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Perhaps many will be surprised to learn that those superheroes from popular movies, comic books and science fiction books, and live among us. In principle, they are ordinary people, but with extraordinary abilities and talents that science is unable to explain or refute ...

1 Gino Martino: Man-anvil

Gino Martino - American professional wrestler and actor, who shocked the audience with her incredible ability to break his head various solid objects, including iron bars, baseball bats and concrete blocks. His skull was standing even bowling balls falling from the five-meter height. According to doctors, this unusual physical ability Gino due to the fact that he is by nature has a heavy-duty skull. For this he was called Man-anvil.

2 Tim Cridland: King of Torture

Tim Cridland, performing under the stage name "Zamora - Torture King," for decades around the world demonstrated its unique ability - an exceptional tolerance for pain. He pierced themselves with swords, fire and swallowed swords, lay down on the nails - and it's only a little from those dangerous stunts that he has done his entire career. Tim holds the record for the Guinness Book.

3 Wim Hof: Iceman

Dutchman Wim Hof ​​has an amazing ability to withstand extremely low temperatures. He ran marathons barefoot in the snow, was immersed in cold water and set a world record for staying in an ice bath - 1 hour 52 minutes. Furthermore, Wim Hof ​​climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, being alone shorts, for which he earned the nickname "Ice Man." The man says that he has reached a state in which absolutely does not feel cold, only through meditation. Researchers have confirmed that Vim really capable of consciously control their autonomic nervous system and the immune system response.

Mas Oyama 4: could throw a bull with one blow

Mas Oyama (1923-1994) was a master of martial arts and a champion, which nobody has been able to overcome. It is said that he spent three days with a variety of opponents in one hundred battles lasting no more than two minutes, and came out the winner of each. Mas Oyama also became famous with his bare hands fighting with angry bulls and could dump them all at one stroke.

5 Tibetan monks practicing tummo: able to produce their own body a huge amount of heat

It is known that Buddhist monks practicing tummo (yoga of inner fire), are capable of without a single muscle movements to increase their body temperature up to an incredibly high standard. To showcase their extraordinary abilities, they put on the shoulders of large towels soaked in ice water, and an hour after deep meditation, they become completely dry. Person's ability to consciously raise their body temperature to explain the science has not yet been given.

6 Master Zhou: "Pearl of China"

Master Zhou is a healer and a master of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong. "Qi" in the word "qigong" is translated as "heat"; exactly this is the extraordinary ability Master Zhou: he has a rare gift with their own hands to heat things. He demonstrated his outstanding talent by drying clay and allowing the water to the boiling point. Master Zhou also uses his unique ability to treat tumors, body aches and a host of other ailments that plague ordinary people. Among his patients were such famous personalities as the Dalai Lama and members of the basketball team, "the Los Angeles Lakers." For his exceptional gift of Master Zhou was given the nickname "Pearl of China". He argues that the emergence of power in his hands "chi" - is the result of constant meditation.

7 Michel Lotito: "Monsieur eat all»

Frenchman Michel Lotito (1950-2007) an ulterior motive at home called 'Monsieur Mangetout', which in Russian sounds like "Monsieur will eat anything." In the period from 1959 to 1997, he literally consumed about nine tons of metal objects, including aircraft, seven TVs, 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, and the coffin of the Eiffel Tower. In what is the cause of such manifestations in Lotito shocking abilities? This rare phenomenon in science and medicine known as "pikatsizm" - an eating disorder, which is expressed in the craving for inedible substances. It, along with an unusually thick gastric mucosa, and Lotito allowed to consume a huge amount of metal that he, by the way, cut into small pieces, watered with oil and swallowed with water. Michel Lotito died, oddly enough, a natural death.

8 Isao Machii: Supersamuray

Isao Machii stuns the audience with their incredible skills with the sword: he is able to cut in half released from airguns plastic bullet, the velocity of which is more than 320 km / hour. Trick made Isao, was captured on video; viewing it in slow motion, the researchers were surprised at how accurate and lightning-fast reaction and movement were young supersamuraya.

9 Ben Andenrvud: oriented in space with the help of sounds

Andenrvud Ben was born in 1992; at the age of three years, he underwent major surgery, during which he removed both eyes. But Ben was significantly different from other visually impaired people: he did not need any cane or a guide dog, and all because he had learned to navigate in space by means of sounds. By five years, Ben has developed the ability to echolocation - the skills to "see" the surrounding objects by sensing audio signals reflected from them. Because of this, he, like all normal children could ride a skateboard, play football, to defend themselves against bullies and stuff. Unfortunately, Ben was not able to overcome the disease, led him to complete blindness. He died in 2009 at age 16.

10 Natalia Demkina: X-Ray Vision

Natalia Demkina first discovered his unique ability to see through a person's skin at the age of ten years, and since then uses it to establish the diagnosis to people who come to her for help. To prove or disprove the girl that she has X-ray vision, medical experts conducted with the participation of a number of her extensive research.
In 2004, Channel Discovery Channel produced a documentary film about the extraordinary abilities of Natalia Demkina titled "Girl with X-ray eyes." During the study, conducted by the Committee of skeptical investigations (CSI), Natasha asked to identify the health status of the six volunteers who have undergone surgery or have physical abnormalities. Girl for four hours to see patients and was able to make a correct diagnosis of the four of them. CSI representatives considered these results inconclusive, and that the study ended. Nevertheless, Natalia and to this day continues to help sick people. 

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