe, saved his son from the attack of a crocodile in the river. Tafadzwa Kacher became a reed stick in the eyes and mouth of a crocodile, yet the beast did not let go of his son. Boy is a beast let go, but grabbed the arm of the Katscher, and he had to poke the crocodile eyes to free his hand. The boy eventually lost his leg, but survived. 5. Two of these "Chudozhenschiny" lifted cars to save lives not only men exhibit superhuman strength in a critical situation: mother and daughter have shown that women are also capable of heroism, especially when in danger is a loved one. 22-year-old woman from Virginia saved the life of his father . He repaired his «BMW», lying under the car, the jack slipped and the car fell on all the weight of a man, shattering his chest. Time to call for help was not, and a young woman raised her car, pulled out his father and began CPR to save him. Another incident occurred in the state of Georgia. Young man repairing his «Chevy Impala», the jack slipped and all 1350 kg fell on his chest. His mother, Angela Cavallo lifted without assistance car and held it for five minutes, until the neighbors pulled her son. 6. Woman stopped school bus unmanaged Ronda Carlsen Not all superhuman deeds committed by the force and courage - some critical situations require the human ability to think and act quickly. In New Mexico, a school bus, inside of which were children, lost control because the driver had a seizure. The girl, who was waiting for the bus, immediately realized that the driver was in trouble and called her mother. Her mother Ronda Carlsen ran next to the bus and using gestures convince a child to open the door. After that Carlsen hopped on the bus, grabbed the wheel and managed to stop the vehicle. Her quick response prevented a tragedy - all the children were safe and sound. 7. Teenager pulled a man from hanging over the abyss of the truck in the dead of night trailer truck almost fell off a cliff. Trailer with a wagon remained on the road, and the cabin with the driver inside hanging over the gorge. To help the driver came to a young man.He broke the window and pulled the driver with his bare hands on the road. This is not a scene from an action movie, it is a real event that occurred 5 October 2008-the year in Vayoeka Gorge, New Zealand. hero of this story, 18-year-old Peter Hannah, was in his house when he heard a terrible roar. Without thinking of his own safety, he climbed onto balancing above a precipice truck, jumped into a narrow gap between the cab and the trailer and smashed the rear window of the cab. He helped the driver to get out, while the truck creaked and swayed, is threatening to fall into the abyss. In 2011, the year for his action Hannah received the New Zealand medal for bravery. 8. Wounded soldier returned to the battlefield in the war, many people risk their lives to save fellow soldiers. In the movie "Forrest Gump", we saw how a fictional character saved several soldiers from under heavy fire. In real life there are even more exciting stories. For example, Robert Ingram for such an act has been awarded Medals of Honor. As in 1966, in the siege, Ingram continued to fight and save his comrades. It got three bullets, one hit in the head, leaving him half-blind and deafened in one ear, one - in the arm, and one - in the left knee.Despite the injury, Ingram continued to fight with the soldiers of the North Vietnam had attacked his unit, and returned under fire to rescue his fellow soldiers. His bravery - just one example, during the war such stories happen often. 9. Champion swimmer rescued 20 people from a sinking bus Shavarsh Karapetyan saved 20 people from drowning in the bus 1976.Armenian champion swimmer swim taught his brother, when he saw a bus with 92 passengers left the road and drove into a pond, having appeared in 24 meters from the shore. Karapetyan dived into the water and pulled dozens of passengers through the window when the bus has plunged ten meters in cold water. Shavarsh Karapetyan All it took him about 30 seconds, and then he lost consciousness in cold water. One of the rescued people they pulled ashore and himself. But this does not exhaust the heroism Karapetyan: Eight years later, he pulled several people from a burning building, and he was with severe burns. Karapetyan was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and many other awards for the rescue of drowning. He himself claimed that he had never been a hero, but simply did what had to be done. 10. The man lifted the helicopter to rescue his partner in 1988, a helicopter crashed into a drainage ditch. When he sat down, suddenly lost control, careened and fell to the ground. All of this was shot on film. One of the pilots, Steve Cook, was trapped under the helicopter in shallow water. Then another pilot named Warren "Baby" Everal ran and lifted the helicopter model, "Hughes 500D», which weighed at least 703 kg. Quick response and superhuman strength "Crumbs" Cooks rescued from certain death. Although his left arm permanently paralyzed him, he survived thanks Everalu.

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