Thursday, August 28, 2014

Secret code of sacred sound frequencies

Are the sacred frequency secret code to unlock the connection between man and the universe? Almost all the ancient cultures of the world have used sound to tune into channel of communication with the higher planes and for the transformation of consciousness. They knew that man has a vibratory nature - as well as a sound wave, and the sound used as a powerful tool to control reality and influence on a person through attunement with the right frequencies. Now modern science has convincingly proved that all phenomena and objects in this world are oscillatory.This conclusion is fully consistent with the provisions of the ancient mystery schools, which describe the oscillatory nature of Creation. Hindus have a saying: "Nada Brahma", which means that everything is sound, or all is the creation of sound. They say the same initial sound is the sound "AUM" or "OM", and if we were able to tune in to the sound, we would have been able to merge with the energy of the Creator. Almost say the same Bible, and the Torah: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God", thus confirming the idea of community creation and the nature and intensity of the sound. Many other mystical schools and philosophical culture throughout the centuries of human existence also argued that all of creation created through the Word of the Creator, His thoughts generated.

Ancestor of one of these schools was an ancient Greek mathematician  Pythagoras . At the time, he developed a  system of harmonic calculation , which clearly traced functional connections between sound, numbers, colors and shapes, and based on the same laws of, in accordance with which the planets move the solar system. He believed that the universe itself is a grand monochord whose string stretched from earth to heaven. Its upper end is connected with the absolute heart, while the bottom - an absolute matter. And because the universe is, in fact, is made ​​up of vibrations, each enclosed in its subject matter - from the electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom and the cells of the human body - to a planet orbiting a star - has its own basic tone, and they are all linked by harmonic relations. As for man, his every organ, every cell in the body has its own sound. In the event of "sound" of the cell or organ "from the base value of disease occurs. However, attunement to the base frequency leads to healing. The same principle is used when looking at the psychological healing. In the case of emotional slagging vibration characteristics of a person falling sharply, which leads to physiological disorders - on the one hand, and block the channels of communication with the soul and the world at large.

So what is this unique sound frequency and the impact they have on a person? Here a list of these frequencies and their values: 174 Hz - provides the basis for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness. 285 Hz - promotes the expansion of consciousness balancing the multidimensional field of consciousness. 396 Hz - helps get rid of fear and guilt. 417 Hz - dissolves energy "plug" formed due to the accumulation of negative emotions and promotes the transmutation of the Spirit through the awakening of contact with the Supreme "I" 528 Hz - is the frequency of spiritual alchemy and miracles. Some scientists use this frequency for healing at the DNA level. 639 Hz - fosters relationships with others, gaining health and tranquility. 741 Hz - gives the expansion of consciousness and the development of clairvoyance. 852 Hz - promotes awakening intuition. The inner voice is clear and strong. 963 Hz - ensure smooth flow of the stream of Light and Love, enabling a unique experience of receiving the true knowledge of the Source

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