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Incredible features of the human body has always been interesting and scientists, and ordinary people. After all, some people are blessed with such strange powers that are extremely difficult to explain from a rational point of view. Offered to become better acquainted with the personalities, which nature endowed enigmatic features.

Ice Man Wim Hof


Dutchman Wim Hof ​​absolutely does not feel cold. Even in the most extreme conditions of his or her body does not suffer from low temperatures. A man does not just lay on the ice for a long time or conquering mountains in shorts. According to medical tests, even in extremely cold his body is not subjected to any changes.

Kam Ma and 1015 rings in the body


Hairdresser from Sunderland Kam Ma has set itself an incredible number of rings on the body - in 1015 - without anesthesia.He tolerated 7:00 55 minutes - all the time while not over-time wizard.

Bioenergy Resources Etibar Elchiev


Azerbaijani Etibar Elche has a unique ability - he can attract metal. In 2011, he set a record, retaining body 50 iron spoons.He also held half a minute on the chest "stuck" iron hood weighing 14 pounds, on which stood a man weighing 92 kilograms.Thus, the total weight of the cargo was held 106 pounds.

Amazing spine Evans


Spine Evans to be envied. Or vice versa ... A man can keep a vehicle on its head, of course, not without the help of hands.

The strongest grandmother Sakinat Hanapieva


In its 76 years Sakinat not concede, perhaps, super strong girl. Grandma likes to stand on nails, lifting with a weight of 24 kilograms.

The man in the best physical shape Dean Karnazes


Dean Karnazes - a true legend ultramarathon. He is a permanent member of the legendary races Western States 100 and Badwater Ultramarathon. However, the most famous man got their media projects - running from Disneyland to New York for 75 days, 350-mile run for 80 hours non-stop, and the 148-mile run in 24 hours.

Strong ears Lasha Pataraya


Champion of Georgia in Greco-Roman wrestling set 2 world records for weight lifting ears. First he pulled 48 meters minibus, trailer it to the ears of nylon cord, then - again ears - off the ground weights Weighing 52 kilograms and kept them in a position 14 seconds.

Human lightning rod Cleveland Sullivan


Roy Cleveland Sullivan - a man caught in the Guinness Book of Records as the man who was struck by lightning in a record seven times, after which he remained alive.

Custom musician Joseph Pujol


French actor Joseph Pujol at the famous Moulin Rouge theater got up remarkable tricks - with the help of the emitted gases he modeled real melodies.

"Hercules" from France Pierre Gasner


Man could lift weights, which weighed 2 times more than he did, and could break the iron chain by expanding his chest.

Trapper John cannonballs Holtum


To become famous and make a name for himself, circus strongman invented not just to play with hard objects, and catch them. And it was not the weight, but very real core of the guns that shoot

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