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Elements Of Human Body

By definition, Plato, and the elements, or elements - this is what it consists of and what the body break down complex. In other words, the elements are simple, primordial substance, which, according to the esoteric traditions of all ancient civilizations, are the basis and the cosmos, and humans. noting in general terms, what are these elements, I would like to explain why we are talking about four of them . Number "four", as well as the number "seven", in all exercises, trying to find an explanation for the existence of the world and living beings, attached great importance. The number "four" is not taken at random. It is inextricably linked with the cosmos. always existed in the tradition of representation of the four basic elements that make up the universe, the macrocosm and microcosm (ie, including humans), although in different languages, and they are named differently. these four elements, or elements are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These terms are well known to all of us and are familiar, but these elements do not quite match up with what we call fire, air, water and land, though, and include these concepts. word "space" makes us a sense of something huge, infinite, can not be either awareness or calculus so that seemed to be slipping away from us. We prefer not to think about it, all of the proposed explanations seem to us fantastic, devoid of logic, rather, the result of the imagination than anything else. This is the secret of the cosmos: according to ancient traditions, it is the third stage of a complex process, which is usually represented as a triangle. The first stage of this process - Chaos; but chaos is not like a mess, and as infinite as that could potentially occur once. For infinite Chaos should Theos. This second phase encompasses the sum of schemes, ideas, and concepts that contribute to the transformation of the initial chaos, its organization and systematization. And finally, the third phase of the process - Space that arises and is based on the two previous items: Chaos authorizing infinity, and Theos, the shaping and order. Universe, using the terminology of ancient teachings, begins to unfold, materialize, or, in other words, consistently becoming more concrete form, passing through seven stages, or elements of the process. fact that we know of them four, one - barely, and the other two remain a mystery, forces us to focus on those that we know well. The lowest, most concrete, a material element is Earth. This is followed by a more subtle element - Water, even more thin - the thinnest and Air - Fire. For them to go a fifth element, which is called the ether and the characteristics of which are still unknown. Land correlated with matter, with all that has dimensions that can be weighed, measured, move. Earth - is something that has a particular shape, weight, and not only on the scale of the cosmos (the form of the planets and stars), but also in relation to the person (ie his body). Water symbolizes life, penetrating matter. This energy, washing it, the force that drives the matter to the action, so that she did not remain inert. This is so that we can walk, talk, have a temperature, we can say that we are alive. It gives life to everything that moves in space, subject to immutable laws and mathematically perfect. Thus, the water - it's vital energy, "blood" of the Earth, its life force. air - a "psyche", the soul, the combination of our emotions and feelings; it is what defines our attitude to things - positive or negative, is that moves us in terms of feelings. This is the essence of Air: the expression of feelings, the world of emotions. Fire - a world of thoughts and ideas. Moreover, the process takes place on the abstract, and can be interpreted only as an abstract tool, what we have is thinking. Such is the nature of fire in space. We are talking about the elements of space, but also speaking about the elements of men that in the universe is the primary substances, incomprehensible way for us is embodied in matter, in man - Fire the mind, like the feeling of air, water as vital energy, the Earth as a body. macrocosm So how would create his likeness - Microcosm, that is, man, and gives him the same content, the same structure, the same characteristics in miniature. Thus, thanks to the macrocosm of man linked to the cosmos and may seek to know their secrets. Moreover, these mysteries draw it as in the nature of people's inherent nature of the cosmos. Human body - it is the same as that for the body of the universe; what is the vital energy for a man it is the same and the Cosmos; what is the scope of his senses, is the same thing on a larger scale, and what we call mentality is both Fire for all universes whose existence we now feel intuitively expect to find in the future. always there was something deeper , unknown not only to the elements, the elements (in the sense that they are revealed to us in nature), but also in relation to the riddle of man, which combines all four elements. Myths that have come down to us from ancient times even more, tell us about that, just as we are now in a position to people once before we passed through the state of minerals, like being part of the Earth. As a result of multiple rounds of evolution, we were in a state of plants, as the element of water, passed through the stage of evolution of the animal world in the framework of the element Air, and finally reached the stage of human evolution, belongs to the element of Fire, which is marked by the emergence of the idea of thinking.When ancient people turned to the gods of the elements, worshiping Fire, Air, Water and Earth, they do not mean only their physical manifestations, and intuitively felt the presence of something that stands behind terrestrial phenomena, felt innermost essence, the underlying elements. To the ancients always remained the undisputed fact that the planets and stars - it's not dead education, rotating in space without any logic, and living bodies, in its development is subject to the laws of evolution which embody the spirit, just as a man, as a result of this constant relationship between the macrocosm and microcosm. Hence the human desire to understand their spiritual essence - to further understand the other entities which animates nature. So talking about the gods of elements. Moreover, it was believed that these four basic elements repeatedly subdivided, and each, respectively, consists of seven smaller ones. Thus, there is an infinite number of sub-elements, which govern those whom the ancients called elementals. It is a word whose meaning is often inaccessible to us, means entities that control small elements, sub-elements, units of elements. When we speak of fire, water, air and earth, that we face every day, it being just about the subdivisions of the earth element. Fire - an element that lies at the basis of the most vivid symbols of all religions, not only at the level of deities or entities representing Fire, but also in terms of the construction of temples. example, the pyramids. All designs which embody a typical configuration of a square lying on the ground, and triangles, forward up like a flame, and converging at the end point - it temples dedicated to the Fire. The word "pyramid" encompasses the concept of Fire (from the Greek "Piros" - "fire"). This temples, aspiring to the fact that, being at the top, contains everything else, including what ever, symbolically speaking, was given more importance than anything else.noteworthy that in all civilizations have been especially significant gods associated with fire. At the same time we should not forget that in these cases was meant Fire not only as a physical phenomenon. alchemists claimed that the four elements are related to metals: Fire - gold, Air - with silver, Water - mercury and Earth - with lead. Of particular interest is the fit of the four cosmic elements of the four psychological qualities of the human person: Fire is associated with Knowledge, Air - with Audacity, Water - with Will and Earth - with silence. Briefly touch on the fact that the mean alchemists. If the fire - it is the mind's ability to think, understand and work with ideas, the Fire certainly implies wisdom. Thus, the fire - this knowledge, and knowledge - the culmination of man. air - it Courage, courage, which helps us to come to know. It is more than the force; an impulse faith. Dare - so fearlessly rush ahead to attain wisdom. Water - this desire. In other words, to be brave and wise, you first need to really want it. It's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. We used to say "I want to leave," "I want to see the movie." "Want" was the word unimportant and, therefore, practically does not reflect the will to act. But this quality is much better properties. It is of the very essence of man and extends to the last stages of mankind. Finally, the element Earth corresponds to silence. Silence - the first stage of the journey. In all ancient civilizations, we draw attention to the fact that the great esoteric knowledge worn. Why esoteric? Why closed? Yes, because if you do not keep quiet, it is very difficult to want; if there is no peace, it is very difficult to dare, it is very difficult to know. Those who have been a great connoisseur of the human soul, such as Pythagoras, made ​​a point of his disciples to remain in silence for five years (the so-called Pythagorean school akusmaticheskaya stage). Whether it was an ordeal? The silence was a necessary tool in order to student could learn the basic - listen. Do not just listen to all that is around, but listen to yourself, find peace, to suppress a vortex, causing constantly want more and more, even without knowing exactly what it is you want. Now, when we try to learn something, especially works criticism, and only then - knowledge; First we ask the question: "why?", "how can I explain it?", "how would you like it to be?". Pronounce so many unnecessary words that a particular outcome is almost impossible to achieve. And all the old school owned marvelous mystery of silence, know that you first need to understand the essence, and then everything else. That silence was intended to be a veil on the way to the secret teachings - not to hide them, and to preserve, protect those who, not knowing and not knowing how to apply, would use them to harm rather than good. Many of us want (why not?) work with these exercises, do not always understand what they are like. The danger lies not in our curiosity. The danger is that, because these teachings are based on laws or natural processes, we do not know them, we can make serious mistakes, cause significant harm to themselves and to the rest. The silence was a kind way of protecting, protection; no malicious intent, but rather, due to the huge sense of responsibility. Hence - esotericism as a castle, which locked knowledge. So today we often notice how little we have words and expressions with which one could carry on a conversation on these still unusual for us theme. Before unusual, that, not being the subject of daily discussion, they seem to elude us. Yet ancient, skilful esoterica, left us with a key that can open the locked door and enter through the silence - characters. Symbols that make up the universal language, to be accessed by all people, no matter what language they speak. When we want to preserve, protect anything, we need a minimum number of simple, clear characters. But Nature is also fraught with great characters, for which, as a rule, the great hidden knowledge. Four elements comprise the great keys to understanding that can be applied to the cosmos and to the person, as a great and a small. Our task - to decipher these characters, learn their mysterious language and understand each other again, talking on a single language, once again feel the brothers in a common tradition, a common knowledge. To return to the origins, to find the roots of the old, old destiny and the path to that destiny. Then, perhaps, have the feeling of brotherhood, which we now do not have enough. Neither "New Acropolis", nor do I personally do not intend to fully disclose touched on here. They deserve more in-depth analysis, require more time. I suggest to open and manage symbols. I would like to see everything we wanted and were able to return to the authentic, real, deep elements that belong to us, because they came from the depths of our History. I would like to see all of us together were able to shoot for goal, to basics, to what we call the future, to the future history. 

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