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Kamlanie Shaman

Kamlanie Shaman
Russian scientists have captured, as the body of the shaman during a magical rite ritual emits light. On the film he appeared as flashes of fire coming from the shaman to the sick.
Yakut historian and ethnographer Anatoly Alekseev, devoted to the study of shamanism for many years, I am confident that this is the great fire hidden healing power of the famous Yakut and Tungus shamans. "I have recorded on the film energy human subjects and their electromagnetic fields, which can not be seen with the eyes, - the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of archeology and history of Yakutia Yakutsk State University Anatoly Alekseev. - Thus, during the ritual, that is, the sacred actions of the shaman, the "spirit of fire" proved himself as a physical phenomenon! "
Study of shamanism Alekseeva hit the scientific world. While in Soviet times, he was a staunch atheist, fought against paganism and religion. But after the first meeting with the great Tungus shamans - Sheba (today it is considered the most powerful in Yakutia) and Matrona Kulbertinovoy - his views completely changed ...
Kamlanie Shaman
"I realized that I was profoundly mistaken, - said Anatoly Afanasevich. - Shamanism - this striking phenomenon of the world! In my eyes the great shaman Sheba in one session cured Russian woman from a hernia in the spine. Unhappy 10 years suffered from unbearable pain in the back, and conventional medicine could do nothing to help her. Then she came to Seba. Shaman to the beat of a drum in front of me pulled out of her back ... 3-cm white worm! All witnesses gasped. A sick and forgot to think about the pain ... "
Since Alekseev for 18 years closely studying shamanism. He made friends with the shamans, attend seances (with ham, Cams - the name of the shamans in some Turkic languages ​​of southern Siberia, in the Russian language, the term designating the special rituals of the shaman, during which he communicates with spirits), photographs, lectures on shamanism in USA, UK, South Korea, and Japan.
In 2007, his documentary about shamans was shown at the United Nations in New York, and later won the gold medal of the study "World Civilization-2008" at the All-Russia Exhibition Center. It was the photographs Alekseev made Japanese film camera F- «Nikon" -301, and recorded a unique phenomenon - a shamanic invisible fire.
"In the autumn of 2007 in Yakutsk I photographed rite was held, which Tungus shaman Sheba (Simeon Vasilev), along with assistant Oktyabrina Naumova, - said Anatoly Alekseev. - After the film has been taken and printed on it stood out light flashes and the glowing force field shaman tambourine during shamanic ritual Sheba!
Kamlanie Shaman
A year later, I photographed a joint shaman Sheba and Yakut shaman Fedota. And to reiterate: The pictures clearly show how the fire from Sheba goes to the young shaman. "
Scientist asked the Fedota Ivanov that he felt at the time of the ritual. What the shaman said that he felt a sharp blow to the brain - it seemed to shock jolted! And Sheba explained that he fire tempered brain Fedota. "Then I realized saying: that a person must pass the test of fire, water and copper pipes" - said Alekseev.
The scientist believes that the shaman fire - this is precisely the method by which shamans heal people from diseases.In support of Alekseev gives the following story. Three years ago, the wife of his close friend got cancer: doctors put her to the second stage. She underwent chemotherapy, but her condition remained critical - the disease has progressed. Then it took the shaman Sheba. He spent 3 sessions over 3 months, and the woman recovered.Interestingly, the photographs taken by Alekseev during treatment, re-emerged mysterious shaman fire.
"We are well known only to visible light - reflects Anatoly Alekseev. - However, the infrared light is invisible - as well as radio waves, ultraviolet light, X-rays, beta, alpha and gamma-rays - that is, the entire electromagnetic spectrum.We must assume that there are other radiation - invisible light as a shaman. "
It should be noted that Alekseev was not the first, who are interested in an invisible fire. At its existence insisted the ancient mystics: it is mentioned in almost all the religious teachings of the East. This fire was present and near Helena Roerich. And now Alekseev proved that the magical power of the shaman is not only a manifestation of the mysterious fire, but they are, moreover, able to mentally control it.
Even more ironic was the fact that the same effect of light and sound waves give when hitting shaman tambourine, comes out of the "lightning", and there is an effect of light. The impact of the shaman has a different effect, and invisible fire, according to Alekseev, also changes its color. "In my photographs, other than white-gold (ordinary fire) appear and orange, and red. I myself do not see these lights. But they appear when photographing process ritual Sheba and Fedota Ivanov. Scientific explanation of these phenomena is no "- he says.
According to the observations Alekseeva, shaman fire works very well in wound healing, it is possible to cure bruises, hematoma, herpes, shingles, rheumatoid disease, allergies, skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis (chronic disease), tuberculosis in the initial form of heart disease, diabetes diabetes.
As the scientists during the treatment of patients for the back of the shaman Sheba manifested fire ax. When he asked itself the shaman and his assistant Oktiabrina why there is a fire, Sheba laughed and, looking at the pictures, said: "This shamanic fire - spirit of fire. We shamans communicate with spirits in various fields. The lights in the pictures - it's perfume. And through the fire we put a human patient diagnosis and treat various diseases. We agree with the spirit of fire and work together. This side is it that I manage fire. This is clearly seen in the photographs. "
Fire in the pictures after Sheba told Alkseev, began to appear in 1997 the shaman believes that this is due to his spiritual perfection: he went through all the stages of spiritual growth in 40 years of shamanic practice - a shaman of the 7th, 10th and 12th sky. Today on representations relatives, Sheba can act already master of the "spirit of fire."
Only one amazing effect shamanic fire Associate Professor Alekseev can not explain - this fire can sometimes see children up to 5 years ...

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