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All these people have found themselves in the (seemingly) hopeless situations, but nevertheless did not submit to fate and survived against all odds.

Julian Kёpke

Julian Kёpke was the only survivor of 92 passengers in a plane crash of flight 508 airlines LANSA. In the plane was hit by lightning, causing a fire. Aircraft fell straight into the Peruvian jungle. After the crash, Julian remained strapped into his chair.She suffered a broken collarbone and numerous cuts. Nine days later, it was found by local loggers. On the grounds of history Juliana Kёpke was filmed "Miracles still happen."

Nando Parrado

Once in the Andes Plane crashed with a team of rugby players on board, survivors had to fight for survival in inhumane conditions, even resorting to cannibalism. One survivor Nando Parrado named along with his friend made a 65-mile crossing of the Andes and led rescuers on the scene. Thereby Parrado helped survivors of a plane crash people do not perish in the mountains.

Steven Callahan

On a small boat Steven Callahan set sail from El Hierro in the Canary Islands toward the Caribbean. His boat sank right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and 76 days, he drifted on an inflatable liferaft. In the end, for a raft brought to the island of Marie-Galante, where he was emaciated and covered with numerous ulcers due to sea water, found by fishermen.

John Colter

In 1808, the American was caught mauntinmen Blackfeet Indians. After Coulter stripped and ordered him to run naked, he realized that he is involved in the "hunt" in the role of production. Coulter managed to escape and kill several of his pursuers.He ran about 300 kilometers, Colter got to the nearest fort white people.

Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston story was widely covered by the media in 2003. Then an American climber during passage through the canyon Blue John in a national park in Utah was forced to cut off his own right arm to break free from the clamp it boulder. Aaron later wrote a book on which the film was made, "127 Hours."

Deborah Kiley

In October 1982, Deborah and another four people while traveling by boat from Maine to Florida caught in a heavy storm.After that all the passengers on the boat were forced to transfer to a spare inflatable boat, which began to gather around the pack of hungry sharks. As a result, two people from the team have been eaten by predators, and Deborah and her friend found a ship sailing past.

Passengers' Gremlin Speshiel "

May 13, 1945 the United States military aircraft, nicknamed "Gremlin Speshiel" crashed in the mountains of Dutch New Guinea.Three passengers survived the crash, trapped in the tribe of cannibals. On their luck tribe fed exclusively by their enemies. As a result, all three were rescued.

Team whaling ship "Essex"

After the huge whale and the sperm whale rammed the ship, the ship sprung a leak and sank, and twenty sailors remaining three whaleboat, had to fight for its existence. Given the lack of provisions, it was decided to resort to cannibalism, and even use their own urine. The team had to split up to find help. After 90 days, the sailors were rescued by the British whaler "Indian."

Hugh Glass

American pioneer Hugh Glass participated in the fur company, heading up the Missouri River, when in a fight with a grizzly bear was severely injured. The wounds were so deep that the members of the expedition decided to leave Hugh two volunteers who had to bury him when he will depart to the other world. But fearing Indian attack, the men fled, leaving Hugh dying and taking all his equipment and supplies. When Hugh regained consciousness, he crawled to the Missouri River, and then went on a raft in Fort Knox. On his way he met the natives who helped bandage bear skin on his festering wounds.Biography of Hugh Glass was the basis of the novel "Wild Lands" by Roger Zelazny.

Beck Weathers

Climbing in which participated Beck Weathers, was the most tragic in the history of the conquest of Everest. During a heavy storm climber lay in the cold for 18 hours unable to submit any signs of life. Man presumed dead. However, he managed to get up and walk to the camp. His face was severely disfigured as a result of frostbite he lost both hands.

Hirro Onoda

During World War II, Japanese officer Hirro Onoda fought against the allied forces on the Philippine island of Lubango. After almost 30 years in the jungle, Hirro Onoda surrendered Philippine authorities only in 1974, as for many years refused to believe that the war was over.

Steve Fossett

American balloonist alone made circumnavigation flight across the Coral Sea in a balloon filled with helium. Suddenly a storm broke. At an altitude of 9000 meters powerful hail began to perforate the ball, and the passenger capsule began to fall straight into the ocean. Surprisingly, Steve Fossett survived and was rescued 10 hours after the fall.

Slavamir Ravitch

When a Polish officer was sentenced to 25 years in prison in the Siberian gulag, he and six other prisoners organized an escape and went on foot about 6,500 kilometers across the Siberian tundra, the Gobi Desert, Tibet, the Himalayas, and reached as far as India. Source

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