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The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel", "energy drive or whirlwind." These invisible normal eye plasma field in the human body is vibrated at a predetermined frequency, and thus energy is treated.

The function of the chakras is to convert vibrational energy into a form suitable for consumption by the human body.

Chakras - not physical objects. They are aspects of consciousness, in that they are similar to the aura. But chakras are more than aura, density, although their density is less than the density of the physical body. The chakras interact with the physical body through the endocrine and nervous systems. Each of the seven chakras associated with one of seven endocrine glands, and the nerves to the accumulation called plexuses. Thus, each chakra associated with a particular part of the body and its specific function.

In the body, there are a lot of chakra. They are located everywhere. The most visible and the most famous - the seven major chakras located along the spine from the perineum to the crown. Each of them is associated with a particular smell, color, sound, gem, body and mental characteristics karmic programs.

Muladhara chakra - is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine, in the crotch area, in other words, at the bottom of the pelvic womb.

Muladhara chakra directs the action of air flow pushes the seed of the male reproductive organ, urine and women pushing baby from the womb during birth. This chakra bija mantra sootvetstvut LAM . This sound should vibrate in the palate, the brain and the upper part of the skull. Its vibration helps to create a passage in the channel in order to facilitate the movement of energy. This chakra controls the testes, ovaries, all the glands of the perineum. Also directs the functions of smell, sexual attraction, defines the physical structure of the body. This chakra is the earth's forces, which enables a person to connect with earth energies.

In dormant muladhara chakra is the instinctive nature of man, the center of passion and inertia. In the waking - spiritual potential. This chakra binds man to the ground. Depends on the state general endurance and performance.Incorrect her work causes pain in the back, legs, excess weight, excessive thinness, anemia. This is a consequence of underdevelopment chakra.

Svadhishthana chakra is located between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. This chakra interacts with lumbar and hypogastric plexus. But also has a taste, digestion, protective response. Interacts with the liver, kidneys, lymph glands, and breast cancer in women.

For this chakra is the bija mantra VAM . Focus on the second chakra is necessary when pronounce bija VAM. Sounds of flowing water exacerbating the impact of the mantra VAM, when this is pronounced correctly, it opens all the blocks in the lower parts of the body, allowing the energy to move freely.

Normally, this chakra is the center of the subconscious, which stores emotions and instinctive aspirations. Awakening as it transforms the yogi all depressed and forgotten. This chakra has an important influence on the reproductive and muscular systems, and allocation system and the activities of the spleen and bladder. Has a fine touch with feelings and emotions, pleasure and sexuality. It has orange color.

Concentration on this chakra gives the ability of the mind to reflect the world as the moon reflects the sun. Expanding this chakra, the person acquires the ability to build and maintain the energy to rise to the pure art and pure relationships with others, free from lust, greed, jealousy, envy, anger.

Manipur chakra is located in the solar plexus. Bija Mantra Chakra RAM . C. manipura chakra related to the endocrine glands, liver (zhelchetvornye its cells) with the gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands secrete adrenaline, which in turn has an effect on the intracellular metabolic process. Also adrenaline causes an improvement of heart rate, lowers the tone of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, affects the contraction of the muscle of the iris, improves eyesight and hearing.

Energy medium chakra corresponds samoreflektsii and integrity level of the body's reaction to external stimuli, leading to the need to act in sync-positive or negative-synchronously.

It is here that meet and interact emotions and vitality of man. People with dominant Manipura chakra easily overcome difficulties, they like to fight the process itself. In this chakra lives inner fire that can warm the body of a man, even in the most severe frosts. It includes the colors green and light red. The man works correctly with this chakra, has a long life and good health. Develops the power to manage and organize.

Anahata chakra is located in the heart. Addressing the spiritual heart through meditation, you turn to your spiritual deity. Bija mantra of this chakra - YAM . While pronouncing the mantra is necessary to focus on the heart.

It is believed that the anahata chakra - the center, where it joins our animal (3 lower chakras) and spiritual (3 upper chakras) start. Anahata chakra or just our heart - is a powerful transformer, which in effect recycle any energy here in Energo love and acceptance.

People with dominant influence of this chakra is characterized by a high degree of self-control, kindness and openness. They are easy to respond to requests for assistance, unselfish and lofty love.

Violation of this chakra leads to sentimentality, bombast, vanity, inconsistency, fanaticism.

This chakra has a green glow and totally dependent on the harmonious functioning of all the chakras of man. Due to continuous work on this chakra, a person takes possession of his I, gains wisdom and inner strength, balance male and female energy, obtains control over the senses. The man works correctly with Anahata chakra, towers over all the circumstances and limitations. In the presence of such a person people gain peace and joy. These people are aware of their karma, destiny. These people unscrupulously devoted to God.

Anahata chakra is associated with air and respiratory organs. It is essential for love and compassion, creative power and ability to overcome their own destiny. This chakra originally pristine sound of one hand clapping, ZEN. Also, this chakra has a huge impact on the activity of the thymus - the thymus gland and the immune system. It interfaces with the level of consciousness that awakens the higher compassion, natural abilities, opens up the possibility to see the profound forces of nature.

Vishuddha chakra is in the throat area. Bija mantra of this chakra is HAM .

This creative person - a source of creative thinking. Such a state of mind that allows you to make a logical analysis of the events and their possibilities.

Focusing on the throat center bestows purity, clarity, melodious voice, opens spiritual poetry, understanding dreams, penetration into the secrets of the scriptures.

Anyone who opens this chakra can control the energy of the senses with the sense objects. He disappear, many sensory limitations, and his behavior is not determined by those templates and steriotipy who run the majority of people. Such a person can climb over the mental field, vain thoughts, destructive thought forms and lower passions.

It almost does not disturb the excitement of the mind. Intellect of such a person is partially illuminated by the light of God's vision and is beginning to emerge from the labyrinth of logic and superficial analysis.

A person who is not fully realized the aspirations and desires inherent in the fifth chakra, transforms according to their karma, as a teacher, a sage, a preacher or commentator scriptures.

Vishuddha chakra is associated with hearing, creativity, self-expression and the search for truth.

She is one of the principal organs of extrasensory perception and plays ain role in working with dreams. Expands consciousness.

It is connected with the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain and creative functions of the mind, opens the gates of the great liberation.

Ajna chakra is located in the area between the eyebrows, in the area where the pituitary is located. Bija Mantra related to this chakra - AUM .

Practicing for this chakra is fully aware of his divinity, and see in what condition the divinity of others. He is always in a clear transparency, intuitive insight, while keeping his own divinity, joy and fearlessness.

At this level, it is necessary to avoid attachment to the mystical powers and supernatural abilities. This chakra is related to the activity of the mind, an enlightened mind and the knowledge of all. It is also called the third eye. In this chakra takes self-programming bio-computer. On the other position of the vision, this chakra ninety six petals. Half of these petals radiates yellow light, the other half emits violet and blue light. It is directly linked to human intuition. Has a major impact on the activity of the pituitary gland and the endocrine and immune systems and is responsible for a balanced work of both hemispheres.

Ajna chakra affects the awakening of clairvoyance and magnetism.

Meditative practices associated with this chakra allows the meditator to exercise full control over your thoughts and can pass through all the mental processes that are not associated with the Absolute Consciousness.

Otherwise its name is associated with the third eye of clairvoyance and psychic perception. Remember that only practice makes it possible to achieve the highest results.

Sahasrara chakra is located above the head of a man, and is an energy center, which combines all opposites. It abolishes all sounds and all the colors and encompasses all the cognitive and volitional capacity, static and dynamic energy of the other centers.

Upon reaching the Samadhi, the meditator does not lose consciousness, as in a dream, fainting or intoxication, disappears only material consciousness. He finds vseobedinyayuschee vision of the world, perceiving it as an infinite variety of divine phenomena, staying in a single self-luminous substance. It is flooded with divine love and divine compassion for all beings. In this state, all opposition disappear, ie matter - spirit, transcendent - immanent, of course - the infinite, past - present, etc. In this state, there are no exceptions. It's all there and it all is the Absolute. This is the highest completeness, bliss and pleasure unity of personality. This chakra rotates overhead, its petals radiate blazing violet light. This is the most spiritual of all the colors of the spectrum. The state of this chakra indicates the degree of conscious human development.

Just this chakra affects the nervous system and the human skeleton, controlling the thyroid gland, is associated with the work of the medulla oblongata. Directly related to the level of super-consciousness, which is working with spirituality and the higher powers of the universe.

At that moment, when the kundalini energy rises in the sahasrara chakra, there is an opening higher Divine Consciousness. Practicing yogi feels limitless full relationship with God.

If this chakra is the leading such a yogi holds a wisdom and compassion, feeling causes human needs, understands the essence of intent, motive of human actions. His wisdom and power are undeniable and Comments.

In this chakra, Lord Siva himself met with the Divine Shakti. They merge into cosmic unity. They poured out of the merger of the divine nectar Amrita, inspiring and transforming the whole body. Enlightenment is in this chakra.

It is a white lotus, half-milk ocean, the center of the lotus is the Higher Self thousand petals of the lotus are located in twenty levels to fifty petals each. On each petal one letter of Sanskrit, they form a ring of letters, called Pancha-sikha small. In the pericarp of this lotus is a moon area - Chandra Mandala, pouring peach light. Forming a triangle of light in which the void - the abode of transcendental bliss.

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