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According to some witnesses, Adolf Hitler shot to Eva Braun before killing himself. Later, the dictator's adherents spilled gasoline to the bodies and burned them to avoid their profanation. In the end of the 20th Century, the Soviet authorities opened the historical files to the public. In one of the documents a picture of the "possible remains of Adolf Hitler" appears.


Medium : Jorge Olguin.

Interlocutor : Horacio Velmont.

Entity that came to talk: Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

Interlocutor: Who is present?

Ron Hubbard: I Am Ron. How are you, Horacio?

Interlocutor: Well, Master, but with many questions as you already know.

Ron Hubbard: Yes. Don’t waste time and let us proceed.

Interlocutor: The first thing I want to ask is related to one of the biggest mysteries of history. I mean to the bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, on which there are enormous divergences.

Ron Hubbard: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun locked themselves in a Bunker surrounded by soldiers thirsty of vengeance, those who hated the most to Hitler and his regime and wanted to destroy the whole city.

Interlocutor: The American allies?

Ron Hubbard: No, I am referring to the Russian allies, because they had suffered a lot of depredations by the German soldiers during the Russian campaign. History says that Russia was victorious because they left German soldiers without food. The cold and hunger finally defeated the German troops.

Interlocutor: Was that true?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, that was true, but what the historians don't tell is that Germans plundered a lot of cities starting by Stalingrad; they murdered many people and raped many Russian women. Then, when Berlin fell down, the Russians in revenge plundered the city, not the Americans.

And when Russians reached the Bunker to capture Hitler, the one they hated so much, they shot against the walls using a bazooka and destroyed the entrance, but when they penetrated the bunker they were very surprised since nobody was there.

Then, the Russian soldiers felt they were deceived and captured two German generals forcing them to tell them in which other Bunker Hitler was hidden, but the generals insisted that he should be in that place.

Interlocutor: Did the generals know something?

Ron Hubbard: No, they didn't know anything, but the Russians believed that the generals were lying, so they tortured them cruelly to know the truth, but the generals coudn’t tell anything because they didn’t know.

Interlocutor: Did they die due to tortures?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, they did. The macabre thing was that the Russians believed the secret died with both generals because of their loyalty to the Führer.

Interlocutor: I can imagine what they did to them in order to confess. Returning to the fate of Hitler and Eva Braun…

Ron Hubbard: They were abducted.

Interlocutor: Abducted? Your answer takes me by surprise. I didn't imagine something like that because the Russians exhibited Hitler's remains. Now I realize that it was an entire show. What kind of extraterrestrial race abducted them?

Ron Hubbard: The "perverse Greys".

Interlocutor: What was the reason?

Ron Hubbard: Those Aliens wanted to study Hitler's philosophy because it was very similar to their philosophy.

Interlocutor: Do you refer to Absolutism?

Ron Hubbard: That is right.

Interlocutor: Where did they come from?

Ron Hubbard: They came from Romulus 4.

Interlocutor: Are they from the same race which is placed in the Area 51?

Ron Hubbard: They are from another race, but they have had contact with the Greys who have made agreements with the United States.

Interlocutor: Is it the same race that abducted Jon Benet Ramsey?

Ron Hubbard: No, nothing like that. What it is necessary to understand is that there are many human races in the Galaxy which are not terrestrial.

Interlocutor: Humanoids?

Ron Hubbard: No, not humanoids. They are human, men, homo sapiens sapiens.

Interlocutor: I don’t understand. I thought we were the only homo sapiens sapiens!

Ron Hubbard: And there are many Grey races, too. What I mean is that not because a tall Grey comes here, he has to come from the same planet that another tall Grey. There are different planets in the Galaxy that have Greys and there are many planets that have humans like us in the Earth. I repeat to avoid confusion: humans like us in the Earth.

Interlocutor: I understood perfectly. I had a small misunderstanding. Before I said humanoids, but it was my conceptual mistake, because humanoids are all of those aliens who are not from the human type.

Ron Hubbard: Exactly. There are human races in other planets that even their DNA coincides completely with the terrestrial DNA.

Interlocutor: It means that they can perfectly engender children mixing the human race with them?

Ron Hubbard: That is right.

Interlocutor: About these aliens from Romulus 4 that abducted the Führer. Did they have already contacted the Third Reich?

Ron Hubbard: No, they didn’t have any contact. I want to complete what I was saying: There is Grey aliens DNA from different worlds that can be mixed among them, in the same way there is also homo sapiens sapiens DNA from different worlds that can be mixed among them.

Interlocutor: I understood the point perfectly. Returning to Hitler, the aliens teletransported Hitler and Eva Braun to their spacecraft?

Ron Hubbard: I perceive what you are thinking. No, they didn’t take them to experiment with them, but rather they took Hitler as an ally.

Interlocutor: Hitler as their ally? I don't understand.

Ron Hubbard: Sure, because those aliens belong to an absolutist race. They have even subdued Romulus 5, which is the following planet in their system. They study the different planets and their inhabitants.

When they arrived to the Earth, they saw there was a conflagration that involved several countries and then they took advantage to study, by using viewer devices, the mind of the different rulers. So, when they examined Hitler’s mind, they observed he was an absolutely perverse being, very similar to them.

Interlocutor: Now I understand about that "ally."

Ron Hubbard: Before continuing, I will tell you something that seems more science fiction than real life, but it happened.

Interlocutor: I listen.

Ron Hubbard: A woman, a time traveler, went to the end of 19th Century.

Interlocutor: A terrestrial or extraterrestrial traveler?

Ron Hubbard: A terrestrial traveler who came approximately from 2550.

Interlocutor: What was the purpose of the time travel?

Ron Hubbard: She wanted to change history by killing baby Hitler.

Interlocutor: I can hardly believe it.

Ron Hubbard: Believe it, because it was in this way. At this moment I have several spirits who are dictating me the historic events just as they happened in reality.

Hitler's parents had a nanny, who was also the housekeeper, because the wife hadn’t good health. This nanny took care of baby Hitler very zealously.

The time traveler was a 28 years-old girl, who in her time, in 2550, was a professional who worked in time laboratories in several technical divisions, such as biogenetic, Cryonics , temporary quantum technique, etc.

This person stole one of the time machines and before traveling to the past, she blocked the system so that nobody could trace the date and the place where she was going to.

Then, she traveled to the time in which Adolf Hitler was a baby. She was able to get a job as a second nanny in the house of baby Hitler’s parents. But she could have something peculiar because the first nanny was suspicious about her.

In a given moment, there was a fire in the kitchen where the baby happened to be and the time traveler saved him, so she gained the trust of the Hitler’s marriage.

Interlocutor: Did this fact gain the first nanny's trust?

Ron Hubbard: No, the first nanny continued suspecting and in consequence she watched over her. But in spite of it, when Hitler's parents went to a concert, the time traveler, who had already been working there as a second nanny for one month, in an oversight of the first nanny, took the baby in her arms and she went to a bridge close to the house in order to throw him to the river and kill him.

But the first nanny realized her maneuver and followed her. When she was about to reach her and rebuke her, a police patrol appeared and then she accused her by baby kidnapping. The police patrol headed quickly to the bridge and when the time traveler was cornered in both sides, she realized she couldn’t escape from them, so she jumped to the river with the baby in her arms.

Interlocutor: Did she kill herself?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, she sacrificed her life to kill the baby.

Interlocutor: Obviously the traveler died but the baby survived.

Ron Hubbard: No, because both of them died.

Interlocutor: Master, now I don't understand anything. How come the baby didn’t survive?

Ron Hubbard: I repeat what I said, the baby didn’t survive. But the history didn’t finish here. The first nanny, desperate because, besides having to face Hitler’s parents with a fact of this nature, she could be fired due to negligence in the baby's care, so she went to a slum in a fit of madness without saying her identity neither mentioning who she was working for, and she bought a baby from a beggar woman, who was approximately of the same age and very similar to the dead baby, for some coins.

Interlocutor: Did she buy a baby like that as if he was a piece of bread?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, because the beggar was in an extreme poverty and she could not feed the baby or feed herself, so she was happy with that decision. When the nanny returned to Hitler's house, she cleaned the baby and wore the baby with the clothes of the dead creature.

Interlocutor: Did the parents see the difference?

Ron Hubbard: The parents never suspected anything because the baby was very similar and also very small to see any difference. They were also influenced by the spirits of Error.

Interlocutor: Well, reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Ron Hubbard: And that baby is the one who later on was known as Adolf Hitler.

Interlocutor: Incredible! Do Alternate Universes are related in any way in this case?

Ron Hubbard: No, not at all, because history didn't change. If this time traveler wouldn’t have murdered Hitler's baby, this baby wasn’t going to be the delirious Adolf Hitler from future, because the one who was Adolf Hitler was in fact the begger's son.

Interlocutor: It is truly astonishing.

Ron Hubbard: Hitler’s parents were marvelous, and they could have never allowed his son to stray in such way, but the begger's son had the genes of the mixture of an alcoholic with a pimp.

Interlocutor: Definitively, it means the Hitler that is known in history was not the son of that marriage, but the substitute. Is that correct?

Ron Hubbard: That’s right. In conclusion, this time traveler, who wanted to make things right, finished making things wrong and she helped history.

Interlocutor: In which way did she help history?

Ron Hubbard: In the way it was her behavior that made history as we know.

Interlocutor: Now I understood. All perfectly clear, but it seems to me a surprising story. Well, continuing with Hitler, the aliens didn’t experiment with Hitler and Eva Braun, did they?

Ron Hubbard: No, because, I repeat, they used him as a strategist taking advantage of his knowledge.

Interlocutor: Did they take him to their planet?

Ron Hubbard: Yes, they appointed him Minister of War or something like that. But he died approximately two years later due to a virus from that planet. Those aliens could not save him even though they had advanced techniques, because Hitler's DNA was different from them.

Interlocutor: And Eva Braun?

Ron Hubbard: She was also infected and died fifteen days after Hitler.

Interlocutor: How long was Hitler in that planet before dying?

Ron Hubbard: Approximately one year and eight terrestrial months.

Interlocutor: Just for curiosity, how long would it be in Romulus 4?

Ron Hubbard: Less than one year, because Romulus 4 takes more or less 600 days to rotate around its star, almost similar to Mars when rotating around the Sun.

Interlocutor: This point was clarified. Did Hitler have doubles by chance?

Ron Hubbard: Of course, he had doubles to avoid being murdered, at least ten.

Interlocutor: Did the Germans have some secret shelter in Antarctica? I ask this because this topic is always there without being clarified.

Ron Hubbard: No, it is pure legend.

Interlocutor: It was said that Antarctic refuge could be placed in the entrance of the Poles, in the lands the Admiral Byrd had discovered.

Ron Hubbard: Discard it totally.

Interlocutor: Before finishing this topic I want to ask you two more questions. In 1945, two mysterious German submarines arrived at the port of Mar del Plata, located as you know in the southern coast of Buenos Aires. The government authorities from Argentina warned the Americans, who came immediately, captured the whole crew, took them outside and never again were located.

Ron Hubbard: One of the submarines had a project of heavy water that they had taken out of Telemark. With the heavy water they obtained deuterium, which they used to manufacture atomic weapons.

Interlocutor: And that was taken by the Americans?

Ron Hubbard: Obviously.

Interlocutor: And what happened to the crew?

Ron Hubbard: Some of them were taken prisoners and the others were eliminated.

Interlocutor: The submarines apparently were carrying a lot of cigarettes. Did this have something to do?

Ron Hubbard: No, not at all.

Interlocutor: And the other fleet of submarines which had docked for emergency at the port of Talcahuano in Chile at the end of the year 1945? I ask this because everything was silenced. What were they protecting? Here the Americans didn't intervene because Chile didn't have good relations with United States in that time.

Ron Hubbard: Everything had to do with the heavy water and atomic bombs. You have to keep in mind that in that time this type of weapons were higher military secrets.

Interlocutor: Was there extraterrestrial intervention in the development of this technology?

Ron Hubbard: No, it was a German invention. There are many stories of very big secrets that are kept zealously, but then they become a mankind patrimony.

I will tell you something interesting. One of the time travelers called with a Latin name, Dominus, moved to a castle in the area of the Carphatian Mountains, in Rumania, in 1500, where a tremendous secret on the discovery of a unique energy had place. But later, this secret will be known by the whole humanity.

This traveler was about forty years old. He was not very skillful in time travels, so he had to travel several times because he couldn’t find the place nor the time. In the third time travel he found the castle, where he found the papyruses of the Rumanian inventor.

After studying them and reading the mathematical formulas, he found an abandoned basement, where there were a passageway plenty of rats and all kind of bugs, until he arrived to a immense and totally secret place.

When illuminating the enclosed area with four or five candles, he observed that there were some gigantic pulleys. This was the great secret. Then, he began to turn one of the pulleys according to the instructions of the papyrus, which also explained it would generate a tremendous energy. When he turned it, the place was illuminated completely to his surprise and then he understood, very disappointed, that the discovery made by the Romanian had been the electric light!

Interlocutor: Are you telling me that the electric light was discovered in 1500?

Ron Hubbard: That’s right, two hundred years before Edison rediscovered it.

Interlocutor: It is truly remarkable. And what happened to the inventor?

Ron Hubbard: He lost his sanity and died, but that is not relevant to analyse now. The moral is: what was as secret in that time, today is a common patrimony of all mankind.

I told you this story about this time traveler because of the submarines and the tremendous secret of their heavy water and atomic projectiles loads.

Interlocutor: Are we talking about V1 and V2 bombs?

Ron Hubbard: No, because they had already been surpassed easily. It would be the V3, but with nuclear head.

Interlocutor: Didn't the Americans already have that kind of bombs?

Ron Hubbard: No, because when they threw the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they simply let them fall down. In other words, they were not missiles. If the Americans had given some months more to the Germans, these would have won the war.

Well, the dialogues about Adolf Hitler finish here. This issue is concluded. There would be obviously many details, but the main story is here.

Welcome to the Club. A strong hug.

Explanation about the time traveler who murdered the baby Hitler.


Medium: Jorge Olguín.

Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont.

Entity that came to talk: Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

Interlocutor: The following topic is something that was unfinished about Hitler and the time traveler. It got me intrigued because I could not solve it: How is it possible that in the year 2500 the nazism existed before the time traveler who murdered the baby Hitler came to the end of 19th Century?

Ron Hubbard: Due to a temporal paradox.

Interlocutor: A temporal paradox? I don’t understand.

Ron Hubbard: It is very simple. I will explain it with a very common example: suppose that you travel to 1800 and you kill your grandfather before he marries your grandmother, so you prevent your father’s birth. If you are not born, you would died automatically.

Interlocutor: Is it like that?

Ron Hubbard: No, not at all. You are still alive. Do you think that you will disappear in the air as if by magic? What you are creating in that moment when you kill your grandfather is an alternative universe where you no longer have life, because in your universe your grandfather was still alive, your grandfather married, he had your father, etc. It is not that you travel to the past and when killing to your ascendancy you stop living. You won’t die if you travel to the past and kill your ascendancy. You are living, you are flesh.

Interlocutor: But what happened in the Hitler case?

Ron Hubbard: There is an alternative universe in which Hitler didn't exist. The paradoxes are sometimes above time flowing. If suddenly that time traveler goes to the past to kill the baby Hitler, it is because she had to do it, so that the other nanny could make the baby exchange and continue the historical line where the nazism was created by Adolf, who later was baptized by Hitler's parents by using this name. And finally, that baby exchange was the initial decision that was going to create the nazism.

Do you understand?

Interlocutor: I think so. My mind is trying to get the idea.

Ron Hubbard: The paradoxical question is: How could the Nazism start before the time traveler arrived to 19th Century and killed the baby Hitler?

Interlocutor: I thought that the first nanny had had an accident in which the baby died and then she made the exchange, so the time traveler didn't modify anything when killing the baby, but later I realized this didn't have sense because the time traveler would have killed the real baby Hitler who created the Nazism. And the Nazism wouldn’t have existed.

Ron Hubbard: There was an exchange, and starting from that exchange, the whole history of Nazism took place. It is a temporal paradox which is called the "endless ribbon."

Interlocutor: I am still confused.

Ron Hubbard: It is difficult even for me to explain it. How can something be known -500 years later- when this event has not been carried out yet?

Interlocutor: Yes, that is exactly the question.

Ron Hubbard: How could it be possible a reflection in the water if the stone was not still thrown? It is as if I were at the bank of a lake and I would see that some concentric waves are formed on the water and nobody had thrown a stone. Then, let us suppose I travel through time 15 seconds before the waves were formed and I throw the stone. But if I didn't know that I was going to throw the stone, how was the reflection first?

Interlocutor: In this case it was the reflection first and later the stone.

Ron Hubbard: As I already told you, this is called the "endless ribbon”. There is no explanation for that. Do you understand the idea?

Interlocutor: Yes, I understand the idea. The difficult part is to understand it deeply. I will have to think over and over calmly.

Ron Hubbard: Let us put it in this way to understand it. I repeat the previous example: I am in the bank of a lake and I see concentric waves that go enlarging, but I don't see that somebody has thrown a stone. Then I think: "How strange, I see concentric waves and here nobody threw a stone!”

Intrigued, I take my time machine and I travel to the past some seconds and I see that there is nobody in that place, then I am reflective and I pick up a stone to throw it distractedly to the water. Then, it was me who made those concentric waves!

Interlocutor: Now I get the idea. It is really surprising that something like that can happen!

Ron Hubbard: Well, that was what happened in Hitler case. When you review the case, don't become anxious if you don't grasp the idea completely because the questions of the time are the most complicated topics we deal with in sessions.

Interlocutor: I will try. At this moment I would like to ask you something. How can we know which one is the alternative universe and which is the original one.

Ron Hubbard: For you, the original universe is this one, in which you are living, and for the other, the original one will be the other universe.

Interlocutor: According to Eon, alternative universes don't last.

Ron Hubbard: No, they don't last because they dry off, but that doesn't change things.

Interlocutor: I understand.

Ron Hubbard: The vessel is exhausted.

Interlocutor: Then we will let him to rest.

Ron Hubbard: A hug and all my light to you.

Interlocutor: See you later, Master. Thank you.


Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Interlocutor: Horacio Velmont.

Entity that came to talk: Eon, the Absolute.


Eon: How are you? I am Eon.

Interlocutor: Could we talk about the paradox of Hitler's birth and the time traveler in order to finish the session? I mean, how is it possible that in the time of the time traveler who killed the baby Hitler was already known the history of the Nazism before she traveled and committed the murder.

I already clarified this point with Master Ron Hubbard, but I ask you it again to know if there is something else from the point of view of the Absolute one.

Eon: To solve this paradox, you have to understand that everything is an eternal present. If everything is an eternal present, there is no past nor future. Everything is the same.

Interlocutor: It means that I have to analyze the paradox, not from the physical plane, but from the point of view of the Absolute?

Eon: Exactly, because otherwise it could not be possible to understand how to put the jacket before the shirt, for example.

Interlocutor: Then, are time travels possible because everything is a present continuous?

Eon: Yes, because time travel wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Time is another dimension. If time wasn’t an eternal present, it wouldn’t be possible to travel through time. If quantum physicists could understand it, they would create mathematical formulas to build simpler time machines to travel through time.

Interlocutor: But they will achieve it in the future.

Eon: Of course, but I mean that they could achieve it now. In other worlds there are even much more sophisticated machines than those that will be built here on Earth in the future.

I will give you an example to finish: as well as you have a watch in your wrist, there are time travelers in other worlds that directly put a device in their wrist, they push a button, an energy field surrounds them and they travel to the past or the future in the twinkling of an eye.

Interlocutor: Just like the time traveler alien of the case Jonathan Reed?

Eon: That’s right. The techniques in the future will be so amazing that its possibility today is practically unthinkable for you.

And I will finish with the same concept that I used when we started the session: I hope that those who are looking for Light never lose their capacity to be amazed.

Interlocutor: To conclude, I will ask you one more question: Considering the 22 parallel universes, what would be the most advanced technological invention in this Big-Bang/Big-Crunch?

Eon: The travels to other parallel universes

Interlocutor: Did I ever travel to a parallel world?

Eon: At least you have traveled twice. I have finished now. I send you an intense Light of Love for all of you.

Interlocutor: Thank you and see you later.


Many people wrote to us saying that the story about the nanny (traveler in time) who wanted to kill Hitler was actually a TV show that appeared in the Series Twilight Zone.

At the moment of the Channeling, we didn't know about the existence of this TV episode, however when we asked again about this and they told us that it was another channeling made by the writer of that TV show who coincidentally channeled the samestory of the time traveler who wanted to kill Hitler.

This is not strange because the Masters of Light constantly suggest ideas to writers, poets, painters musicians and even movie directors, we are not the only ones who receive the messages from them.

The only difference is that they receive ideas in their body of ideas and in mediumship we directly channeled to the spiritual entity.

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