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Everyone knows about the chakras in a human - is different energy levels of your soul, which corresponds to a certain level of your consciousness. And when you practice the so-called kundalini - meditation, where your energy is raised to higher levels.The whole point of this meditation is to minimize all the chakras together at one point, a group of spheres. When you do this - all you focus on one thought in your mind and find the channel. Through which your mind can connect to your higher self, that is, establish contact with him. This center channel is the place where everything happens. center of your brain has a small gland, it is called the pineal because it looks like a little shishechka. It is strictly in the geometric center of your brain. And this fact is very important and is shown in all ancient cultures. This is evident from the Sumerian civilization, which gives a clear description and you can see the symbolism of cones. The theme of our ancestors were engaged very seriously. Information hiding and encoded in the form of symbols. And why all cultures focused on shishkoobraznoy gland? The pineal gland - a connection point where all energies converge together. Pharaohs also had this symbolism on its head. This shows the full activation of the kundalini and all the chakras. And Pharaoh contact with the higher realities have had in my head. Babylon God Thamos in hand also holds the cone. Shiva - god of destruction of the old and create a new bump on his head is in the form of hair. The images of this deity also has a third eye symbols and snakes. God of drunkenness and villainy Bahos and he holds a scepter, which is crowned - bump. Why are alcoholic drinks called spirits? Alcohol from the word spirit - the spirit and the spirit that opens the door to demonic influences. Through shishkoobraznuyu iron film takes control of a drunk man. Dionysus, the god of control as death and rebirth, also has a lump on his wand. What's in the Vatican even today. At the Vatican square stands a giant statue ... pinecone! Too fond of cones. In the background behind this statue ball. Right and left of the Cones large peacocks, giving the feeling of Egypt and reminds ibis. A statue in front of an open sarcophagus, the same as in the tomb of the great pyramid. What does the open sarcophagus in the pyramid? It is a symbol of immortality and the transition to the spiritual world. And the center of all of this design is a pinecone - shishkoobraznaya iron. This part is called the Vatican - yard pinecone.
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 And now look at the huge ball of the cone. He polished mirror. It is a symbol of divinity and of his creation. The question is, why they are there it's all put together? Why since ancient times to the present, this character is so important? And the Pope of the Vatican on the rod, and it is the same shishechka. Furthermore, the rod looks like a tree in the world. Namely, the tree of the world see on initialization, when they go to the spiritual world of the universe. See something similar to the umbrellas, ie has stem, which is connected on all sides with spheres. And what is the link between the tree of peace and the pontiff? Here is the pine cone, ie the pineal gland. And with its full activation occurs access to the tree of peace, repository of all spiritual wisdom and knowledge. A wand of Hermes has in its symbolism of two snakes, seeking again to the cone.Doctors noticed what changes occur when light falls on the person. The light transmitted by the pineal gland. When the light is lost. That the pineal gland begins to produce melatonin - a signal the onset of sleep. The pineal gland is strongly associated with sleep mode. When you need to reach a mystical state, immerse yourself in meditation, etc. - All this makes the pineal gland. In other words, if you cook the outside light, the lights inside - this is the effect of melatonin. Only then can we have access to spiritual knowledge. Jesus: "Those who sit in darkness have seen a great light." Pituitary gland can also produce DMT. This material has become very popular and it affects our deep sense of time travel. It happens. When you connect to the field, where time is no longer linear, and the volume and you can move in it. Then open access paranormal worlds. The biggest secret is that it is filled with water. Why is this so important? Water. Changes its structure when you pass back and forth through the space-time. With age, the water is filled with calcium salts. This allows the way to determine when the person in the brain tumor. Because of calcium salts, the pineal gland is shifted slightly to the side. The process of calcification in the Bible is just called the mark of the beast. It means. That you are bound fetters of materialism and you block access to spirituality. turns the inner surface of the gland is covered rods and cones, exactly the same as our eyes. That they are the third eye. Perhaps, this view must have all the parts that have normal eyes. Liquid is accurate and there is a small TV and you can take both video and audio signals. These signals are captured by the rods and cones. It is precisely your imagination. This gland - silver string your transition. All people who have experience of leaving the body tell about a cracking sound. This occurs electromagnetic field when the external light is extinguished and stimulated generation of an DMT. pineal gland is the largest blood flow per unit volume, it also has the most powerful concentration of energy than anything else in your body. And all this because it is the gate to the underworld. Imagine that around the glands begin to appear and rotate with high speed electromagnetic fields and they all revolve in different directions very quickly. And you get a perfectly formed field around the gland. Thus iron is isolated from all the different energy waves. This phenomenon opens the door to a temporary space. It is when the particles are turned inside out and become waves. to the water that fills cancer is a molecule - microclusters which can be turned out and converted into other geometric figures. When a person feels the transition became more severe in the head, or as if there is the tone in the ears. Some call it the activation of the kundalini. What's really going on? Your gland begins to furiously work to include more energy at greater speeds and you feel like a burst of energy in the head. If this happens, try to relax and meditate, to understand the significance of what is happening. That was before you got this sign. Typically, this is very important. May occur and headaches if there is a blockage and something inside does not open up energy. And the main thing here is to accept yourself for who you are, then there is the opening of the pineal gland. Water in the pineal gland becomes the gateway to other realities, and the third eye sees and records the images. DMT enhances elktromagnitnoe box gland. Cause jamming in some realities (schizophrenia) may become melatonin. Its isolation promotes sleep and while sleeping begins to produce DMT and acceleration electro-magnetic field. In schizophrenia, the person almost can not sleep and melatonin is produced in the process of waking, ie gateway to another reality opened in wakefulness. So, the pineal gland - is the gateway to another world. Our eardrum has a position with a slope that gives a three-dimensional sound experience. Our inner ear configuration exactly the same as the Great Pyramid of Giza. If we combine the geometric point of the inner ear and the eye, then we get tetragidron inside our heads.The third eye is the geometric center of the system. When you lie on your back to sleep, your pineal gland begins to function and your third eye is geometrically as if in the center of the pyramid. This is the famous image of the eye in the pyramid. In the image of the organization of the pineal gland has been created project "Mirror". Such an arrangement is shown in the movie "Contact". It is used since 1940. When approaching the date of 2012 mirror gives a solid white light. The Tree of Life is the source of the DNA code. The future looks so, on what is concentrated your attention at the moment. Presumably, the events in 2012 will build all the things that you assume and what do you expect. Ie like the embodiment of your thoughts.Source: David Icke "Enigma 2012"

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