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Space and time carry a record of the thoughts, actions and activities of each person. Akashic Records - or \ "The Book of Life \" - a repository of information about every person who has ever lived on Earth, all his feelings, actions, thoughts and intentions. There is also information about past lives and the future of all of us. And it's available to anyone who wants it! At Akash contains the history of every soul since the creation of the world, they are a source of dreams, myths and legends. The Akashic Records are mentioned in every ancient spiritual teaching, they are known in the Bible as \ "The Book of Life \" in the Tibetan Book of the Dead as Bardo Thodol and also in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Akashic stored in the history of ancient civilizations. Based on the Theosophical teaching, contact with the Akashic Records were people of ancient races and ancient advanced cultures from which they derived their knowledge and achievements. According to Helena Blavatsky - writer, traveler, philosopher and mystic who founded the Theosophical Society - The Akashic Records are not only report about all happened, but also have a profound influence on the development of modernity: \ "Akasha is one of the cosmic principles. This plastic matter, creative in its physical nature, immutable in its physical principles. It is the quintessence of all possible forms of energy: physical, mental and spiritual, in It contains the seeds of universal creation, throwing shoots under the impulse of the Divine Spirit. \ " Researchers believe that some theosophical descriptions of Atlantis has been taken from the Akashic Records. most extensive source of information about the Akashic Records is the work of Edgar Cayce - clairvoyant, healer and mystic, founder of the Association of Research and Enlightenment. Edgar Cayce had the ability to go into an altered state of consciousness in which it became available information of any kind. C point of view of Edgar Cayce, Akashic Records contain unlimited amounts of data about the past and the future. Akashic Records are a complex interweaving of visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory images, understand and decipher which is possible only in a state of altered consciousness. Wonderful insight, clairvoyance, intuitions - all traces of the "study" the man in the dream of the Akashic Records, the phenomenon of "sixth sense" is not based on personal experience of the person, and on the knowledge gained from the Chronicles, that is, the centuries-old experience of mankind.To read the Chronicles Akash is necessary to reach a certain state of mind or to practice lucid dreaming. In the dream a person is able to receive information from the Chronicles, but rarely remember what they saw, often the results of the acquired knowledge manifest themselves in the form of intuition. wrote Carlos Castaneda in his book "puteshest to Ixtlan", in the dreams we have power, we can change the things we can find countless hidden facts, we can control all the things we want and whenever we look at something in a dream, it changes its shape. "Peace - it's a mystery. What we see, it's not all that there is. In the world there is much more. Much much more. In fact, to infinity. " Carlos Castaneda

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