Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guilda Ayoub

These are the pics of Guilda Ayoub, a 16-year-old girl from 'Imar' village situated near Zgharta, North Lebanon.

Guilda watched the film of 'Passion of the Christ ' on Good Friday on 06/04/2007,and before she went to sleep she was telling her mum that she doesn't believe that Jesus has passed through all that pain.

That night she dreamt of having a cross on her hand but the next day she woke up and did not have anything on her hand.She went to school and as she was telling her friend about it, she felt something pulling her hand backwards and putting it on the wall behind her.

Her hand was stuck on the wall and no one could take it off.. After a while when she took off her hand,a cross was printed on her hand with a wound in the middle as if there was a nail taken out of her.

Blood tests were done for her and the blood that was coming out of her hand has no blood group.Also there was oil on her hand...

Saint Charbel has talked to her many times and he was giving her messages.One of the messages was about Lebanon but he asked her not to say it until he tells her.She still has pain in her hand and it is still bleeding from time to time.

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