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ccording T.Endryusu (1999.), the Spirit with the forward motion to the developing fetus, in steps, gradually reduces the intensity of their cosmic vibrations, so as not to cause damage. All the way to his promotion to the fetus produces thin body, energy shells of varying degrees of density. appears first Aatmic body Spirit (energy center Chakra Sahasrara). The seal of the body leads to the appearance of the body Buddhic consciousness, it participates in the formation of the mental body of thought, has with it's energy ties. Subsequent sealing forms a causal, the causal body of the Supreme Mind's Energocentr Vishudha. This body provides a channel of communication with the Universal Mind, the energy for earthly embodiments, the memory of them.

Thus, a spiritual, immortal triad Soul, which is not connected with the physical body. Energy of the triad provides inner vision with the eyes closed, that is used "when traveling in the world of imagination, therapy with symbols and images." There are many observations where during his clinical death, patients see operating and doctors. This effect was observed even in the blind from birth.  energetic counterpart of the physical body is the etheric body, its energy shells penetrate the mental and astral bodies. particular importance is the mental body of thought, it communicates with the body consciousness of the immortal part of the soul in the heart. reach Thoughts it via high frequency vibrations are converted to energy thoughtforms effect on the cellular level. Heart manages these vibrations, which has a systemic effect on the entire body. thoughts connected with the body of the right hemisphere, the realm of the unconscious, its energy is recovered during the slow phase of sleep. This is a bridge between higher spirituality and mental health. Vera, treatment with a prayer to God, which does not contain requests, and expresses admiration for the Creator of all life on earth, creates prayerful consciousness. This enhances the flow of energy of the Spirit to the mental body from unfulfilled part of the soul. At this point, the purification of the physical body from the negative effects of his own thoughts and the thoughts of others. As cleansing formula uses the words "I love you, Lord." Established the identity of the electrical activity of the brain in the pronunciation of prayers and during the slow phase of sleep, which restores the energy of the mental body. Buddhic energy and mental bodies open up the path to enlightenment and superconscious: "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48)." "Pursue the same love, desire earnestly spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14 : 1). " energy of the astral body is restored during sleep, when it goes into the astral world. The memory of this is missing. Energocenter astral body chakra Manipur, in the solar plexus supplies energy to other centers. Emotional stress, lack of funds for the fulfillment of desires, negative emotions disrupt the operation of this energy center and the entire inner grid. The result is a parasitic samoenergovampirizm, there is a transformation in energovampira. With low desires, violations of ethics and morality in the unconscious dominated by negative self-hypnosis, which is one of the main causes of neurogenic and psychogenic illness. At the same time self-esteem, the presence of moral values, self-love, and all living things, the desire to earn the love of one's neighbor his astral body restores energy by creating positive thinking. In this case the Heavenly Father forgives sins of people: "Reject away from you all your transgressions, whereby sinned, and make you a new heart and a new spirit (Ezekiel 18: 31)." Prevalence of energy immortal triad of energy in the power sector of Mental Health Enhancement allows you to create a new pattern of behavior, to find spirituality. Chakras are natural, invisible filters that extract energy from the environment a substance which in the form of radiation comes from outer space, it was called the breath of life, prana. In the physical body, it circulates in the bloodstream after receiving pranic current. Energocenter astral body not only accumulates and distributes prana other centers, but also coordinates the exchange in nature. Prana is subject imaginable orders, it can be sent to the sick bodies. All living creatures passed her information. Biofield some people at a certain level of energy can come into contact with the field phantom of the Supreme Mind, field sense. It looks for opportunities psychographics, psychometrics ekstrosensoriki and trance states.
Their achievements in the field of clinical medicine, was well known surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor VF The war Yasenetsky, who made ​​history in the Russian Orthodox Church as saint Luke, was canonized. In his book "The Spirit, Soul and Body" (2001.) He comes to the conclusion that for the manifestation of the Spirit of our transcendental abilities, achievements sverhoznaniya need to significantly weakened the ordinary consciousness. It is known that in the fast phase of sleep before waking up see prophetic dreams, solve scientific problems, experiencing enlightenment. Under present conditions the thought of St. Luke can be realized when the special states of consciousness during hypnosis and audiotransa. E.Dauda The manual "Cognitive Hypnotherapy" (2001.) creative thinking, gipnorepetitsii positive developments after the trance become the basis of psychotherapy. trance In the patient begins to consider the suggestion, as their own experiences and reflections, which indicates the occurrence of self-hypnosis. Even in the absence of target suggestion, hypnosis allows the body to make a "flight into health." Kirlian - photos clearly show that in this case there is a restoration of energy bio-field, the activation of the unconscious resources to achieve personal growth, protection against all kinds energovampirizma.Development of self-hypnosis is essential in order who by virtue of their profession often interacts with biofields others. In this case, there is a "chronic fatigue syndrome", a drop of efficiency, there is a "burning of the person." The destiny of man is determined by unconscious self-hypnosis, which occurred as a result of adverse events in the past, have become "the accumulated stress." Formation of negative self-hypnosis is influenced by education, training , society. This problem is particularly acute for Russian suffering nostalgia abroad. They were taken into exile psychological trauma received in a totalitarian state, were excommunicated from the spirituality propaganda of militant atheism. These people can eliminate the negative events of the past, get the help of a psychologist only through positive suggestion programs in the native language of childhood and adolescence. In this case, self-hypnosis will be for them a form of training where gipnorepetitsii positive developments become a conditioned reflex, a new model of behavior. Studies in fundamental science have shown that trans reflects the natural desire for change, a new search engine activity. should be noted that on Throughout the evolution of Homo sapiens, trance has always been a factor which, in a manner of existence, producing religious experience, appeal to our inner world, which is beginning to exceed the external reality. In the work of modern authors, which discusses the problem of the Soul (TS and VJ Tikhoplav , 2001). mentioned study IP Volkov (1999.) M.Gendelya (1999.), Which are based on the concepts of past civilizations. This information allows you to review concluded that the barrier between the spiritual and soul in the power sector Soul successfully overcome not only the "great dedication", but also other representatives of mankind due to the existence of power relations, interaction Buddhic body consciousness with the mental body of thought in the heart. The intensity of this process determines the prevalence or lack of desire for spiritual evolution, and that has an impact on the lives and destiny of man. In any case, depending on the manifestation of free will, he shall have established fisheries God to approach the divine consciousness, the original source, or to get a new experience of the earth, to be dominated by "wheel of reincarnation". Energy biofield is directly dependent on the energy of the subtle bodies that surround it, but a reflection of this pattern is fixed only with the help of Kirlian photographs of the etheric body. possible to assume that each energy center in the chakra system has an individual filter for the transformation of the environment prana, transforming it in pranic current, which brings a breath of life every cell of the physical body. should be noted that according to the holistic paradigm of the third millennium, the consciousness of modern man is increasingly viewed outside the context of the anatomical structure of the brain, it has acquired an interpersonal nature, is involved in planetary and cosmic processes.Quite possibly, that this is due to the fact that the biological objects operates a space factor, which has the molecular structure contains coded information is present at the same time in the present, past and future (AP Dubrov, 1993. Treasurers and VP , 1996).

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