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Is the science that explains a lot of phenomena occurring around us. But there are events that are not only inconsistent with this science, they just baffled all scholars. nature sometimes goes beyond the normal, but just terrible when it happens to people. It was a very cold morning in Lengbi, Minnesota, when a man has found his 19tiletnyuyu neighbor, Jean Hiliard lying in the snow. Her whole body was frozen. Obviously, Jean tried to get a neighbor to ask for assistance after her car off the road.When it was discovered, immediately sent to a local hospital, where she was able to hit all the doctors. Her body as if it were made ​​of ice. Jean was seriously frostbitten, and none of her limbs would not move or bend. The doctors did their best, but the situation remained critical. Even if Jean would come, she probably would have been severe damage to the brain and legs would have to be amputated. Her family was hoping for a miracle. 2 hours later, the patient went into convulsions, and she came to her senses. Jean felt good physically and mentally. Even frostbite to the surprise of doctors, slowly disappeared from her feet. She was discharged 49 days later without losing a single finger.

110 unexplained mysteries

Iron, king of all metals used in almost everything from the house foundation and ending chain on a bicycle. Unfortunately, iron can not escape their fate, slowly turning to rust. In addition to this phenomenal structure: Iron pillar of Delhi. 7 meters high and weighing more than 6 tons of this iron giant was able to resist corrosion over 1,600 years! As something consisting of 98% iron, lasted so long? Scientists have found the answer to this question, but as the ancient smiths discovered this fact many years ago, still amazes archaeologists.

210 unexplained mysteries

50 years after the mysterious disappearance of the ship's crew Mary Celeste, was a similar event when the schooner Carroll A. Deering found off the coast of North Carolina, January 31, 1921. When rescue ships finally reached the ship, they saw, to his horror, that was not on board the team. Although noticed that the food was cooked the next day, no longer found anything that would indicate the presence of the team. No personal effects, no logbook, no trace, just like in the case of the Mary Celeste. Theorizes about the paranormal, because the ship was in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. Others believed that this is the work of pirates or Russian.

310 unexplained mysteries

Hutchison Effect refers to a series of terrible events that occurred when inventor John Hutchison tried to recreate some experiments Nicolas Tesla. Some cases include levitation, fusion of different things in texture (wood and metal) and the disappearance of small items. Even more strange is the fact that after his experiment, Hutchison was unable to repeat it with the same result. This experiment has become so popular that even attracted the interest of NASA and the military, but they did not succeed.

410 unexplained mysteries

It seems to me, or is it a spot on the wall looks like a man looking at you? This is one of the persons belmesa who were in the house of the family Pereira. For 20 years these people remind men and women. They appear each time with a different expression on his face. The strange thing is that people stay in the house only for a short time, and then they disappear.Conducted research on the subject of what causes this effect. During one of them from under the house was excavated human body, but the person continued to appear. No response was never found.

510 unexplained mysteries

In May 2007, the lake in Patagonia, Chile, literally disappeared, leaving behind a hole 30timetrovuyu, icy mountains and the dry land. It was not some kind of a small lake. The lake is 5 miles! When was the last time geologists surveyed the lake in March 2007, there is nothing strange they did not find. But something happened during those 2 months, which is not only made to disappear lake, but also turned the river flowing out of it, in a small creek. Geologists wonder how such a large lake just disappeared. This could happen because of the earthquake, although there were no shocks in this region was not observed. Ufology argue that this spaceship dried lake. This mystery was never solved.

610 unexplained mysteries

August 7, 1994 g residents Oakville, Washington, for a surprise. Instead of the usual rain, people have seen falling from the sky jelly. Although the situation is reminiscent of the story of the anecdotes, in fact the effects were not very fun. When the rain has passed, almost all had serious symptoms similar to the flu, which lasted from 7 weeks to 3 months. Finally, after the mother of one of the residents became ill, touching the matter, he sent him a sample for analysis. The results shocked all scientists droplets contained human white blood cells. The material is then brought to the State Department of Health in Washington for further analysis. There have found that gelatin droplets contain two types of bacteria, one of which is also present in the human digestive system. However, no one was able to identify the substance, and how it was associated with a mysterious disease that has engulfed the city.

710 unexplained mysteries

May 7, 1994 g Harahane, Louisiana, black helicopter 45 minutes chasing a teenager. Frightened child explained that the helicopter went down people and sent his gun at him. Until now, the boy did not know why he was persecuted and why did they let him go. A week later, with people traveling by car by Washington, it happened like that. Unable to escape, they saw men in black uniforms with arms that go down the ladder. However, travelers, to their surprise, was released. Black helicopters appear in the reports of UFOs, and although for some appearances is a simple explanation, other cases (See above.) Remain unresolved.

810 unexplained mysteries

There are several documented cases where frogs, toads and other small animals found in solid rock alive. The strange thing is that people find animals not only in natural formations such as stone or wood, but in the artificial. In 1976, the Texas workers found in the concrete living green turtle, it was in the air bag, which had the shape of this little reptile. If somehow she got there a year ago, when the concrete was poured, how the turtle was able to live so long? Finally, there was no concrete holes or cracks through which could crawl turtle.

910 unexplained mysteries

He was called a boy of rain in 1983, Donnie was his friend, when suddenly he went into a trance. Immediately from the ceiling forth water, and fog filled the room. His friends called the owner, who was concerned by what he saw. Some time later, Donnie was sitting in the restaurant with his friends when the rain began to pour directly on their heads. The restaurant owner immediately drove him out into the street. Years later, due to petty violations Donnie went to prison, where he also caused havoc when the rain went straight to his cell. After complaints inmates Donnie explained that it can cause rain at will, and then showed it pouring duty jailer. Finally, he was released, and he found a job as a cook in a local restaurant. Current whereabouts are unknown Donnie as the cause of the mysterious rain. 10

10 unexplained mysteries

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