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Advances of modern science of man is not just modest, and science itself, in my opinion, is at an impasse. Why? The fact that doctors and their ilk do not consider the fact that the body of any living organism is composed of four bodies and carries four genome: material, water, ether, and the genome of time.
wave energy subtle bodies of man can give (the descriptions of Tibetan books) fabulous results.
try to sort things out by observing whether or not we plasticine and Nature took care of us by giving everyone an equal opportunity. parents begin to write the script of life of their children from the moment they are merged for the conception of a new life. That's just the majority of them because of their ignorance and unwillingness and inability to understand the importance of their task, systematically destroying their children's chances for success in life.Then the collective education and injures crushes individuality sprouts, getting countless grains of sand with a primitive way of thinking. Such controlled biological being, with the development of civilization more and more focusing on the giant traps advertisements, information networks and global teleprostranstve happy to continue the work of their ancestors, adding to him the largest herd on this planet under the code name "the rest of mankind." But talking about the few , only to see the light, who has a strong will and a way of thinking, who discovers the world of serious books and not doomed to become a social being controlled. About those who is subject to an immense distance and majesty of the vertices of the human spirit. Magical destiny is elected or the awakening of desire in every human being to create, implement their own, albeit for someone fantastic dreams, is subject to any and everyone? Is there anything in life heroes mysticism or dizzying success has nothing to do with innate qualities? Who they are: the Messiah, the higher beings or people self-denial, self-sacrificing, possessed, capable of operating even under the most adverse circumstances? What is more important: correct psychological attitude, the ability to generate ideas, or the presence of other qualities in life recognized geniuses? All religions of the planet say that we are not only "burdened" the material body, but the people were originally created as a creature of the spiritual world. The memory of this breed in the subconscious, and is reflected in the folklore of every nation, and come up with something that was not - it is impossible. Among the many mysteries, who asked the world order of the Temple, there is another mystery regarding the magic of body and soul. According to them, the Light Conductors born in the eighth dimension, connected with a man getting his astral body or a guardian angel. Thanks to their efforts, there was a person that is predicated on the spirit. But not everyone can take the spirit, because were very strong human qualities. On the union of Heaven and Earth tells one of the manuscripts stored in the documents of the Knights Templar, who have seen our main purpose is to bring together all those in whom embodied Leahy - Conductors of Light and remind them of the great mission.How it ended, unfortunately, many people know. Oriental writings also speak about the law, where like attracts like, and the mind of man is in the world with similar vibrations. According to this conception of the universe, the consciousness of the earthly man is not always at the level of the people, and can belong to representatives of different worlds. Their six known.
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Oriental writings also speak of the law, where like attracts like, and the mind of man is in the world with similar vibrations. According to this conception of the universe, the consciousness of the earthly man is not always at the level of the people, and can belong to representatives of different worlds. Their six known. Let's discuss each of them.
Terrestrial gods.
People with factor earthly gods always attractive in appearance and talented. In the world of their interests include art, they feel the need for the harmony of colors, flavors and other properties of the astral body is almost forgotten by others. It's mostly artists, poets, visionaries and dreamers just actors. Most often, the gods of the earth are not practical and the least concern for the welfare of rough plan: they are poor or have wealth, and not very important to them. Seeing is perfect for them as natural as breathing; see the evil and ugliness relations - painfully. Gods eschew intrigue, gossip, are not taken anyone to criticize, they do not see the banner on the barricades - they rise above the boiling passions. They are distinguished by the unusual, creative solutions, open-minded, logical reasoning, rather than the adoption of short-term solutions to everyday problems. Their world filled with love, compassion, paints the world beauty. They soar above the greyness of everyday life on the wings of his imagination and introspection. Even the "awakening" in the minds of God does not want to be kept informed of poor quality, it is not interested in cheap detectives, crime stories, gossip and gossip, talk about acquisitions, vices, fall and things. Consciousness will rise above the malice and all that stems from feelings of envy and fear. Gradually come completely new approach to the world - all living beings will seem family and nobody, not even being the lower classes do not cause a categorical misunderstanding. However, they may fall into apathy and idly watch the world go out of their shell. The inner world of the gods of the earth better outside world and they are not always in a hurry to leave the state of contemplation. If this period lasts a long time, he leads them into errors, suffering, and then to degradation. People-gods occupy the highest level in the society: the actors, artists or simply unknown to anyone aristocrats of the spirit. Due to the fact that they almost can not tolerate out of control, limiting their freedoms and can not stand the fight, they usually do not stand on the commanding heights of any structure associated with power over people, and prefer their flight in the quiet contemplative , away from the raging warrior of human passions. This property is the soul of earthly god often causes him to suffer as others, it is annoying and leads to resentment. Externally, the earth god does not like to stand out, though it prefers gold and pale purple tones in clothing. It does not attract the pomp and expensive dress, but highlights the majestic gait and grace of movement, and the dreamy, languid eyes often large eyes with a golden rim around the pupil, will not allow confusion with other representatives of the worlds of living in the world. People - demons. following a sizeable class - the asuras or, in our modern language, demonic beings. Consciousness of these creatures is expressed primarily in the desire to fight. Risk and political battles, sports close to impossible, the army with the most rigid discipline, feuds and intrigues, trials and espionage, car chases and fights without pravil- this is not a complete list, in which their consciousness in his element. Asura energetic and active, their motion cutting and categorical opinion, they are unique and can not be subordinate to - it is for them a painful death. Human society they aspire to leadership positions and almost always achieve desired: this policy, the military, athletes, police. They do not have open-mindedness of the previous species, but they successfully solve the problems of human society. Externally, they are somewhat coarser than the gods of the earth, like tight clothes silvery steel shades m when communicating gesture, shaking his head, shrugged his shoulders. Asura path, the path of struggle and victory is dangerous because of passion often discarded asuras from heaven into the world of hell in the world agressin, self-centeredness, anger, peculiar to the fighters, this path can lead to misery and degradation.Just people. Below is the actual level of the asuras world of men. Distinctive and dominant character trait - attachment: to his own home, family, work, customs and relatives. They fear and avoid the loneliness that is not at all scary, and even attracts the two previous groups. People do not set themselves important task, the implementation of which would require them to fight or concentration of thought, and most importantly for them - it's family, home, life, customs, compliance with which is their need. Many of the people sometimes with irritation, sometimes with envy discuss two previous class, trying in many ways to be like them, but blindly copying behavior, sayings, lifestyle turns out only a cartoon. That's why people are so fond of thousands of spectacle - a show where personally can admire the idols, which will then be copied, often becoming blind slaves mass hobbies, fashion. Love to trick out in a blue-green color in different shades, walk hunched over with his head down, sitting relaxed posture accept. man - animal. At step below the level of the people - a class of people, animals.These are people with a dominant animal consciousness, live instincts. Sensitive to external stimuli, suffering from delusions of hoarding, ready to dissemble before the strong and show cowardice. Prone to naushnichestvu, petty intrigues, gossip ... Outwardly not look particularly attractive: the clothes are often old style, shabby and faded colors, unkempt. Hungry spirits.Mir Preto go hungry, wandering spirits is even lower. The main feature of this dominant class - the constant dissatisfaction, a strong dependence on material objects. Prohibitions are never satisfied, they are not available admiration spiritual high, noble.This class of beings not know the feeling of compassion, they do not understand and do not forgive others' weaknesses, do not appreciate the beauty of the relationship and strength of spirit. Appearance hundred percent of the preta repellent - they have a big belly and torso leaning back. Love to get oneself into a dirty yellow robes and dull shades of other colors.Hell. Finally, being located at the lowest level of consciousness - a product of Hell. Heavy gait and a deep voice with a hint of "metal", a rough appearance. They tend to all that brings suffering to others, swearing and angry, listen to music devoid of harmony, "sin" assault and battery, and sometimes even commit murder - it depends on how strong they belong to the world of hell. In this world the lowest prosper perversion, horror, murder. Beings belonging to this world or the candidates there, interested distortions relish criminal history, calmly react to rudeness and are drawn to the bloody history. Color Hell - Black.Chance of a different color of the iris. Remember the Bulgakov's Woland 'right eye was black and dead, and left - green and insane? " Characters and motivate people according to the law of oriental writings - is primarily the role played by the particles of the Universal Mind. Body - the robot because of certain qualities of the soul, which he chose the path leading to the suffering of affected placed on one or the other level of "zhiznesoznaniya." But, following a tame, subordinate to the will of the mind, you can move to a new stage of the universe.

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