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Father of history Herodotus called the Egyptian Pyramids first wonder of the world. past since the time of the Millennium not only confirm the truth of his words, but more and more researchers are forced to consider it the greatest miracle and mystery of all known to mankind.Pyramids initiations In the "Emerald Tablets" Hermes Trismegistus, which the Egyptians associated with God Thoth, it is said that the Great Pyramid was conducted initiation process - "initiation" adept in the secret knowledge, and the "camera Pharaoh" was en initiation.Initiations conducted two: the first - in the sarcophagus, and the second, after many years, held in the center of the room, marked the middle diagonally. In Egyptian practices required twelve years of schooling of the Left Eye of Horus, and twelve years in school right eye of Horus, to reach the stage of "initiation", and only after twenty-four years of study recognized adept ready for initiation. Luis Ortega - academician, philosopher and Nobel laureate, wrote: "Between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid was earlier Gallery Arcana. Twenty senior major arcana were located on both sides of the gallery, and they were made ​​from the minerals of existing arcane. Neophyte, touching an obelisk lasso, get knowledge directly. " Above the sarcophagus, which is in the "King's Chamber", discovered a strange structure, shaped like a beehive. The structure is composed of four elements of the same shape but different materials. They are superposed on each other and form a galvanic cell. This item is radiant and strong vibrations, which are recorded not only devices, but the pendulum. This vibration wave was life or death of a wave, depending on whether the person "the initiated." Egyptian priests known as "relay" and "model" for the treatment of this wave. In the Great Pyramid Egyptian priests held the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. and priests taught "dedicated" to predict the future by the stars and get in touch with cosmic forces. Drunvalo, and esoteric scholar, in his book "The Secret Egyptian Mystery" writes: "... the ancient Egyptian mysteries taught that the divine energies come to the top of the Great Pyramid, which is likened to an inverted tree with the crown at the bottom and the top of the roots. From this inverted tree the divine wisdom spreads down the sloping sides and spreads all over the world.The triangular shape of the pyramid is similar to the posture of the human body, which it takes the traditional meditation. The Great Pyramid on a plan priests likened the universe, its tip - man reaching for God. Through mystical corridors and chambers of the Great Pyramid were initiated, they were as people, and go out as gods. " Theosophist and writer Helena Blavatsky in "The Secret Doctrine" wrote "... The builders of the pyramids, of course, possessed a knowledge of the lost Atlantis, and it is at this knowledge of the program was established and a number of the mysteries of initiation. Cycle initiations produces miniature great series of cosmic changes, astronomers called "the Star Year". At the end of the series "Star of the Year" - 25,868 years, the celestial bodies are returned to the same relative position which they occupied at the beginning of it.Dedicated man regains its original state of divine purity and knowledge with which he began his cycle of earthly incarnations. " "The Matrix of life on Earth," molecular biologist Peter Garyaev and physicist George Tertyshnyj called pyramid complex Kailash "matrix of life on Earth" - so striking was his similarity with the spatial structure of DNA. Pyramid complex energy information obtained from space and "broadcast" directly into the DNA of living organisms. In the ancient Tibetan texts written, the sacred mountain of Kailash in Tibet was built through the power of the five elements - air, water, earth, wind, fire. Bonpo Lama explains that the power of the five elements, it is necessary to understand how psychic energy. Professor Ernst Muldashev writes that "there is a strict mathematical system location of the Pyramids and ancient monuments in the world, since the pyramids were built with the purpose of entering into the world of" subtle energies. " As described in the Tibetan religion, the Atlanteans were given access to knowledge Lemurian on mastering the power of spiritual energy. These "true knowledge" were recorded at the famous "golden plates", which according to the legend hidden in the deepest recesses of Tibet and the Himalayas. " Some scientists believe that in the geometric shape of a pyramid coded information about the structure of the universe, the solar system and the human. Greek philosopher Plato was open positive impact of five geometric shapes - cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodekaedra on the energy structure of the person.Scientists suggest that these five crystal lattices have a powerful harmonizing and activating effect on the centers of man, which is achieved due to the generation of "torsion fields "Platonic solids. Pythagoras believed that each of the geometric shapes is a model of the corresponding element: tetrahedron - fire, cube - land, octahedron - air, icosahedron - water dodecahedron - aether. These elements are the building blocks of the universe. The human body is a hologram of the universe and contains the same framework and laws. At the microscopic level, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are relative parameters of DNA, the plan on which all life is built. Generators energy Edgar Keysi- American clairvoyant and healer, claimed that in the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza stored records and household items Atlantean proving the existence of highly developed science and technology in the distant past. Pyramid, according to Casey, was built between 10490 and 10390 years BC. Casey called the pyramid of Cheops' Pyramid of Understanding. " It is, according to him, was created by using the phenomenon of levitation. The Great Pyramid is a giant, powerful generator of special energy used by the pharaohs and priests. Scientists have found that the pyramidal shape of the hub is the best so-called radioestezicheskogo radiation due to the influence of the Earth. This radiation has a high penetrating power and the specific action, resulting in a change in the physico-chemical and biological properties of objects, including living organisms and humans. cosmic lighthouses Great Pyramid of Cheops at Giza - according to some scholars, resembles the cosmic lighthouse. William Matthew Flinders Petrie - a prominent British archaeologist, found that the side faces of the pyramid are concave surface. In ancient times, the pyramid was lined with polished slabs of limestone. If the lateral edge is a part of a spherical surface, the focal length of the mirror was 7300 meters. A second design feature of the Great Pyramid - the presence of "ventilation shafts." They are arranged in pairs: two depart from the "King's Chamber" and two - from the "Queen's Chamber". Each of them is in the body of the pyramid is almost perpendicular to the surface of the side faces, and all of them are strictly oriented to certain celestial bodies in the era of 2450 BC. Settlements astronomers showed that the ventilation shafts "King's Chamber" aimed at certain celestial bodies: The South - the star Zeta Orionis, and the northern - to Alpha Draconis, which in 2450 BC. e. was a "pole of the world" - to perform the same role that now performs the North Star. According to the calculations of astronomers, the vertical axis of the pyramid in ancient times was aimed at the star cluster Pleiades. From the north and south walls "Queen's Chamber" in the thick of the pyramid go two "air shafts". On the southern shaft German engineer R. Gantenbrink spent a miniature robot, which covered the distance of 60 m, ran into a stone slab - flap. Astronomers have calculated that the "air shaft" in 2450 BC. e. was aimed at Sirius. North mine "Queen's Chamber" was aimed at the star Beta Ursa Minor. Ultra precise orientation of the Great Pyramid in relation to the Earth's rotation axis and the plane of the ecliptic, the specific form of its side faces, the presence of box channel waveguide type - all this suggests that the pyramid was part of the device for Deep Space Communications. Pyramids - resonators Some scientists believe that the shape of the Pyramids - in particular the form of the Great Pyramid - resonates with all sorts of energy fields surrounding our planet, cosmic rays, electric discharges, waves of gravity. This resonance forms the so-called "effect of the pyramids." In a pyramid, forces do not obey the known laws of physics. In the middle of the last century, a professor at Munich University Schumann found that the Earth and its ionosphere form a giant cavity, where the waves propagate very low frequencies. For the first time the effect of standing waves was observed and analyzed by Nikola Tesla. Wavelength is approximately equal to the Schuman 38000 km, which is almost equal to the circumference of the Earth, Schumann wave propagating at the speed of light per second encircles the planet 8 times. Investigations have shown that the "wave noise" generated by the space between the inner and outer core of the Earth, with the Earth's rotation between them is "stalling". Earth works as a gigantic dynamo, forming not only its own magnetic field, but also other forms of energy. Mass and geometry of the Pyramids may block or modify radiation, they modify existing outside of the pyramid energy medium. According to some sources, the determining factor in the orientation of the pyramids in the world, were not part of the world, and the orientation of the faces of the pyramid complex, the main Pyramid, which was before the Flood at the North Pole - Mount Meru, which is identified with the sacred Mount Kailash. Mount Meru has served as the main resonator. Keepers Gene Pool Theosophist and writer Helena Blavatsky in "The Secret Doctrine" wrote that the Pyramids are a place of localization the human gene pool, "... the adherents of the third, fourth and fifth races are in dugouts under piramidopodobnymi buildings." Andrew Thomas - a writer and researcher of the Himalayas, in his book "Shambhala - an oasis of Light" writes: "... we will open the secret vault in Egypt and show the existence of a highly developed science and technology in the distant past, people will see the stunning success of the civilization that existed many thousands of years before us." Pyramids "Force" in the film "The Power" produced by DDC Media and SOHO Entertainment describes the primal force that once influenced the creation of the universe, historical events, and now affects the global economic and interstate issues. caves in central Africa found cave drawings of ritual with the image of "a sign of strength," they can also be found in the Mayan pyramids of South America. Two great civilizations - Ancient Egypt and the Mayan civilization has a total Force, the common roots of culture and shared history of occurrence. From the "Energy Force" the universe was born. Life on Earth came under the influence of the "Energy of the Force." Symbol keeps the secret birth of our world, and perhaps the entire Universe. Location Pyramids around the world is not by chance, they are all created by the same consciousness, according to a single plan and a precise calculation. Professor Ernst Muldashev in the book "In Search of the City of Gods" writes that the distance between the Earth Pyramids, monuments of antiquity, the North Pole is at 6666 km, in terms that it is 1.6 length of the equator. distances between objects, calculated in accordance with the geographic coordinates found using Google Earth, are: Kailash - North Pole - 6556 km, the Egyptian pyramids - North Pole - 6676 km;Kailash - Stonehenge - 6925 km; Stonehenge - Devils Tower - 7065 km; Stonehenge - Bermuda Triangle - 6331 km, North Pole - 7047 km. Obviously, in the range of 1 / 6 length of the equator with an accuracy of 1.2 thousand kilometers (about 18%) and should take the hypothesis Ernst Muldasheva on rigorous mathematical system location of the Pyramids and ancient monuments in the world. Perhaps Earth Pyramid was built in the place of power, are the generators of the "Energy Force" ?


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