Sunday, May 3, 2009

Talk About the Moon

I always tell my students to learn the symbolism of the Moon very well. They look at me attentively thinking I’m going to tell them some great secret. All I can say is: I think Gurdjieff was right when he said cleverly, “we are all food for the Moon.”

Gurdjieff, I guess was trying to make a point about the mechanical nature of Man. I sometimes wonder if we have any part of us that doesn’t function mechanically. Sometimes, I even wonder why as Astrologers, we vainly believe we should even look at the other planets in our Charts; since 99% of the time we function only through our Moons.

Don’t get upset with me for saying this, because it is probably true in some way.

I think, the reason we believe we function beyond our Moon is: because we can override its influence temporarily. We sublimate it until the next Full Moon, Eclipse or daily Transit; then and only then, we perceive its influence. It’s always functioning below the surface and it really is an honest and brave soul that can “own the Moon.”

Some Esoteric Astrologers say the Moon is the repository of all our incarnational patterns; like a distillation of the blueprints of all our reactive patterns from lifetime to lifetime. In a positive sense, I like to believe it is the color filter on the part of our digital camera Selves that takes snapshots of “feeling.”

I believe then that pure “feeling” becomes “emotion” through the filter of the Moon. In essence then, emotion is filtered pure Feeling (this is capitalized because it is referring to “feeling” as an Archetype, an almost Meta Tag). Though emotion, in a sense is distorted in some way (not in a negative sense), it’s more like how a photographer-for artistic purposes-will put a colored filter on his lens, for the effect it produces.

Knowing your Moon, is like knowing this filter through which you decided to snapshot the “Feeling Force," flowing through our Reality. New Agers tend to say: “It is the feeling that attracts the manifestation.” This makes the Moon a crucial player.

So, the “trick” is: If you are at a loss as to what to talk to your client about as a beginner; talk about the Moon. You will be doing them a great service, and be giving them a key to what is really deciding their experience for them (at least 99% of the time).

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