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Stars and their value

in the last time I was interested in symbolism (not without lessons "formosozdaniya"). In particular, the value of stars. 
course, the most sacred figure - a circle and surround the prototype - the ball. After all, if we take the space, some of the planets are spherical. And the stars of symbols and are fit for the calculation thanks to a circle and a compass - nothing else nation for accuracy! 
One of the well-known stars - the Star of David . Very ancient Jewish symbol. As you can see, it fits easily into the center of the circle, as well as the five-pointed pentagram (more about it later). To find the rays must be separated by a line from the existing range and adjust the length of the diameter of the circle radius. Now, from each side of the point of a compass put there and make new points - came six positions of the points that we can connect with each other. Such an easy explanation (who knew) how exactly to find a star, which is essentially composed of three triangles. Star of David or Solomon's Seal, Star of Goliath, or even the hexagram is a symbol showing the universal cycle of the cosmos and at the same time indicating the standards of conduct for humans. But that means the star for both men and women. Find the Difference! Of course, living in our time, I do not agree with many things, but the fact remains! ;) Okay, done with it, with the hexagram! Next was to go Star Octagon, but as I've already mentionedthe pentagram , we're talking about it. Who does not know, or pentagram, as the other - the pentacle. Pentacle more like to call this symbol people somehow related to magic. Geometric symbol of harmony, health and mystic powers - that it is the pentagram. Vic says that: The first known image of the pentagram date back to around 3500 BC. e., is painted on the five-pointed stars of the clay found in the ruins of the ancient city of Uruk. Image pentagrams are found on Egyptian statues. As reported in his "New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Frank-" Arthur Waite, the Egyptians called the pentagram "star psoglavogo Anubis." Pentagram was widely known how to protect from all evil sign; belief in its PROTECTING properties was so deep that it portrayed ancient Babylon on the doors of stores and warehouses in order to protect the goods from damage and theft. She also was devoted to a powerful sign of power. So in the same Babylon, for example, this sign often found in the royal seal, and, according to modern scholars, it represented a "ruler's authority extends to all four corners of the earth." Jews pentagram associated with their holy Pentateuch, Moses received from God. The ancient Greeks called the pentagram Pentalpha, which means "five letters alpha" as a symbol can be decomposed into alpha five times. For early Christians, the pentagram was a reminder of the five wounds of Christ, from the crown of thorns on his forehead, the nails in the hands and feet. I should note that in ancient China, this star (pentagram U-Sin) meant the five elements. Includes five classes (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), characterizing the state and interrelation of all existing objects and phenomena.The sequence of the elements defined in the article "Shu Ching," chapter "Hong Guofan" mutual generation is as follows: Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal produces Water, Water produces Wood. Vzaimopreodolenie is as follows: Wood wins the Earth, the Earth wins Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Metal, Metal Wood wins. As for the other, and we loved more treatments, the five-pointed star is read as many as the very Western religion, but also Slavs long before baptism (albeit without a star :) ) also honored these five elements.pentagram - a symbol of the perfect man, standing on two legs with divorced hands. We can say that people - live pentagram. This is true both physically and spiritually - the man has five virtues and showing their love, wisdom, truth, justice and kindness. truth belongs to the spirit, love - soul, wisdom - intellect, kindness - the heart, justice - will. Later symbolism: the five senses; male and female, expressed by five points; harmony, health and mystical powers. The pentagram is also a symbol of the victory of the spiritual over the material, a symbol of safety, care, safe journey home. pentagram as a magic symbol: Pentacle with one end up and two down is a sign of white magic, known as the "foot Druid"; with one end down and two up it is the so-called "goat's hoof" and devil's horns - characteristic symbols change in sign from positive to negative when it is turning. Pentagram White mage - a symbol of magic influence and domination over the disciplined Will phenomena of the world. The will of the Black magician seeks to destroy, to refuse to perform spiritual tasks, so inverted pentagram is seen as a symbol of evil. I note that: For thousands of years the pentagram embodied the symbol of goodness and light. And in just 500 years, it has become a symbol of evil. And briefly to about double the pentagram (the man and the universe): There is also a correlation between the human body and the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and ether) will correspond to the ground, the heart - water, intelligence - the air, the soul - the fire, the spirit - the airwaves. Thus, by their own will, the intellect, the heart, the soul, the spirit of a person associated with the five elements of working in space, and he can consciously work in harmony with them. It is in this sense a double-pentagram, in which a small inscribed in large: a man (microcosm) lives and works in the universe (macrocosm). Now it is the turn octagonal most static star, consisting of two squares. This figure interweaving of two squares, a symbol of the relationship of God and man. Man carrying a karma God and freed from their personal and universal karma. To lose karma man should be unselfish and not tied to the self. figure also treated as a disorder in which everything disappears and disorder harmony. This star took as a basis one of the four dominant religions - Islam. But I met her and in our churches. Here, recently in Kiev botanical garden came to our church and found there patterns geksogramm stars and octagonal square. square symbolizes the most practical use of space. And because it is this star represents a balance ... And now for the other ... kratenko;) I also found on many sites confusing, it looks like the Star of Bethlehem - Five-pointed star - Five-pointed star has been interpreted in many ways, including, it symbolizes joy and happiness. It is also the emblem of the Semitic goddess Ishtar in her martial embodiment, and in addition, the Star of Bethlehem. Masons have a five-pointed star symbolizes the mystical center. Egyptians attached great importance to five-and six-pointed star, as is clear from the text on the walls of the burial temple of Hatshepsut. seven-pointed star - in the seven-pointed star repeated the characteristics of a five-pointed. Seven rays has a Gnostic Star. Seventy and nine-star drawn by one line - the mystical Star astrology and magic. Star magicians read in two ways: in series along the beam (along the line tracing stars) and circumferentially. Located along the ray path of the planet governing the days of the week: Sun - Sunday, Moon - Monday, Mars - Tuesday, Mercury - Wednesday, Jupiter - Thursday, Venus - Friday, Saturn - Saturday. nine-star - a nine-star, seven-pointed as if they drawn a line - the mystical Star astrology and magic.nine-star, made ​​up of three triangles symbolizes the Holy Spirit Star Ingle (Our Slavic character) - The concept of the elements is very capacious. This is a powerful force of nature, its main element, as well as a phenomenon eludes the will of man. sign "Ingle" is a nine-star composed of three equilateral triangles inscribed in a circle, and is a symbol of faith ancestors of Slavs-Arias. Each of its triangles embodies the three elements of the universe: fire, earth and water, and the circle, or the Great Colo is the personification of Air. And finally ... Star tetrahedron - I was such a handsome man with a stellar kvadraedrom forced to INSTE do :) It's a pity I can not show - passed! ;) Well ... Star kvadraedr Star tetrahedron - a figure consisting of two intersecting tetrahedra. This figure can also be seen as a three-dimensional Star of David. Tetrahedrons appear as two opposing laws: the law of the spirit (radiation, impact, dedication, selflessness) and the law of matter (drawing inward, cooling, freezing, paralysis). Only a person can consciously combine these two laws, as it - the link between the spirit world and the world of matter. Thus, the star tetrahedron represents the two poles of creation in full equilibrium. Thank you for your attention! Very long time to write and collect information, so please specify when copying text afftora, Sincerely Keytalin 
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