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TantraWorks was created to initiate you into the mystery and magic of Tantra tradition and empower your spiritual evolution. This "software of love", provides all the necessary tools and tips for spiritual lovers and answers to some of life's most crucial questions. It is also a database and guide on a journey through time, exploring the past, the present and the future.

TantraWorks - die Website von Nik Douglas, Autor von «Das grosse Buch des Tantra». (English)

The highest of all possible human goals is the attainment of complete enlightenment, an ultimate state of peace in which all obstacles obscuring the mind have been removed and all

good qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and skilful means have been fully developed. However, we cannot reach this ultimate goal merely by waiting for it; we need to use the appropriate methods to take us there.

Tantra, or more properly tantrika, is a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of the Indian sub-continent. Although in recent years, in the Western world, it has become almost exclusively associated with sex, in reality this is one aspect of what is a way of life.

A superb, encyclopeadic site!


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