Sunday, May 3, 2009

Standing with Stones

Repost, for those who didn't see:

"Standing with Stones" is a new film on DVD exploring the mysteries of Britain’s ancient stone circles. It is an exploration into the wealth of prehistoric sites in Britain and Ireland on a scale never before attempted on film. More than 100 sites visited in the entire 136-minute documentary and is written and presented by Rupert Soskin and produced and directed by Michael Bott.


Rupert, an explorer who has led three expeditions into the jungles of northern Colombia to visit the Kogi Indians, has also studied archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology. He first met documentary filmmaker Michael Bott when Michael was working with Henry Lincoln (writer/broadcaster and author of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail) on a film called Origins of the Da Vinci Code, and another called The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code, for Channel 5 and the History Channel.


Conceived eight years ago as a project for television by Michael & Rupert, it was only three years ago that they decided to take the leap of producing it entirely themselves. It has taken over two years to research, film and edit the film and between them, the two have travelled well over 10,000 miles around Britain and Ireland, filming a breathtaking array of stone circles and monuments, from the Ballowall Barrow at the southern tip of Cornwall to the Tomb of the Eagles on Orkney.

Although the film doesn't profess to have all the answers, it stimulates interest in why they were built, how they were built and why there is such diversity in the arrangement of the stones in so many locations.

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