Thursday, September 4, 2014


The great 20th century clairvoyant Edgar Cayce became known throughout the world prophecies, success in healing at a distance of thousands of people in the United States. These abilities appear to him after immersion in a trance, to achieve self-hypnosis. Quite unexpectedly, during one of the sessions he was asked questions on the problem of the universe, the existence of the soul. It was known that he was a true believer, attended church, knew the Bible. Surprisingly present, his answer was that he could not know. This information is owned by the esoteric, secret knowledge of the distant past.According to the "revelations" of the seer, God created reflected in the form of the cosmos and the soul. For this we need a system of harmony and balance, she brought world music, mathematics, geometry. Implementation of the plan of God, countless carried out with the help of "ray of creation." Any laws of negative and positive, of attraction and repulsion, of cause and effect.

In the emergence of the Soul was the Spirit. Soul was required to communicate to the Creator created in his image and likeness. Then came the part of the soul that has been born of God, depended on it, but there was a separate, possessed free will. Thus, the soul includes the energy of the Spirit and the energy of the new personality which had free will.  great thinker of antiquity, Plato said that sensual body comes not all the soul, and only some of it is that when immersed in this world, hardens to prevent the perception of higher part of the soul. Esoteric schools of antiquity believed that the subtle worlds differ in the degree of density, have a special type of energy. Seal of the Divine consciousness formed Soul. in the scriptures of the Hindus and Muslims are told that soul begins its journey after contact with the crystal lattice of minerals. Of this kingdom it comes to the world of plants, which have memory and emotions according to modern science. After the animal world becomes the property of the human soul. This process is reflected in the poem, which came from the ancient Sanskrit:"The soul sleeps in the minerals, dozing in plants moves to the animals find themselves in the man, " According to the Bible, God created the world of sentient beings: " entered into them the Spirit of life from God (Revelation 11: 1) " The Apostle Paul in his letter reminds us that there are, as it were two stages in the creation of the Soul: "But the spiritual is not first, but the natural, then the spiritual (1 Cor. 15:46 ) " It follows that the mental, mental health belongs to the part of the soul, which is separated, has free will.

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