Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Angels Angels

 (483x321, 27Kb)
This is not fantasy, but a picture of the river, which was manifested Angel!
Usually I present them to yourself when dusk, in the evening hour suburbs or the plains, in a long and quiet moment when you can see only what light rays of sunset, and the colors seem to be memories or forebodings of other shades. Not worth nothing to bother the angels, because this is the last of the deity, who found shelter with us - suddenly they will fly away.
Sometimes, you're going to put an end, thinking that he had discovered, reinterpreted, and did all he could - and the music of the angels and all the sounds heard in your heart. And you can not just get up and leave but to plunge into his former life ... I want to sit still, do not breathe, do not move, so as not to startle, to the angels flew to this mystery continued as long as possible. After all, it's so touching and so fragile! soul is asking for silence and tears ... After all, when the angels around you cry from the beauty and the purity of emotion and, because you're happy, even if you are very hard ... After all, when the angels around you cry for love that fills your heart and that you are willing to share with the world, to inspire her entire world, even if you are very lonely ... Like an angel from the sky serene, in a blaze of fire quiet gentle soul you pray for himself and for me. Thou me love words Doubt spirit otzheni And my heart quiet wings of Thy prayers fall. A. Fet

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