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Elementals. Spirits of nature that speaks about Elementals ancient sources According to esoteric teachings, elementals appeared on Earth much earlier than the man himself. They - and the inhabitants of the keepers of the elements, their integral part - there are both developed forms since the beginning of the world ... This knowledge comes from the depths of thousands of years, and we do not know where it originated.And Tibetan book "Dzian" and most of the other ancient sources tell us about the events and processes that, if you look at them through the prism of modern "scientific" arrogance, may seem to us tales of insomnia. elementals But - as small and fragile beings who are able to communicate with the person - fill the pages of old books. In Sumer and Egypt, China, and little-known cultures of America and Africa, the inhabitants of Polynesia and the inhabitants of the polar regions, in the preceding us civilizations of Europe - in all these cultures, it is much more natural and less distorted than our spirits of nature have played a very significant role.   Stories about spirits, gnomes, undines, elves and the rest of the widest range of elementals permeate the history of mankind, without these creatures can not be itself and its development, and the story about him. This is also the myth of Enkidu and Gilgamesh and the Homeric "Odyssey" and the saga of Arthur and Merlin. And if not elementals taught dance Isadora Duncan and glass inspired fantasy Halle? Until recently crowned their carvings noses ships, more recently hundreds of stone statues adorned the world - statues in parks and on the cliffs. During those times when children were children , adults, the elderly old people - in those days, my grandmother, regardless of whether they had university degrees and noble origin or could not read, tell their grandchildren stories about the spirits of nature, beautiful stories, characters who were mermaids, gnomes, fairies, elves and who described their appearance and way of life, their miracles and phenomena. Even the Christian belief in a guardian angel to protect children under the age of seven years, has roots much older than Christianity itself. Everywhere - from Arcadia to America - the same people believed that children and vulnerable beings pure, is the Spirit of the Guardian, which protects them from accidents, rescues from wild animals and even helps to get home if they get lost. But the most interesting, so that different peoples have survived so similar ideas about the spirits of nature, despite the difference in the methods of artistic representation. On the same Creature - Elemental - say tradition and Central Europe of the XV century, and India II millennium BC. If we take into account that many of these human communities, not only did not know, but do not even suspect the existence of each other, then come to the conclusion that such a detailed description matches Elementals can not be accidental. It is obvious that all these people were watching the same or very similar conditions, and in a similar way they were treated. They are attracted or repelled, they implored, or afraid ... but always the same. And it confirms that different people have faced the same phenomenon and human logic responsive to him about the same. Similarly, people, if they want to cross the river, build a bridge - it can be more or less difficult technically, but it is still a bridge. And if all the old people talk about rivers and bridges across them, it is obvious that the river - it's a kind of reality. The same applies to the Elementals: for the peoples of antiquity, they were of the same reality, the evidence on which to this day preserved folklore and ancient books. What Elementals Elementals are forms of life within the elements, or elements. Obviously, it is very difficult to define them, describe their characteristics, since they do not have bodies on the purely physical plane, which is covered by our ability to see and hear. It would be better to say that they do not have bodies in the usual sense of the word, but are able to exist in the physical world in another way, which seems to be an empty fantasy of primitive people and dopey kids ... Here is one example: we had seen the light of day even sheet of paper, located 25 meters away from us, if it is turned to us one of its flat sides, perpendicular to the line of our sight. However, if this sheet is turned to us sideways while hanging motionless or moving at the same speed as the background, it would be virtually invisible for someone who does not know about its existence. A person who denies the existence of a priori that a sheet of paper and do not make the slightest effort to ensure that detect it, never see him again. This explains - and further more we look at this topic - why pages of old books, clay tablets, papyri and parchments are full of references to the spirits of nature, and why, on the contrary, the cultural elements of our civilization - the materialist and positivist - absolutely their lisheny.Raznovidnosti Elementals Elementals Gamma huge - from the rulers of the planets and the stars, to those who support your life life atoms. Mysteries In ancient times there were references to them. They are represented in the form of geometric shapes, words with no apparent meaning and numeric characters, unreadable today. Mention these troubled and uncertain. These elementals can not be attributed to any of the elements. elementals There governing moment of birth and death of all manifested beings and objects, passage of the soul through the various thresholds. They move in space-time, does not look like what we know and how we live. elementals there, guarding the clock Stories, while being out of the mechanism of logically related to a single chain of cause and effect.There are those who keep the Annals, where you can read the past and future. Among them there are angels and demons.There are also dragons, his breath warming the Earth. There are showers geological crystals that control the stratification of minerals and collect starlight, hiding from our view. There are spirits treasures. There elementals prisoners in mental forms of the gods and for eons waiting for the hour when they will need to manage the complex and delicate process of birth and death of galaxies. There are those who inhabit the comet, and those who impregnates certain areas of space to new worlds are born, there are those that collect the last remnants of extinct stars and send them to cemeteries stars. There is also the simplest of the comet, which, like the valence electrons, connect one solar system to another. Much closer to us those that live inside volcanoes and clouds. Invisible brushes they paint sunsets and sunrises. Awaken plants in the spring and euthanized them at the approach of winter. Direct human destiny at the crossroads, in the fairy grottoes and magical mountains. This is geniuses who bring gifts and take them back. They touch the brow favorites and overthrows those who fell out of favor. Whoever wrote it knows that in our materialistic XX century what he says, is perceived as a children's fairy tale or science fiction. So it should be, because this knowledge - from the past and from the future. At present they are not understood and ignored. But without a doubt, they are real, because a lot of them clearly felt in life and inspires a lot of people, even if the education received blocks their ability to perceive or to submit the reasons for this ... Those who can not escape from the cage of materialism will never be able nor perceive these amazing secrets of nature, nor see the traces of God in the world. Guardian Angel One of the many myths (and in reality - the psychological realities), which Christianity inherited from the ancient mystery religions, is the idea of a guardian angel. When the baby is born, they say ancient teachings, his higher principles are not translated at once, it happens gradually, and so the child does not have at its disposal the present mental body and can be used only subfield mental emotional body. This makes it more vulnerable to life's circumstances. And so until the child reaches the age of seven, his stretch accompanies elemental, which through the form of an inner voice tells the kid, any hazards that must be avoided. This way of expressing a reasonable or, at least, accumulated instinct, because, as we shall see, in the elementals no reason in our understanding. guardian angel appears in human form, usually a very beautiful young girl with large wings, which in ancient symbolism meant custodian, as well as the presence of death. Sometimes she holds in her hand a glowing branch tuberose or just a flashlight. few exceptions, only the kids can see or somehow perceive it. His body is very plastic and can take the forms that for a boy or girl the most pleasant;and if the child is receptive, he introduces him with dancing dwarves and elves restless living in buds of flowers. Guardian Angel - this is another assistant, which Nature gives to all people without exception. Unfortunately, over the past two centuries, pollution and automatism in teaching children in the big cities, ahead of time introducing them into adulthood, reduced a protective force of nature, and the angel- keeper turned into a harsh and impotent witness the degeneration of our race.

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