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What is the root and where the key to a true understanding of a healthy and harmonious human existence?
inquisitive human mind does not get tired to look for the answers to these important questions. replaced by a narrow understanding of man as the final, only physical, dense substance, came a new, enhanced look, "Man -sulfonic, multidimensional, unique organism, consisting not only of a dense, visible and tangible matter, the physical body, but it is the totality of the union of several thin, invisible to the ordinary eye bodies that operate in a single interconnected system with each other, with the whole space, the elements (earth, air, fire and water), animate and inanimate nature, with similar individuals, and even with the cosmos with all its planets ".He extremely samoreguliruem and self-sufficient, if maintained and harmoniously balanced all of his body (physical, emotional, mental, astral, causal) and their relationships. This means that the "root of all evil" and diseases, as well as the key to salvation can and must look inward. It is important to understand the root cause of the problem: disease, poor mental state, and to find 'tools' impact on her. And it's not just about the physical body, because it is more dense, already recognized consequence of the disharmony thinner bodies, our disharmonious interaction with the space and the people around them. These prevoprichin - negative thoughts, emotions and actions are no statute of limitations;once arisen, they leave a trail, and can be passed from generation to generation. A new understanding of man as a cross-cutting system, led to the search and the emergence of new non-traditional ways of improvement: Copyright techniques Narbekova, Sviyasha, Sinelnikova (work with thought forms and images); purification systems, starvation Malakhov, P. Bragg;perfusion after Ivanov; schools training on the respiratory system, yoga; pilgrimages to places of power; treatment of color and music; bioenergetics and extrasensory, Feng Shui, etc.. tehniki- All these "tools work on a" help people "make" process, to give impetus to the body and wayward by cleaning and self-regulation, to identify the causes, impact on the investigation: physical and mental illness, collapsing and crumbling business relationships to better understand themselves and more positive and tvorecheski look at the world. Nowadays such schools, a variety of techniques and interpretations, a lot. And man, embarked on a new path of self-awareness and its place in the environment, it is not easy cope with so many diverse information and find the right suitable to him at this stage means and correct general, a better understanding of the processes; identify the UNITY of the apparent dissimilarity of the proposed methods and techniques. What is the basis and the link in the process of healing, rejuvenation, and hence the identification of individual abilities of each person, his harmonious existence in the surrounding area? This universal key-sacred geometry. It is subject to the universal laws of motion of celestial bodies, the earth itself, and the human body. space around us is not dumb. It tells us the color, sounds, signs. Melody, letters - the same thin geometry. knew this powerful ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Mayya.Ob testify built on the principle of the golden section of the pyramid of Egypt. Talked about it in his writings centuries and centuries ago, Plato and Leonardo da Vinci. How do you explain the amazing miracles that ordinary woman suddenly begins to recreate the clay figurines, amazingly similar to those found during the excavations of the Maya civilization; that people suddenly remember and speak to them previously unknown ancient language? Whence this succession of knowledge? What is a carrier and custodian of them? Sacred Geometry- the subtle vibrations of sound and able to accept them as an antenna, a mysterious human soul. Eternal, immortal soul, which they say religion of peace; soul, which is weighed and scientists feel that psychics, people with extraordinary vision extended thin human plans. space, the universe speaks to us in the language of geometry. Through it she reveals the secrets of his soul by the person receives and stores information accumulated over centuries of reincarnation. Temples of Atlantis rejuvenation secrets of harmony and enduring beauty, maps of human lives, the signals from other planets, knowledge of all of the earth, parallel worlds and other dimensions of living in ciphers, proportions, lines, in the subtlest vibrations of sacred geometry. There is knowledge, as the sword. About all origins and from all began. And this world we talked about it. He never, believe me, was not silent. 's all of us, as a reflection of the whole . A path-patience voltage. And in the greatness, and the achievement is all the people that took it. Man is able to go beyond ordinary consciousness, look inside yourself and see there is a treasury of knowledge and skills to uncover them and show to light in the material things and affairs of the visible world. Capable, if it will path of self-awareness, purification, transformation of past thoughts and experiences if you ready to be the antenna and the conductor of the thin sacred truths.

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